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    posted a message on Whitelisted Adult server VANILLA [SMP][Economy]
    Age: 18

    In-game name: trcarr
    Time Zone: UTC-04:00
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    posted a message on Survival Minecraft Vanilla Server [Whitelist Only]
    Skype? Y/N - If Yes, Skype name:y / kyle.parker36
    Minecraft IGN: trcarr
    Redstone Skill (1-10):6
    Building Skill (1-10):9
    How often do/can you play? everynight
    I understand that this is a non-griefing server. its the only kinda server i play
    Notes: i s.w.e.d
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    posted a message on Whitelisted Adult server VANILLA [SMP][Economy]

    In-game name:Trcarr

    Time Zone: Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-04:00)
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    posted a message on <>Looking for STAFF!<> - Astorea 2.0 A Wonderful Community!, Ranks, PvP
    IGN: Trcarr

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: To long to remember when....

    How would you describe your playing style?: Creative

    Rate your building skills 1-10: 9

    Rate your redstone skilled 1-10: 5

    How many hours a week can you be active?: 56 hours a week

    Have you ever been banned from a server? If so why?: yes , hacked client, (running ubuntu so cant run clients anymore)

    Timezone: Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-04:00)

    What time are you usually on?: 4pm-2am

    A few words about yourself/why we should accept you: i love to build, im good at it and im a voxelsniper terraformer

    Notes: i cant pvp for **** , im also a hippy so much colour in my work
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    posted a message on New Community Server
    IGN trcarr
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 whitelisted Vanilla Server looking for players. All ages. Active Staff!


    How should I contact you? skype

    Will you be active, if so how much will you be on? everyday atleast 5 hours

    Tell me a little about yourself. ive been lead builder on meny high pop severs but now days i find myself looking for a nice whitelisted server with fun people to play with and good staff
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    posted a message on Herocraft: My Server Looking For Staff
    IGN: Trcarr
    Playing since : alpha
    Minecraft experience : Lead builder on over 20 servers ,admin on 5 and mod/help on over 10 plugin in and permissions experience, also alot of terraforming experience
    applying for : lead builder
    Skype: kyle.wright1997
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    posted a message on Vanilla SMP Whitelist Server (20+)
    Ingame Name:Trcarr
    Age: 17(ik this is under age but i feel i should not be over looked do to my age as i am a mature player)
    How long have you played Minecraft?: alpha
    How did you find this thread?: seaching whitelist servers
    What is the best thing you have ever built?: full server spawns
    Why do you feel we should choose you to be whitelisted?: im freindly,out going and just wanna play with mature players
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    posted a message on 21+ Small Whitelisted Vanilla Survival Server
    In game name:trcarr
    Age:17 (ik this is under your wanted age but id rather play with mature players, please do not over look me because on my age)
    What would you bring to the server? Building skills and im out going
    How long have you been playing?2 years
    Are you willing to make monthly donations to keep the server running? If or when i get a job and if the server is running at all times
    What’s your building style? modern but also alot on wooden buildings/cabens
    Are you a Youtuber (if so leave your link)? i am not
    Would you be willing to do voice chat?would rather then typing
    How often do you play, as hours per week?atleast 5 hours a night on weekdays and close to 10 on weedends
    Show us some of your best builds (pics): Running ubuntu 14.04 and can not cross share files but can share screens (if you use skype)
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    posted a message on Massive Professional Server Startup Project. Need Staff members. Please apply
    hey my names tanner this is ganna be outof format but im not applying for anything that you need me to be fancy. im applying for builder im been lead builder on over 20 servers and i only left because they went down. i know most thing about minecraft but i injoy building the most, im also 17 and have been playing minecraft sence alpha. If i am accepted your server will be my one and only roject and i will not stop untill i have to and start back up the next day i take my projects very serious.

    add me on skype if you wish to see my builds:kyle.wright1997
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    posted a message on Solstice Vanilla Whitelist Survival Server [1.7.9]
    1. Name?*: Tanner
    2. Where Are Your From?: Canada
    3. Boy or Girl?: Boy
    4. In-Game Name?: Trcarr
    5. Age?: 17
    6. Skype?*: kyle.wright1997
    7. Youtube?*: no
    8. Favorite thing about minecraft?: Minecraft in general
    9. What type of player are you?: Builder,creater,farmer
    10. Why should we add you?:Im friendly and out going
    11. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: since alpha
    12. Have you ever been banned? (don't lie, I'll know):been banned for hacking high pop servers
    13. Do you watch Mindcrack/HermitCraft/etc.?: no
    14. If #10 is yes, who's your favorite member?: ^
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    posted a message on MinecraftMeetsWarcraft is Looking for Experienced Staff
    Position Applying For: all of them
    Qualifications:you name it i can do it, build empirers , write permissions, pixel art, redstone based builds i know every big plugin and there commands
    Why You Wish To Join:it looks cool
    Anything Else?: I also have a 10m server build team that i could bring in i have poeple for everything 6 builders 1 banner make, 1 add maker , 1 head admin (he just looks after the server) and i have a taraformer
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    posted a message on [LOOKING FOR STAFF] New Minecraft 1.7.2 Server! Apply Now!
    Why did you choose this server to become staff on?:just seen the post and i love to build
    After Reading the Description above, what is your main purpose on this server?everything
    What do you think makes you right For the job? ive worked on 7 150+ player servers i have a 10 man build team and i can build anything you can think of, also can write permissions and do just about something you can do in minecraft
    Have you ever been a staff member on any other server, if so tell me what it was and why you were demoted?: I worked on a few large servers most faction servers building spawns, fan art, pixel art,etc or in the past i have brought my build team in to re-build hole servers
    Have you ever been banned, If so explain why and the last time you were?: ive been banned for just about everything you can be banned for
    Last of all, Are you a good builder that can help out with the spawn(does not affect the positions you get.)?: i can build a spawn you want just add me on skype
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    posted a message on Looking for Tech
    I am looking for a tech for my airship/faction war server .I`m am looking for a tech who can rewrite parts of plugins and update plugins this is a new server so u r free to build in ur free time and play on server as normal or (admin) . if u would like to contact me about this add me on skype.....skype=kyle.parker36
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    posted a message on looking for player to host multiplayer server with Skype :)
    kyle.parker36 add me and msg me if u wanna do some stuff sometime ... ive been looking for something fun to do
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