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    okay so hear me out, what if someone made an optifine texture pack that turns horses into massive dire wolves that you can ride if you give them a nametag with a certain code... tell me that wouldn't be sick. I would do it but I know nothing about coding :( lmk

    like the super big one in thor: ragnarok

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    IGN: chaemus

    Discord: Mahonerr#5328

    Age: 14

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    I would love to build CHB if you need a builder! :) I'm pretty good

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    What kind of Minecrafter you are: I build a lot and like to explore I guess.
    What Language(s) do you speak: English (First language), French (Second language)
    Why do you want to join this Server: I just want to be able to enjoy myself and meet people.
    What do you expect it to be like: I expect it to be a fun, Chill environment where everyone can just relax and play Minecraft.
    What Country and City do you live in: St. John's, Canada, Newfoundland Daylight Time
    How often are you planning to play on the server: probably a bit every day but exams are coming up so not sure.

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    • IGN? - "broItsMahoney"
    • What should we call you? - "Mahoney"
    • Age? - 16
    • Location/Timezone? - Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (Timezone- Newfoundland Daylight Time)
    • Discord Tag (including #)? - Mahonerr#5328
    • Willing to chill in Discord voice chat often? - Sure
    • Did anyone refer you? - Nope
    • Other info about you (optional)? - I don't get pissed easy lol, down to do pranks. been playing Minecraft since 2015 Though I recently just took a 1-year break. Joined back about 3 months ago.
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