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    posted a message on [16X] [1.8 WIP] MINEOUT (FALLOUT TEXTURE / Resource PACK)(Now With Random Textures)(+50,000 Downloads)
    This texture pack is really cool :D I especially like all of the mobs and (use of the Fallout?) sounds.

    Not so keen on the tools and swords.. I'm always looking at my hotbar and thinking "WTF is this?". I'd prefer clearer HP and hunger bars (i.e. THIS one is hunger, THIS one HP, THIS little container = 1 heart), but I can see why it's just the little lines. The flowers need re-doing in my opinion. Not only because there's obviously some that haven't been done yet, but a lot of the retextured flowers don't match up at all to the dyes you get out of them. Although it could take away from the theme, I think it would be better if redstone stuff was a little more... red. The redstone dust being wires is cool, but some way of making them redder when active would be nice - adding a red dot to the center of the corner bits, and making the grey parts "glow" red seems like a good way to do that.

    That was a lot of suggestions! I might actually try doing some of them myself :)

    I hope you continue work on this and can call it finished / release in a big way with 1.8 in a couple of weeks :D
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    posted a message on Anti-aliasing In Minecraft for Nvidia users
    Quote from Famix

    What were you on that made you want to try this? Or are you some kind of programmer?

    I dabble in programming, but this hasn't got much to do with it. I just like diagonal lines to be straight and not stairs!

    The latest snapshots (12w39 forward I think) seem to have broken this technique for enabling anti-aliasing. The new built in anti-aliasing in the super secret settings is ­ing awful, but might be improved by Mojang. I'm investigating ways to get it working with the Nvidia control panel again.
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    posted a message on Burntcustard's Castle/City Log. Lot's'o'pictures - Entry 1
    I originally posted this on my blog, but it's not getting many views. So I had a look at these forums to see if anyone was doing anything similar, and there seem to be a few. I'm going to try to learn from their mistakes and make my log / journal actually decent ;) I'm going to try to keep these logs "in character" and not mention real world stuff. The first few will be in the past, describing the older stuff in the world, and then they should catch up with my castle building. I'm keeping the GUI up in screenshots to give it a more "survival-ey" feel.

    Texture pack used throughout:

    Entry 1
    I'm Burntcustard, and I like overcomplicated redstone contraptions, fancy houses, and gold hats. I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha, and would like to think I'm pretty good at it.

    Now, about what I'm standing in front of...

    In a brand new world, with Tattysaurus, we started on a hill next to a small lake. For once exactly in the right place to build a house. After deforesting a huge section of land, fishing, and a bit of mining, we built a house. We also found something extremely convenient underground that I'll go into next episode. I then built a very fancy new structure to supply us with enough food to stop us having to spend so much bloody time fishing. Oh and there's a small entrance to the mine. It all ended up something like this:

    The cows and sheep were collected and bred for the massive project that is going to be the main focus of this series ;)

    The balcony out the back of the house is for fishing from. It has a redstone lamp in, that with the other redstone lamps in the house, turns on automatically at night.

    Inside the house is all the standard fittings, chests, beds, etcetera. The chest you might be able to see in that picture currently has a stack of diamonds in. Fortune 3 woo!

    The automatic redstone lamps in this picture were deactivated (redstone torches swapped with normal torches), because they interfered with industrial size furnace setup we had to fit for cooking all the clay for the.. secret... okay the castle. Wearing our swimming hat (Respiration 3, Aqua Affinity) really helped when collecting the clay. There's also a retractable table that had to be broken :(

    So why is the top of the house so wonky? Well, firstly someone put some gravel up there *grumpy face*, and secondly, there's a semi-auto wheat farm up there!

    Getting all that to fit was a struggle, but it works pretty well. Press button -> water pushes the crops forward -> press button -> water stops -> pick up and replant. Speaking of food...

    This is the drop-off point for the output of the medium size building to the right of the house. At first it delivered fresh goods every morning. I later changed it to keep the minecart in the house, and collect 32 more of each item when the button pressed and the cart is sent off. An industrial-sized setup like this is currently in development for the castle. The food systems linked to the castle will need to supply food for at least 4 people, so is at least 2 times as big. Lets have a closer look at the building creating the goodies.

    This is the pumpkin pie factory! Ignore the hole on the right.. missing sign, missing door, damn monsters. On the left is the daylight sensor, which causes the crops to be harvested once a day.

