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    posted a message on Minecraft : Alpha 1.2.6 Server
    Minecraft username: rainbowsprinkle1(made it awhile ago)
    Gener: male
    Age: 15
    Location: Massachusetts 'Murica
    When did you start playing minecraft?: beta 1.5
    Skype: xpmrx50
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    posted a message on Need help for resource pack
    So I was looking at some people's videos, specifically Bdoubleo100 and Kurtjmac, and noticed they use custom resource packs. I'd like to make my own, but I don't know the in's and out's of paint.net or GIMP yet, so I mess up all my textures whenever I try.
    I know there are some skilled guys or girls out there that can help make resource packs, and I was wondering if anyone could take the beta resource pack(I can send over a file of it via email if you can't find one), and change the clouds to a higher resolution, and remove the line on transparent blocks(ice, all glass colors) and make the water higher resolution.

    If you can't make it for me, can I atleast get assistance on how to do the things I want?
    Thank you very much for reading this.
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    posted a message on BanditCraft!-Vanilla Survival
    I would give an IP, but I want to run an enjoyable server for everyone on it, and currently I can only have a server that is from the East Coast of America, and no one here would really be able to play without some odd lag all the time. In addition, I'm only whitelisting 4 people, so I need them to all have good connection.
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    posted a message on BanditCraft!-Vanilla Survival
    Hello! I am bvfluffy. I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3. Ever since then, I have enjoyed watching Let's Plays of the game, or playthroughs of maps. I specifically enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of the game. I really wanted to do it myself, but never had time, or money to run a server. Now that I do, I want to do it even more.
    I think now is as good a time as any. I have been watching the Mindcrack server guys for a while, and like how it is run. I also like how the HermitCraft server is run. Both are similar, but ff you are unfamiliar with either server, or the people on the server, here are links to some of the players channels, and a link to the server's official website.

    I want to run a server like that. Of course, people who are whitelisted do not need to make videos, but it is a hope that some of you will. The format for an application is simple

    1. Your in game name.
    2. Your age(there isn't am age limit, but it is a factor)
    3. Why you want to join
    4. Your strong point as a player(building, redstone, mining, etc)
    5. How long you have been playing Minecraft
    6. Where you live(just give the state,or country, it helps to know when getting a server)

    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you are interested in joining the server.
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    posted a message on MindPulse Vanilla Whitelist! [24/7] Fast App Checks! 15+
    Quote from jakedawg55

    accepted! server's up soon. check skype!

    It's about to go up. Make a skype so I can tell you! add "MindpulseJake" on skype!

    Can I get a message on here or YouTube for the server? My account is being difficult right now, and won't let me sign in.
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    posted a message on What memories do you have of your days as a newbie?
    First night: I didn't know how to run, or jump. I did manage to kill enough cows for leather armour, and had plenty of food. I think I tried to make a battle axe, thinking if you combine a sword and axe you got a battle axe. I was wrong...
    Second night: I made a hole in a mountain overpass thing, and was planning out my house. When it hit me. The first arrow, then second, and third. I waddled away, fast as I could. I heard him crinkling and crunching as the sun rose, and knew I made it.
    Third night: IRON! I had finally gone mining, and found "tan grey stuff in a rock" and hit it with a stone pick. I got 6 iron from the vein, and, instead of making a sword and pick, I made 2 buckets...
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    posted a message on MindPulse Vanilla Whitelist! [24/7] Fast App Checks! 15+
    1)Minecraft Username:rainbowsprinkle1
    4)*Youtube Channel (Uploading series is optional): xpmrx50. I'll try to upload after christmas, when I get a microphone
    5)Continent + Time Zone: eastern standard time-massachusetts(USA)
    6)How many hours do you play Minecraft per day?: 2-3 hours a day
    7)What are your strong areas of Minecraft? (e.g. building, redstone, farms, etc): building in a rustic style, and being friendly
    8)*Do you watch MindCrack videos, or at least know what the server is? If so, do you understand that this server is generally played the same way? I LOVE MINDCRACK! And yes I am aware

