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    posted a message on DarkerLight Gaming MindCrack
    IGN: billyw493

    Skype or Steam: Skype: billyw493 (Billy)

    Why you would like to play: for some time now ive been looking for a mindcracklike server that has a decent if not great community and i think that this might be the one.

    Why you would be a good addition to the server: I am a very helpful player just looking to have some fun with a small group of other players. im skilled at decoration, pvp and farms and i can be of some assistance when needed

    Age: 15

    Country: USA

    Special Minecraft Talents: mc statistics, redstone and pixel art

    YouTube Channel (Optional): bwminecrafter

    Extra Notes: im good at pixel art redstone and MC statistics

    Minecraft Experience: Since indev

    Additional Information (Does Not Affect Application Status):I am an OTAKU

    PC Specs: 2gb of ram 212 gb og harddrive space and a 2GHz dual core prosseccor

    Can you donate: srry no i cant
    Posted in: PC Servers
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