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    Name: CactuzBlade
    Age: I am 14
    What do you enjoy about the server: I think this is a good server because of the community, the shops and markets, and of course that when creepers explode it doesn't remove any blocks :D. I am also a fan of the establishment of the discord server. I must also point out that mc rebels ranks are at a resonable price! i really like that. As i am applying to now, for the rank of dissident, i hope that in the future i will contain one of those ranks.

    My first day at this server was awesome. I got so much help from waht seemed a bit more, lets say, elite players. They explained commands, and rules when i asked. They also helped me out with small projects and still do to this day.

    This is why i enjoy this server, and therefore aply for dissident. Thank you.


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