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    There's really not much to see mate. It's just 8 spawning platforms with a gap in the middle with open trap doors. they fall to the bottom, die and the hoppers feed the drops into a chest.

    There's a piece of cactus on either end to kill the tiny magma's that get in there if they haven't gone over the edge and despawned in the distance.

    With a 2-wide gap you could get magma creams as well.

    It's possible to completely prevent anything going over the edge with a fence post on the outside at spawn level and a half slab one block above thus not reducing airblock efficiency (saying that I think a tiny magma could jump 1.5 blocks high?). But it's not worth the extra trouble imo. Less than 5% go over the outside edge anyway.
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    posted a message on Can I get my arrows back after shooting them?
    Are these arrows shot with infinity bows?

    I have a skeleton spawner which I AFK'd in. One of them must of seen me and fired, obviously hitting another skeleton. When I returned it was like the wild west meets laggy Mclagfest. After killing them all the framerates didn't improve due to 3500 arrows stuck in the stone. I removed a couple of thousand by breaking the blocks and then buryng them but over a thousand remain.

    I don't use that spawner anymore. :steve_eyeroll:
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    posted a message on Gold Farms; Some Perspective.
    Hey guys, bit of a long post but bare with me...

    Quite a while ago now I built a 3in1 gold farm above the Nether. You know the type, shifting floors, Ghast crusher on top and cactus below for killing Magma cubes.

    The spawning pad is 50x12 and each slice of it consists of:
    • 4 hoppers
    • 4 comparators
    • 4 sticky pistons
    • 2 normal pistons
    • 2 redstone blocks
    • 4 tripwire hooks
    • 22 string
    • 26 half slabs
    • 6 solid blocks
    A Ridiculous amount really, especially considering you need to multiply all that by 50 and then of course collect the drops with either 600+ hoppers or use minecarts.

    I opted for the "cheaper" version, minecarts, which still required 600 + powered / unpowered rails 1200+ solid blocks, 1800+ layers of snow plus a load of cacti and sand and a storage system / flesh dispenser.

    All this would be well and good if it was ridiculously productive. It most certainly is not.

    5 minutes AFK (y255) produces approximately, on average, 1632 nuggets and the odd Magma cream and Ghast tear per hour.
    Pretty pathetic in all honesty considering the time taken to build it, the resources used and the time taken to acquire those resources.

    Anyway... I play sometimes with my daughter, who is 6, in her world and she wanted to build a gold farm. Knowing what I already know I opted for a cheap / quick design.
    Together it took us less than an hour to build, probably closer to 30 minutes. I built it myself in creative in 20.

    The resources used for this farm are as follows:
    • 2 sand
    • 2 cactus
    • 72 half slabs
    • 304 wood planks
    • 874 solid blocks
    • 105 iron
    Plus a little bit extra for decoration. This farm, although not designed for Magma cream, or Ghast tears produces approximately 2500 nuggets per hour and as an added bonus, it also produces zero lag.

    Maybe if you read this and are thinking of building a Gold farm, hopefully I have saved you a lot of time and resources.

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    If the vine reset is 2-wide then probably some of them are falling through it. Which is quite common.
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    posted a message on Biggest 1.7 Gold Farm! 3500 + nuggets and hour!
    Yeah, that is big. But surely 90% of it is wasted considering the best AFK point (in the middle) is too far from most of the portals.
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    posted a message on Gold Farm Issue
    As previously suggested try reconnecting.
    I have a farm which sometimes nothing spawns in, nothing is spawning elsewhere either because I am at y250.
    Reconnect and Voila!
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    posted a message on Automated WitchHut Seed Searches
    Nice thread, very helpful.
    Particularly interested in 444773. Possibly the least amount of work required for an efficiently running witch hut I have seen yet. Right next to a desert, hardly any caves to light up and not a mineshaft in sight!
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    posted a message on Slime Spawning
    one above bedrock up until level 39 they will spawn in a slime chunk regardless of lighting conditions.
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    posted a message on Zombie Powered Sugar Cane Farm 1.7.2
    Slightly expanding on a idea by pi314etc.

    Pi's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pi314159265358978?feature=watch

    Short video if Interested: (1:27)

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    posted a message on Mob Spawner Trap Help
    You could put 2 ladders at the bottom of the water elevator. That works, The problem is though it needs 2 zombies to push one up so you will always have 2 zombies hanging around which could be a problem if the elevator is within the range of the spawner but maybe not as the limit is 6 before they stop and they only spawn 4 as a maximum right?
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    posted a message on Automatic Zombie Powered Melon & Pumpkin Farm
    Working flawlessly in 1.7.2

    Short (ish) Video for anyone that's interested:

    pi314159265358978's Channel:

    Thanks for your time ;)
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    posted a message on Chest minecart storage system "fail"
    A while ago I had approximately 20 double chests of sugar cane. Eventually I traded it all and sick of all the chests I made 10 chest minecarts and used that as a storage system.
    Today whilst doing something it started raining and I heard lightning hit something above me. I went up to investigate and somehow the lightning had hit the minecarts, which had 2 hoppers above them and were completely enclosed with blocks, destroying all 10 of them and sending a bucket load of sugar cane everywhere (the carts where approximately 20 blocks above ground).

    Of course my inventory was completely full at the time and I managed to lose probably 60% of it.

    All this happened 20 blocks from where I got hit by lightning a few weeks back lol.

    So, be careful using multiple chest minecarts outside ;)
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    posted a message on What do you think of my starter home?
    It's a box with a window.
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    posted a message on Most Efficient Ender Farm
    I liked the behemoth. Really quick to build in survival considering it's size. I made a small change to the fall reset on mine though.
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    posted a message on Simple Semi Auto Pig "Farm"
    Quote from forged_in_flames

    Not the most compact, but it does the trick.

    Tbh I hadn't seen any real compact pig farms, If you know of any, I'd be interested to see them. All the smaller farms I have seen always seem to have a downside.
    This one here for example, I always used it without a piston. After using it multiple times FPS would begin to drop and you'd need to kill 100+ pigs in the cell. I was messing about in creative and added the piston. It worked well, as you could see in the video, there certainly didn't seem to be any problems with it, but now it seems every time I use it pigs fly all over the place.

    I'm using this now: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2097903-minecraftisbrutal/ It has a longer footprint and a cobweb could be an issue for most but it really is 100% efficient, No glitches at all. The only issue would be how many it kills. Sometimes it will kill all of them if left on, sometimes it leaves 3. I'd just like it to be consistent one way or the other

    I do like watching it do it's job though lol
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