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    [b]Out-Of-Character Information[/b]
    Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible, and ensure the essential details are accurate.

    Minecraft Account Name: YourMomMinecraft
    How old are you?: 13
    Time-Zone: Eastern
    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: Yes
    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: Role-playing is my favorite thing to do in Minecraft
    How did you hear about the the Lord of the Craft?: Google search engine
    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server:
    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then please do so (link above): Yes
    Have you read the Elven lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it and follow it in your biography?: Yes

    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: Carrying out a role and never breaking character.
    Meta-gaming: In terms of role-playing meta-gaming is knowing from past experience what your character will do in a certain situation pretty fast.
    Power-emoting: It describes what the character is doing. Example: *Johnny winks at Lisa*

    [b]In-Character Information:[/b]
    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Lenny B. Orchinwood
    Current Age: 20
    Sub-race (if any): Wood Elf
    Past /
    History (include childhood, major-events, etc. 2+ paragraphs long): My childhood was a pretty bland one. My father was mostly out hunting for food and mother was usually selling fathers hunted materials at the market. Not much ever happened but the day I turned 16, my father took me hunting for the first time.
    It was the most dangerous thing I had ever done. Before my 16th birthday, my father took me to bow practice and I was pretty good if I might say so myself. So we went hunting, but it was a bad day for a new hunter like me. The snow was high and it was extremely hard to walk anywhere without tripping on something hidden in the snow. The dwarves took advantage of this. They stormed us from the left. I got one arrow out before they killed father. The arrow was a hit. I ran home for my life, but the dwarves weren't chasing me anymore. I'm lucky to be alive and I'm hunting for revenge.
    Ambitions for the Future: Kill all of those damned dwarves!
    Personality: Cruel, athletic
    Skills: Hunting, bow shooting
    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin):http://www.minecraft...09104988556.png
    Any other details you wish to share about your character: Must...get...REVENGE!!!!

    [i]Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.[/i]

    [b]1. As you walk through the deep forests you hear the sound of whispering and snickering. Upon inspection you realize that a group of High Elves are mocking a small Wood Elf child. How do you react?[/b]

    Answer: Get out my bow and shoot close to them but purposefully miss. If they charge, then I kill them.

    [b]2. Whilst wandering through the Elven forests you come across a frail old man with a walking stick. He collapses in front of you, falling to the ground with a sharp thud. Out of his pocket falls a small pouch of gold coins, which hits the ground and splits open spreading coins across the pathway. The man lies there, defenseless - what do you do?[/b]

    Answer: Pick up all of the gold coins, put 2 in my pocket, put the rest in the pouch, give the man the pouch, and walk him home

    [b]3. Whilst traversing the Elven Woodlands, you come across a small clearing in which a colored carriage sits. A trader stands outside of it and calls you over, telling you of his wares. He points out that his carriage sells just about everything, and that he's willing for you to haggle for a price. What does your character do? (Please include:- item, haggling for prices and the discussion involved).[/b]

    Answer: Shoot the trader and drive the wagon to the market and sell all of the items.
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    Please Help
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    I have 1 question, what mods do I need?
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    I am looking for a good server that has a pre-built city, jobs, economy, police, and things like that. I am really into role-play so if I can find a server like this, that would be awesome. Please post on this topic if you know/own a good server that meets my expectations
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    IGN: YourMomMinecraft
    Age: 13
    Are you mature?: Yes
    Role play experience?: from 1 to 10, probably 9, I'm good when it comes to role-play
    Tell me about your self (2 Sentence Minimum): My favorite thing to do on Minecraft is role-play. I spend a lot of time playing minecraft.
    Do you have teamspeak?: Yes
    Do you accept the disclaimer at the bottom?: Yes
    Working mic?: Yes
    How long have you played minecraft?: A few days before 1.0.0 came out
    Any police experience on a minecraft server?: I've been a policeman on 3 servers, I own a server, and I've been admin/mod/op on at least 5 servers
    Have you read the jail times?: Yes
    Do you understand its your job to protect the citizens with your life?:Yes
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    • IGN: YourMomMinecraft
    • NAME: Jaren
    • AGE: 12
    • BIO ABOUT YOURSELF: I like to role-play
    • AGE: 16
    • JOB: None ATM
    • BIO ABOUT CHARACTER: He was abandoned at birth, raised himselfon the streets, went to public school, and is graduating high school soon. He does very well in school and hopes to get a job soon to pay for college. He wants to be in the law enforcement area (i.e.: Police officer, judge, etc.)
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    Ign: YourMomMinecraft op maybe???
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    Username: YourMomMinecraft

    Have I ever been banned before: No I'm very rule abiding and nice to every one.

    Why I want to join: I LOVE the Hunger Games books and i would love to play the Hunger games on minecraft! This will be SO fun!

    Favorite Tribute: Thresh, because you pwns that girl that was trying to kill Katniss.

    Please whitelist me Thx :D
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    Ign: YourMomMinecraft
    District: 13
    Other: I have read all three books and seen the movie
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    posted a message on Hunger Games Server!!! Hurry this is limited to the first people who send an application
    Ign: YourMomMinecraft
    You can expect me to be there!
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    IGN: YourMomMinecraft
    MC Exp: 1.0.0
    Reason For Applying: Having Fun
    Will you follow the rules given by Admins/GameMakers?: Of course
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