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    Quote from jpaccer

    How is this a WIP?
    Don't starve is already so much like minecraft. you could add like 3 mobs and then be done.

    don't get me wrong - I love both these games and think its a great idea.
    I want to know if you'll be adding bees... they're a great part of the game. you said "beefalos" but i'm not sure if you mean bees or buffalos.
    I also suggest you add a new gamemode, along with hardcore/survival/creative. it would be like hardcore where you only had 1 life, but you also could not dig underground, swim, or all the other things steeve can do that wilson can't.

    Well it really depends. Don't starve has a rather different gameplay experience than Minecraft so the mod could actually be quite big if he decides to change rather than add. To list a few, changing the way blocks break to have them retain how much they've been broken. Change the way durability works so that it goes down for every swing rather than every block broken. Change the way trees work so that planting a pinecone automatically makes a small tree which can grow into a bigger tree which both can be completely broken by breaking the bottom. Add torch durability and dynamic lighting. Going out in darkness kills you eventually and light levels have more of a contrast so it's pitch black at night like in Don't Starve. There's quite a bit you can change with a mod like this.
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    Alright since Bennix has been offline I guess I might as well post some pics of the just about finished untextured model


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    Quote from uncletravis

    while this is good work i dont think it should be implemented. every thing in minecraft has only 90 degree angles. your rounded models would look more than out of place. remember if its not a right angle its a wrong angle. the model in the OP has actually grown on me. apart from its huge hands and feet i dont mind it at all. its the texture thats less than good.

    "If it's not a right angle it's a wrong angle" Who are you to say that? Just cause you have a different opinion about what Minecraft should look like doesn't mean others' are wrong. Obviously you cherish the past of Minecraft. Some people like me look forward like Notch did when he made the enderdragon. Enderdragon wings aren't all blocky so why should a cute little chao be? In honesty you can't get very detailed with your right angles unless you make a ton of tiny little squares. I want a chao head to look like it's supposed to, not like it's wearing a beanie. Obviously we have different opinions but you stated an incorrect fact.

    Now, it is also much more practical without having all the corners you get from a model made of a bunch of cubes in an attempt to round it. All those corners require more polygons and thus lag more than if you were to just slant it. Granted I did get too into the chao's body and head at first so it may have a few too many polygon's but I can always change it.
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    Quote from Blaziken584

    Odd, I have tested it myself just now and all versions seem to work, I will try again =o

    *yep, the downloads work =/

    what browser you use?
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