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    Infinite Exploits - A New Kind Of Modpack:

    Infinite Exploits is a modpack that harbors back to the old days of tekkit. It still contains all the new mods we know and love, but still retaining that old feel. Wether you want Tech, Magic, Nature Or any combanation; this Pack Plays How YOU want it to. The posibilitys are endless and your Exploits Are Infinite. Well What are you waiting for GO PLAY IT!

    Modpack Link : HERE

    Looking for someone who wants to host a private server for some friends and yourself. :D
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    Hey guys caleb here. I recently released my new mod pack "Infinite Exploits", and I am looking for a server host that would be willing to partner with me :) . The host would provide a official server for the mod pack. The mod pack would require 4 gigs of ram to begin with (Note the pack has 120 mods). We may be able to get by with 3, but 4 would be best. My side of the deal would be to recommend the host and have banners on the mod pack website, forum posts, and pmc projects as well as in game broadcasts on the server. This would generate good traffic for said host. Several of my friends are also planing on doing several you tube series on the pack and id bet they would be willing to post a banner in their descriptions. I would also give 50% of all donations to the host. The pack has already received high ratings from a few beta testers and is sure to be a hit. In the end it would be a great opportunity for the host and me. Please consider this offer.

    Thanks for reading,

    Mod pack link: here
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    posted a message on Modpack creation request!
    checkout my new pack. its bug free and optimized for slower pcs. link
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    posted a message on Infinite Exploits: Puting The I Back In Infinite!

    Infinite Exploits is a new mod pack that harbors back to the old days of tekkit while still using up to date and the most wonderful mods in 1.7. If you like Magic, tech, nature, and adventure all packed together in one easy to use optimized mod pack then your in the right place! Our goal with this pack is to put the I back into Infinite. The technic website is here.

    Client side mods:
    • nei
    • nei addons
    • nei integration
    • nei plugins unofficial
    • waila (what am i looking at)
    • journey map
    Util mods:
    • forge
    • code chiken core
    • thocore
    • mantle
    • baubles
    • bdlib
    • other ones i forgot
    Gameplay effecting mods:
    • ars magica
    • bibliocraft
    • biblio woods
    • biomes o plenty
    • blood magic
    • botania
    • build craft
    • carpenters blocks
    • computer craft
    • ender io
    • extra utils
    • factorization
    • forestry
    • forge multi parts
    • hard core ender expansion
    • ic2
    • iron chests
    • lots o mobs
    • magical crops
    • mfr
    • applied energistics 2
    • mystcraft
    • natura
    • project red
    • steves carts
    • steves factory manager
    • thermal expansion
    • thaumcraft 4
    • tinkers construct
    • tinkers mechworks
    • [twilight forest
    • wichery
    • ender storage
    • galacticraft
    • mine and battle gear
    • ]advanced genetics
    • pams harvest craft
    • thaumic tinkerers
    • redstone in motion
    • penumiccraft
    • chicken chunks
    • railcraft
    • wireless redstone
    • flans (modern weapons pack)
    • nuclear control 2a (ic2 addon)
    • advanced mechenes (ic2 addon)
    • gravitation suit (ic2 addon )
    • electro magic tools (ic/thaumcraft addon)
    • magic bees (thaumcraft addon)
    • uber network antenas (computercraft addon)
    • quadcopers (computercraft addons)
    • may have missed one or two

    Server File:
    Coming soon!

    I can not stress this enough YOU NEED AT LEAST 2 GIGS OF RAM allocated to the technic launcher.

    Your donation really helps out! Think about donating now.

    No servers currently available :(
    If you have a server you would like featured
    on this page drop a comment with some info on the server.

    None so far. If you find any errors please report them in the comment section.
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    Hi my name is caleb.
    Some of you may have seen my rise of the guardians adventure map post.

    anyways i wanna give an update and an announcement this adventure map has taken off. iv spent the last year writing and planning and adding ideas for new features and amazing builds. but now i realize that this project is huge. This Will Take FOREVER if its just me especially with the concept of argoina.

    So my announcement is that i am starting an adventure map making team!
    i realize this is no small task. but let me elaborate rise of the guardians has had me brain storming trying to figure out what will set this apart from other maps? i already had custom mobs and great builds planed but it needed more. so i came up with these features:

    1: argoina. a giant land with all custom landscape making this adventure map completely open world like skyrim you could spend 4 hours playing this or a month. argoina includes different city's different mobs, npc's, dungeons . different classes and a hole lot of quests.

    2: class system and race system. this will mean when you start the map you choose difficulty you choose race you chose class you choose attributes (all come to this) you completely customize your character.

    3: its own launcher. yes that's right. it it will have its own launcher i am thinking are map group will have a launcher. this means custom single player and multi player options. this also brings me to the next point.

    4: mods. sense we will have are own launcher ( if i can find a coder) we will have mods.i am thinking of a better npc's mod. a dialog mod were you can talk to the npc's, a quest mod so i can put in progressive quests. a stats mod so i can add attributes. a mini map mod for fast travel if you have been there before like in skyrim.

    5: custom leveling system. a leveling system were once you've gained anuf exp by ether killing mobs or doing quests you get tpd to a place were you can level up attributes and ability's.

    6: its own very detailed lore.
    i have been writing lore for the last year and its awesome. even more cool is that it will be scattered around the map you can read it if you like or just ignore it and go kill some monsters. Your choice.

    7: i am planing more features constantly.

    all in all this is shaping up to be a grate map. (note that it is planned)

    but i NEED help!!

    Please apply and join my map making group we need:

    coders that are experienced with making launchers and mine craft mods.
    texture artists
    we also need someone who has a PC that can host us a server or the money to buy one will need a bukkit server. we will be using the voxelbox mod pack with in game NBT edit and other help full mods.

    now you probably ask me HOW DO I JOIN!!!!

    well all tell you make an application by fallowing this template.



    Age: (not necessary i wont judge you on it)

    Position: (what are you coder, builder, ex)


    (why do you wan join)


    (links to what You have built, coded or other stuff)

    Other Stuff:

    (add in this area other stuff you think makes you qualified)

    server?: (can you host the server yes or no)

    (end application)
    Please leave you application in the comments below or PM me.

    That about sums it up i hope you join and i hope we become great friends. :)

    This is caleb Sighing off

    As always i am sorry for any spelling errors. :?
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