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    I was looking for an Ao Oni mod today, and I discovered all of them are abandoned and old. I decided to try to make one myself, but I only made the model. The learning coding was to complicated for me. So this is my request, an Ao oni mod. It would be just like the RPG-maker game. (If you've never heard of it or need more info, well, here you go.) It would be a hostile mob that has a rare chance of spawning, about 3 out of 100. It spawns on grass, all kinds of wood planks and logs, and cobblestone. (Plus slabs) It would chase the player a little bit slower than another sprinting player, while finding it's way around obstacles to the player. (Pathfinder?) It can also jump up 3 blocks. It always looks at the player. When it damages you, it's a 1 hit kill. The mob can't be killed, though. It's is about 2 and a half blocks high to 3 block high, so It can't go through doors or 2 block tall passageways. It would stop trying to chase you when you're 20 blocks away or if you have been being chased for 1 minute. And also music would play when it sees you. Preferably this. Its walking animation is like a normal players. Its head is every shape in the heads folder inside of the techne model file, also. Just so you aren't confused. Also it could have a purple spawn egg to spawn it, alongside the regular spawning of 3 out of 100. Also, make it compatible with minecraft forge, if possible.

    Model + texture download http://www.mediafire...tgk6gnwwea1vxir
    Thank you, ~c00ln3rd

    Also, credit to "noprops" for the original game "Ao oni".
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