    There's no close up of the redstone or chest-feeding point. It's quite simple, but I could give some sort of explanation if requested. I know that nothing in there is very efficient, but it was half done for looks.

    Now back to the house, specifically the basement:

    As sign-ed this is the Nether room. The Nether portal is turned off when the doors are closed, to stop the annoying noises and Pigmen coming through (it has happened!). Behind the portal are two dispensers, one with flint and steel, one with a bucket of water. Fiddly redstone timings are used to get them to "fire" at the right times.

    And down to the extend basement... You'll have to wait until log 2 to hear about the inhumane contraption that's located in the deep down there.

    Here ends part one of the series. Was there too much text, not enough pictures of redstone (I could do small tutorials), not enough dragons? Any feedback is appreciated. I'll leave you with a picture of the sunset from the fishing balcony:
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    posted a message on A Minecraft Let's Play of Pictures! [45+ Pictures]
    I would recommend lowering your FOV, that looks like about 100, which will be uncomfortably distorted for some people. Also, less pictures. Why? Because Most of us know what workbenches look like. I hope you're successful with this :)
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    posted a message on Anti-aliasing In Minecraft for Nvidia users
    Just popping back here to say I love you guys for bumping my ancient-but-still-relevant thread! FXAA, which didn't even exist back when I made the guide, is supposed to increase performance over other types of AA, although I notice a decrease in visual quality when using it in games that support it. Keeping it off would almost certainly be the best course of action.

    Right now I'm using 8x with 8x (supersample) @ 1920x1200 on a GTX 660 Ti. So. Smooth.
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    posted a message on Automatic Ore Transporter
    Quote from JTTCOTE2

    Or you could use an enderchest.

    You can't suck items out of an enderchest with a hopper, so you could only store 1 chests worth of items, and not automatically sort and/or smelt them.

    If you look up dropper item elevators on YouTube, there are several different designs, some may be better than this one for certain circumstances.
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    posted a message on Epic House!

    But seriously, here's some tips from someone who used to be on that front page:
    • Use more than one material.
    • Think outside the box. Litterally, plain box houses are rubbish. I'm living in a fancy circular hole right now.
    • Try to figure out a theme for your house and materials you're going to use before you start building.
    • Make your house suit how you play Minecraft. Do a lot of mining? Make it out of mostly stone. (Castle?)
    • Use weird materials like lime wool or snow.
    • Make your house slightly too big rather than slightly too small.
    • If you want fancy redstone contraptions, have thick floors with space for redstone in.
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    posted a message on Is it a good idea to build a quarry in a desert?
    Mining deep underground is nearly always better, even if all you want is cobble, because of all the lovely shiny things you get. If for whatever reason you don't want to do that, then a desert is your next best choice, because: it doesn't rain in the desert, sand is more useful than dirt, and you,re less likely to have animals jump in with you.
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    posted a message on XBOX versus PC
    Quote from Rayziik

    The xbox version will never reach the glory of the PC version, simply because the Xbox's terrible memory management won't allow it. 1000x1000 worlds are probably as big as they will get, and it'll take a long time before the game is updated to the PC's current build.

    The xbox version of Minecraft is far less memory intensive than the PC version.. Game features like extra items have very little to do with a systems memory management in the end anyway. You are right in that it's unlikely the worlds will get above 1000x1000, but that is to do with the xbox having very little useable RAM, not memory management. (Please correct me if I'm very wrong, but I don't think I am..)

    A bit more on-topic: Of course the PC version is leagues ahead of the console version in terms of features, although I am sure many people who already own consoles but have crappy PCs would be much better off getting the game for xbox rather than ending up with "Minecraft: Slide Show Edition".

    Of course getting a new PC to play Minecraft would also speed up everything else you do on the computer (i.e. look at pictures of cats and Facebook), so if you have a reasonable amount of disposable income I'd always recommend buying new shiny computer thingers.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2]Burncustard's Cartoon Collection v1.2.1
    Quote from unrealism

    Where'd you go?

    I have been doing college/uni stuff, making Cobalt maps, making little old-school dos-like PC games, and playing lots of beta PC games (Dota2, CS:GO, Star Conflict, Air Mech). Also I used/edited the Jungle Ruins texture pack on the odd occasion when I played Minecraft - perhaps it will influence this one a bit from now on.. well probably not much.

