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    The culmination of months of work, The Tomb of Eldritch Psychic Horror is a true fusion of adventure and puzzle map. Following a malfunction and harrowing crash on your starship, you find yourself stranded on an unfamiliar world with few resources. With the only sign of life other than the remains of your craft being an ominous tomb set in the alien mountainside, you must descend into its depths in hope of finding a way off the forsaken planet. Dare to go where few before you have gone, and where none have escaped with their sanity. Brave deceptive puzzles, classic dungeon-style traps around every corner, all manner of custom creatures, and countless other dangers in your quest for salvation. And remember, nothing is as it seems.

    The Tomb is intentionally difficult and frustrating. Your deaths will be kept track of by a scoreboard, and you’ll respawn at the last checkpoint with your whole inventory still on you. It features immersive custom environments outside, and over 50 hand-crafted chambers teeming with danger below the surface. With kilometers of redstone wiring, hundreds on hundreds of command blocks, a state-of-the-art wireless redstone system, and plenty of hidden Easter eggs, the Tomb is an ever-changing adventure like no other.

    A defining feature of this map is that while we make extensive use of command blocks, no traps are triggered by them. This means that everything is manually triggered by pressure plates, tripwires, etc., and that if you’re careful enough, it’s possible to avoid nearly every trick the tomb has to throw at you.

    But we doubt that will happen. No one has ever made it through the tomb without dying at least once. It’s that hard. Try to prove us wrong.

    Rules and Guidelines:

    1. When in survival mode, break nothing unless you placed it or are specifically directed to do so (but go ahead and place things as much as you want!)
    2. The Tomb is designed for 1-4 players, and generally takes 2-4 hours to complete.
    3. Turn on all particles, set render distance to 8 or lower, and ensure you aren’t playing on peaceful (easy difficulty is recommended but not required).
    4. Play with the default resource pack. Certain areas make use of sounds, music, and textures that if changed could make the area impossible to complete.
    5. If playing with 1-3 players, respect the multiplayer-only chests. These are intended to supply you with one of the required item, and taking more than one per player will remove the challenge of the room.
    6. Hints for every area are supplied in a book in the spawn chest. Try not to use it unless you’re completely stuck.

    Try to find all the hidden golden carrots scattered around the map as an extra challenge!

    We would love to hear your feedback! Tell us how you did, how many times you died, how many carrots you found, and if there’s anything we need to fix. We’d also love to see any videos you make using the map.

    Now, enter the Tomb.
    Your doom awaits.

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    16x House (Above)

    Regular House (Below)

    The Anthill is a revolutionary new map in which you explore a perfect replica of your house and yard that is 16 times its normal size. Each pixel of a regular block has been meticulously turned into an entire block, causing the illusion that you have shrunk 16 times: to the size of an ant!

    When you wake up in the anthill, journey deeper into it to converse with the mysterious queen ant and do her bidding in order to be returned to you normal size. Overcome puzzles, maze, parkour, and more to satiate the queen's hunger and be restored to regular size. Upon completion of the map, you have the opportunity to explore both versions of the house!


    1. Do not break anything

    2. Play on normal or far render for best effect

    3. Do not use mods or hacks!

    Download link: http://adf.ly/cz4cn

    After you play, please leave a comment! I would love to know what you thought about The Anthill! Also, feel free to make videos about the map! Have fun!
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    Quote from MCengineer

    Looks cool! However, maybe you should add a timer to the game so that you can play this in singleplayer and try to beat your longest time.

    Good idea! I'll work on that and update when I'm finished.
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    Quote from GamingEdition

    Dude! This map looks fun! To bad, I can't. I don't have another laptop or comptuer for my sister to play :P I would download this

    I haven't tried this as a singleplayer game, but it would probably still work if you wanted to try it!
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    Quote from elyg99

    Very good concept! The map has several flaws though and can definitely be improved upon.

    Yea, this was more of a proof of concept. More will follow with better arenas and less flaws!
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    FireTown is a faced paced minigame for 2-6 players. The game is set in a medieval-style town that is 100% flammable. Four blazes are released at the start of the game to set the town on fire. But beware: the ground (which is also flammable) is only one block deep! Be the last person to burn or fall into the void to win!

    • No PvP
    • No putting out fires! (You're in adventure mode, so that shouldn't be a problem)
    • If you by some chance pick up an item that fell off a burned block (ladder, door, etc.) don't use it to escape (that's called cheating.)
    • Attacking blazes IS allowed!
    • Using blazes strategically to light other players or buildings they are hiding in IS allowed!
    This map works very well on LAN worlds or servers, no mods or plugins required! All gamerules are configured automatically at the beginning, and is compatible with 1.6.4 or 1.7.2 and above. Feel free to make videos of the map or use it on your server!

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://adf.ly/aQcCo


    A view of the FireTown arena.

    A different view of the arena.

    A FireTown game in progress.
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    This is AMAZING! My brother and I started a server with it today, but although the mod appears to be working (we can go into creative and see all the items), if we try to place, craft, or drop anything it disappears, so we can't even get to middle earth. HELP!!!
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    posted a message on Community Creations - Canon (in D) with Minecraft Sounds
    That was *sniff* *sniff* beautiful! Really creative using all those different sounds but still keeping them with the song! You'd be crazy not to make more! :DDD
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: My First Night
    I started playing the last day of beta. I managed to get a wall of sand around me, and trembled in fear all night. I tried digging a tunnel under the wall, only to have the whole thing collapse and a horde of mobs run in at me. The next day I discovered this magical coal thing, and with a bit of experimentation, torches. As I soon discovered, zombies were definitely not scared of the light, and I died again. After finally managing to kill a spider and get some string (with a fair amount of confusion how dead spiders made string), I was amazed to discover that Minecraft did indeed have ranged weaponry. I spent the next few MC nights sitting on top of my wall laughing maniacally as I shot zombies, then screaming like crazy when shooting an enderman it it chasing me. When I first discovered gold I was like "Cool! Gold! I bet this would make some nice weapons!" I promptly crafted three gold swords, went after an enderman, and died after all three broke trying to kill him. Then there was flint. Glorious, magical flint. I was living in a forest, and playing around with my brand new flint and steel, until I lit my house on fire and the whole forest burned down. Needless to say, I died again. In my nice clear area that had until recently been a forest, I saw a dog. "What a cute dog! I think I'll pet it!" I run up, 'pet' it, and scream as its eyes turn red and it kills me. Then I lose my world when my hard drive dies XD
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    Better flower forest picture:

    From what I can tell, these things are extremely rare. I flew about 30,000 blocks and this is the only one I found. It was tiny, only about 10 chunks. It had every kind of flower there except for lilacs, and (ironically), flowers themselves.
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    My best guess is that the water is now "polluted". After about ten minutes my catch was:
    Nearly broken boots
    Fishing rod with unbreaking 3
    5 fish
    1 pufferfish
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    posted a message on Mazeworld - A Dimension Of Infinite Ruins
    This would be epic. An infinite world of ruins? I would never play regular minecraft again!
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    posted a message on Looking For People To Record Minecraft With for YouTube
    This sounds interesting! I was actually looking to start a channel as well on my youtube account bumsnikunited. My in-game is bumsnik_united. I run two server, either of which we could use. And I speak english XD
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    NIce series, phil definitely won. No contest. :)
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    posted a message on Community Creations - "Moonlight", a Parody of "Daylight"
    Very nicely done! Shotbow should give you free premium for this!
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