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    posted a message on Minecraft: Vietnam [Bukkit 714][WL][PVP/E][Factions]
    IGN: bubbagreen29

    What is RP to you?: Having fun. playing like real life.

    What you would like to do in general with this server?: Fight. have fun, build. be a leader.

    What are your skills in minecraft?: building. Fighting. hiding :tongue.gif:.

    How long have you played Minecraft?: 1 year

    Do you have any reference with the Vietnam War?: uh.. history channel, school, common knowledge.

    If so to the above question, what are you familiar with?: Killing asians, Veitcong, North = Communist, South = forget. north had routed through nearby countries to infiltrate the south. america helped the south because were so Anti Communist. in the end. still divided at 38th (or 17th i forget) parrallel.

    What faction you would be interested in joining (once RP starts): USA MARINES!

    Have you ever been banned?: from one server. leadership corrupted, admins/mods banned....

    What is "OOC"?: OUT OF CHARACTER?

    Additional Questions/Comments: ZERO!

    Leader Application:

    What faction would you like to be a Leader/Officer of?: USA

    How old are you?: 15. mature.

    Why do you think you would be a good candidate for a Faction Leader/Officer?: i love to help people, love to lead / have some importance. i could help with setup of the server

    What makes you better than others?: Im confident, trustworthy, i do what i set out to do

    What kind of leadership skills do you have?: Polite (angry when Need be), trustworthy^^, im smart, i can help

    Do you have any administration experience?: yes. Admin/Co owner of 2 payed building/Survival-RPG servers, Mod on 1 server(4 months), and admin on another (current)

    Do you have any moderation experience?:See above.^^

    Are you active, game wise?:
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    posted a message on [1.5][Portal mod]Fun with portals[Cake!]
    can you PM when uve made more chambers?
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    posted a message on ◄Suggested Achievements - Faithful to the Words of Notch►
    i would enjoy memes. like Do a Barrell Roll as suggested
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    Default Inventory is set to E. Unless changed by User or a Mod.
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] newb XRay
    Quote from iamed »
    Quote from lahwran »
    it'd be better if it didn't work at all unless an admin allowed it, this is more like blacklisting ...
    I won't remove it though. This is close enough.

    I don't see how this mod adheres to your own policy of
    Server owners must explicitly allow the mod to work on your server. If they don't give it an OK in some way, it shouldn't work.

    Say you have a server with only one admin. While that admin is asleep or away from his computer someone joins with this mod enabled. Since the admin is away the user is able to go around the server and use this mod freely with nothing stopping him and the admin never actually allowing the person to use the mod.

    So what is it? Does a mod have to allow it to only work when "Server owners must explicitly allow the mod to work on your server." or do you just sorta have to let people know you're using the mod and hope the admin is watching logs to see they are.

    You guys are contradicting yourselves and your own rules which makes it nigh impossible to know what is the correct manner of doing things.

    this could be abvoided by shutting down the server, get some trustworthy people in diff timezones and make them mods.
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] newb XRay
    lol love it. there choice is "**** joined the game and has xray enabled******

    they can choose to
    -/Ban LOL
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    posted a message on The "Seed of the Day" Funny Video Series (Submit Your Seeds)
    Seed: 10110101
    Coordinates:141, 96, 175 (you can see the collest features.
    Features: Huge Open Mountain, above ground lava pit. much more.

    Mountain pic 1-
    Side of Mountain-
    Mountain pic 2-
    Twin Lava and Water pic-
    THIS MAP WAS NOT FULLY EXPLORED. keep adventuring :smile.gif: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on PLAYERS WANTED FOR SMALL SMP SERVER!!
    ME ME ME ME ME :smile.gif:

    i have skype, add bubbagreen29
    and send Ip there. ill be on for another hour or so tonight. PLZ lemme come im nice & no griefing / being retarded.
    please send A.S.A.P. im bored :smile.gif:
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