    I just updated the pack to v1.2.1, which is fully Minecraft 1.2.5 compatible. I want to re-do most of the OP so hopefully I'll do that tomorrow. If anyone has any feedback on the planks or new paintings (NOT the Jolicraft ones.. the 7 that are obviously mine) then that would be great!
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    posted a message on House size
    If you make your house out of ONLY logs and/or planks you deserve a good slapping. Your house shouldn't depend on how much materials you have anyway, you should figure out what sort of house you want first, and then think about materials.
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    posted a message on Why does my minecraft run so slow?
    Quote from Kenniano

    For that exact reason...Your Computer sucks bro...get a good graphics card and it'll work a bit better, then upgrade the cpu, then ram, and you're all set. ;D

    It's clearly a laptop. You sound like a bit of a ****.

    OP: Your computer isn't powerful enough, get a new one. Personally I would recommend getting a desktop PC, or waiting for the new set of Intel Ivy Bridge laptops as they will be just about powerful enough for Minecraft.

    EDIT: BTW the GPU is a low-end intergrated Intel GMA 4500 from 2009. Also there is nothing you can do with that computer to get acceptable frames per second. Defragging, getting rid of programs slowing the PC down, or a complete Windows re-install may help, but not much.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.9]【Jungle Ruins】[DISCONTINUED]
    Quote from MrMadMinecraft

    Very nice edit man, could you do the villagers? That would be amazing.

    Eeerm.. I've never done a mob texture from scratch, but I'll give it a go. I'm not promising anything!

    Here's a new download link. I've fiddled with the diamond tools, rotten flesh, spider eyes, eggs, and a few other things I can't think of. Please remember that I am not an "official" updater of this pack and that everything I'm adjusting is personal preference/for fun. If/when I take control of the texture pack more fully, I will update as much of the important stuff as possible.
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    posted a message on PC speakers
    Quote from Destructas

    I don't know what a speaker layout is, I only know of regular audio, surround sound and Digital Surround (I'm dumb, right?).

    The layout I was mentioning was the #.# format, where the first number indicates how many "normal" speakers you have, and the second is how many subwoofers. So for example, 2.0 is just 2 speakers, and 5.1 (generally the best price/performance for gaming), has 5 smaller speakers and 1 subwoofer. The term "speaker" I'm using really means box that makes a sound - sometimes there are pairs or a mid-frequency woofer and a high-frequency tweeter in them.

    Quote from Destructas

    The speaker size doesn't matter to me as long as they aren't a bed sized block. The room size is tiny (5x10, I believe). If I can hear them at max volume from thirty feet away, I'm good.

    This is good, because smaller rooms don't need as large, expensive speakers. Also rear speakers are easier to position when you have walls behind you. (Don't even think about placing the rear speakers near the front ones.)

    Quote from Destructas

    They would be used for gaming and movies. Less than $400 would be great, but not if it means a major decrease in quality.

    Again, 5.1 is best for games and movies at that price, 2.0 and 2.1 being better for music and casual gaming).

    Many people are happy with "value" sets like the Creative Inspire T6160s - Including me, I spent my money on a decent 24" Monitor and 32" TV for my PC instead :tongue.gif: I actually have the older version of these which are a bit better.. but those new ones should be okay too. At that price range for 5.1 speakers ($50-$100), I would reommend Creative over Logitech and other brands.

    If you want to spend more, the Logitech Z 906 is a great set, however I would highly recommend trying to find a shop with these, or similarly priced Logitech sets and listening to them before purchasing, preferably also comparing them to the Creative set I mentioned earlier at the same time. Remember when comparing that there is usually a point where speakers sound worse after a certain volume (you may not reach that in a shop without getting kicked out, especially if you don't notice when they start to get worse), and that in a small room they will be much louder than in a large shop.

    If you are feeling enthusiastic about speakers, you could get a value Hi-Fi 5.1 (I.e purchasing seperate speakers, an amp, and everything else that goes along with this) set up for $400, although that makes things quite a bit more complicated and you might be nudged over your budget. I personally really wanted to do this so researched it a lot, but as said before I spent too much on screens :rolleyes:

    Hope this helps!
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    posted a message on PC speakers
    Quote from Destructas

    I'm wanting to build myself a new computer in November, but I can't find any decent quality speakers for under $400.

    You should give more information about: Which speaker layout you prefer (2.0, 5.1 etc.), what size speakers you're looking for, the size of the room you're in, how loud you want them to go, what you intend to use them for (i.e, mostly first person games, music, films etc.), and if you would prefer to spend a lot less than $400 if possible.
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