    9)Why should you be accepted? I feel that I could give more than fair trades to players, and maybe spruce up any areas that don't look up to par. I feel I would also be able to provide very community based services, such as shops, and stations for items
    10)Have you read the server rules?: yes
    11)Do you 100% agree to the rules, and acknowledge fact you may be banned for breaking them?: Yes, I am a strong believer in having good ground rules as a foundation for a server
    12)*Have you created anything brag-worthy on Minecraft that you'd like to link me to?(Use imgur.com): I have made a few things, but the world got corrupted in an update, and i deleted it
    13)*Anything else you'd like me to know?: I'm a nice guy, I mainly like to build things with in a challenge zone(9x9, 12x12) etc, and really like to set up farms.
    I hope I get accepted, as I don't have any friends that play minecraft, and can't setup a server.
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    posted a message on What's was the lowest tier tool set you've fought the wither with?
    I tried with wood sword and leather.
    Just for poops and giggles, I'm going to try in hard mode with a wooden hoe and weakness potions on. Should be fun.
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    posted a message on Post your gaming setup
    Hello guys, I'm trying to build a small gaming setup in my bedroom, and want inspiration. However, no YouTuber's setup really shows me an idea for the usage of my space. I'm looking mostly for HOW to setup a gaming setup, not what computers and keyboards to get, but it is open to discussion. I'm most likely getting an AlienWare or Ibuypower PC, and a Razer keyboard to game on. I play DayZ, and other Steam games, apart from Minecraft and Xbox(soon to be PS4) games.
    So, if you want to, post pictures of your gaming setup, and feel free to leave any specs of your computers aswell, as I'm dumb when it comes to computers.
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    posted a message on What should I build next?
    The vault. I'm making one now, it's fun!
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    posted a message on First impression of Minecraft!
    I really wish I found out about it a few days earlier, as the game was released the day I got it, and before that it was free.
    Well I got it anyways, and started up a world. I had seen a few "how to survive the first night" videos, so I knew the basics. They didn't tell me about monsters, and, being the manly man that I am, put it on hard mode. Three creepers spill over the edge of the ridge I was in, along with a few skellys and zombies...I thought they were friends.
    I didn't really feel like playing for maybe a day after that, but I saw a video by one of my personal favorite youtuber's, paulsoaresjr. and got back on, and played for five hours straight.
    Over all, it's a great game to have fun on.
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    posted a message on Identification Help
    Hello! Does anyone know what resource pack NoochM used in his new battledome video? Here is the link.

    It looks like a variant of a faithful pack, but I don't know which one it is.
    Thanks in advance!
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    posted a message on What's the best enchanted sword you had/have?
    I got a sharpness II, Fire Aspect I and Unbreaking III. I got fire aspect from a chest, and sharp. II and unbreaking III from level 25 enchant.
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    posted a message on What is the hardest part of Minecraft for you?
    I have trouble focusing, so it's probably those starting tasks too, especially after I watch Etho and he has like, 78 sets of diamond armour.
    But for mining, I see you guys struggle finding iron. All I do is find a cave, and just poke around. After about 10-15 minutes I have a stack of iron, and maybe some diamonds. If a cave comes to an abrupt end, keep digging around, usually I find big caves on the other side.
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    posted a message on Looking for multiplayer buddy
    This is probably a common thing to see here, but I am looking for a few people to do a survival server with. I don't want it to be anything hard to do, but I do not know how to set up a server or anything. So if you can setup a server, using the seed

    that would be awesome.
    I am looking for maybe 5-7 people to have here. If you are interested, please send me a PM, and I will get back to you. If you can make a server, just tell me down below. In addition, if you are below the age of 14, please do not apply. I want people who are going to be mature if they get pranked, or killed by mobs.
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