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    posted a message on my crafty ideas for minecraft!
    i have some more ideas
    how about a trampoline,
    an alarm so whenever a hostile mob is approaching it beeps loudly or you could choose the noise out of your own files
    a door bell just for multiplayer so you know if someone has come through the door
    scissors used to obtain tree leaves off the trees (obviously the green blocks on trees)
    bushes this could make a lot more blocks and it would be effective for traps if you had a thorny bush.
    chandelier for decoration and lighting.
    quotes from other games on randomly generated sign posts for easter eggs
    randomly generated sign posts for what it says above.
    i will think of more later.
    oh and a venus fly trap
    and flies.
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    posted a message on my crafty ideas for minecraft!
    My ideas here are some:
    The fish tank which has fish swimming inside it
    you make it by using a recipe like this or different
    :Glass: fish :Glass:
    :Glass: :Water: :Glass:
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    (bucket of water is needed)
    after you make the fish tank you get the bucket back or bowl

    Weather just Weather changes around the world could change the type of mods that show up
    in the rain a whale or lots of fish, sea monster and stuff like that.
    TV just for decoration and has colored pixels on it (out of signal)
    but when you make a satellite for it and put it on top of the TV you get channels and left click to change channels

    Satellite for the TV read above

    More evil More hostile mobs would make the game harder but maybe a bit too epic so i think there should be a option too turn certain mobs off but this would give them the easy way out! :wink.gif:

    Dragons maybe?

    Lantern hat
    A hat with a light on it so you can see where you are going
    made like this:
    :Iron: :--+: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    or some other materials

    Chairs so you can sit down and make the day or night go by.

    funbad a mushroom creature would be a good hostile mob (reminds me of super mario bros.....)

    and turtles!
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