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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Feed The Beast:- Insanity SSP Released.
    I updated the map and the mods in an attempt to complete the bonus challenges, but I found a new problem. Here's what I tried to do to update my map:

    1. MC-edit my old build into the updated version of the map
    2. Use cheat mode to get the original challenge items (since I've already completed them all)
    3. Copy my inventory and transmutation tablet file into the new map

    The problem occurred at step 2 when I found out that the beast didn't accept the logistics chassis mkv5. I tried all other lower-tier chassi and it didn't work either.

    EDIT: Looks like blutricity doesn't work, either. Could it be MCEdit that messed up the map?
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    posted a message on What's the point in a high frame rate?
    Short answer: bragging rights.
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    posted a message on Demore Manor (Test, not finnished yet)
    Not Finnish? English is fine, too.

    On topic: I see that you use lots of new blocks in 1.8. Did you build the map in creative mode?
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    posted a message on "If _____ owned Minecraft..."
    If <insert generic Facebook game maker here> owned Minecraft...

    It would take 22.5 hours to mine a block of stone.
    Every time you get killed, you would have to invite 20 friends before you can respawn.
    It would share with your friends every single iron/gold/diamond/obsidian you mined, and every mob you killed.
    You would get e-mail notifications for every creeper (sent by your friends) that blows up near your house.
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    posted a message on For the Critics (FTC)
    Quote from Ketran

    I firmly believe that this snippet of information belongs in the board rules and you should apply for a moderating role.

    The irony is that lots of people seem to consciously avoid stickied posts.
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    posted a message on Do humans have pet cats, or do cats have pet humans?
    Your dog treats you like a god;
    Your cat treats you like a dog.
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    posted a message on Chinese-style city
    Quote from Arrowave

    Like mine?

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that's STILL Japanese. :dry.gif:
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