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    why not have a 3d dot game heroes-style character editor? im pretty sure this is an idea both sides can agree on for many reasons. One being that customizability wouldnt be lost; in fact, it would even allow more customizability if you were able to make the model whatever u wanted as everyone would look different rather than just theirr skin looking different. Two being that, on the side tht thinks a model like old steve would be better, this kind of character editor would make it so that your character isnt just a cube for a head and some rectangular prisms for arms, legs, and the torso. The third reason i think this would be a good idea is because, for you guys who think old steve doesnt fit in with minecraft's blocky appearance, if minecraft had a character editor like 3d dot game heroes, the character would still be mde of blocks, just not limited to just one per body part. If anyone thinks anything in my statement is bad plz tell me and use constructive criticism.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] Optimine *UNOFFICIAL*
    i installed BOTH optimine and optifog(optimine compatible version)(in that order) and my fps had little to no change. minecraft was running at like 15 FPS and when i installed the two i got 20 FPS at most sometimes
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    Quote from Asaeis Wi Vio

    There must be a .class folder somewhere which determines whether a texture can be translucent or not, I would like to know where this is myself so i can mess with the surface flags and enable translucency for some textures such as the torchflame.

    well the translucency mod i use to make glass hav a slight light blue tint instead of being invisibly clear is noting but a modified fa.class and once u put it it allows u to use any degree of transparency in the glass by editting the terrain.png. Now tht i think about it, all u hav to do is compare the default fa.class with the mod's fa.class to see which line's different and copy tht for other items. If you want the mod google pwned's betterglass mod
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    posted a message on Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Bad compressed data
    why wont anyone answer our question? :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    Real Name:Bryan Fontenot
    In game Name:Bryan2x4
    Your age:12
    Country/Timezone:U.S. Central Time
    Why do you want to play here? Sentences please.:I wan to play here because I'd like to make my own clan/village and be able to war and fight with people without any restrictions
    What do you expect of this server? Again, be verbose.:I think it's gonna be pretty cool
    What kind of player are you? A builder? Raider? Griefer? There are no wrong answers.: im kind of a little of each though i havent rly ever griefed before except for once when an entire iron floor was not protected by worldguard so i guess u could say im a raider
    How did you hear about us?: Searching for a good permanent server
    We value community here. Will you be active on our forums?: maybe(not use to being on forums)
    What is our TeamSpeak server address, and will you chill with us on it?:voice.hakaslak.com:9987 and i unfortunately dont hav a mic :sad.gif:
    Do we allow griefing?:yes
    Do we use LWC here?:i don't think so
    Did you vote for us on minestatus?:yes
    How many votes do we have now?:521
    Will you help the server by voting every 24 hours? Set an alarm!:if it helps then i dont see why not
    Do we use Factions here?:yes Do you accept that you will die a lot?:yes Do you whine or get revenge?:if its something big against me i might get revenge but i dont whine
    Do you understand this server is 100% funded by players (like you), and needs subcribers?:yes
    Do you understand that we will not give you anything, we won't teleport you, we won't teleport your friends, and you will have to /kill if you get stuck somewhere?:yes Do you have friends here?:no
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    posted a message on The Chicken Army
    I, bryan2x4 will never kill a chicken.
    I shall always protect them, and kill those who try to hurt them.
    If I kill one I will be shot with arrows 64 times.

    I always felt bad when someone would kill a chicken on the servers i wwent on. they never rly pushed me off a cliff or lead monsters to me or anything so i dont see how they're evil. Even when i do see a little chicken a bit behind a mountain side watching me, a creeper never comes up to my house and blows it up anytime soon after.
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