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    posted a message on Help a Dad out! I am lost and can't find my son's house.
    wow how about you just tell him that that's life and let him deal with it?
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    posted a message on Looking for a factions server
    Ok I know there are basically infinite factions servers out there, but I need something very specific. First off, it needs a decent number of people (8 or more on at a time). Second, a simple spawn with maybe a shop. Next, it can't have an op starter kit or op voting. The worse the better. I hate servers with tons of people with prot 4 and gapples. Other than that not much. Please help
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    posted a message on Enderman Farm HELP
    Mine is in the end, and there are some spawning on the ground so they are enabled. I have followed all directions. Does difficulty affect spawning?
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    posted a message on Enderman Farm HELP
    On a multiplayer server I have built an end farm with one level using the piston redstone torch design but no enderman seem to be spawning. I am almost positive it isn't a build problem because they just don't seem to be spawning on my pressure plates. I left it on for a long time and not one. Could this be because of difficulty of server? I really need help.
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    posted a message on Factions Server In need of staff
    Age: 15

    Skype grape_juice99

    I.G.N: joeytheboey

    Nickname (Ex. for me its xX): Joey

    Qualifications: I am familiar with all commands and have a level of experience that I know when to take action, and how to keep the server safe and fun. I know how to deal with those threatening the server in a good manner.

    What are you good at?: I am very good with people and working with them. I can solve server problems peacefully, and listen to members as a good channel from staff to player. Overall I can keep things under control.

    What will you bring to the server?:

    Another Server your Staff on (I.P) (Say no is ok): Kings Craft and Zerthia Prisons. I have been staff on many others but they all closed due to financial instability or outside hackers.

    Rate yourself from 1-10

    WorldEdit: 4

    Plugins (especially): 7

    Building: 6

    Advertising: 8

    Forum Patrol: 10

    dealing with Noobs: 10

    Thanks for the chance to apply
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    posted a message on ExtrazCraft Looking for Staff!
    Ign: joeytheboey

    Age(must be over 12): 15

    Past experience: Moderator 3 times on Aerynth Vanilla, string craft, zenthia prison, and a head admin on King Craft.

    Rank: Admin (Moderator if it seems fit)

    Why Should we choose you over other people?: I have a high level of experience I feel others do not have.

    Why do you want to be staff?: This seems like a great opportunity to be a staff member, which is something I really enjoy and take pride in.

    Skype gamer tag: grape_juice99
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    posted a message on Staff Needed!
    Rank Applying for:
    IGN: joeytheboey

    Name: Joey Gambell

    Age: 15

    What are you good at?: Keeping the peace, solving problems, and catching hackers. I am very good with people and really enjoy the position of mod. I am a decent builder and can do some redstone tasks. I have a lot of experience so I am good at knowing when to use certain commands and when not to.

    Bad at?: Plugin configuration and advertising.

    What can you offer?: My dedication and time commitment to the server. I will be there whenever you need me.

    Have you been staff before?: yes, mod specifically about 5 times.oh forgot to say haha
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    posted a message on RevolutionCraft >> [ Looking For Staff ]
    moderator application

    Username: joeytheboey

    Skype Username: grape_juice99

    Experience: I have been a mod on four servers, Aerynth Vanilla, Radium Craft Factions, String Craft Pvp, Kings Craft, and I had my own server which I ended after a short period of time, but was a great learning experience on the mechanics, plugins, and commands of servers. I know all the commands, and more importantly when to use them. I always wait to receive adequate evidence and permission before making decisions. I have owned the game itself for over two years.

    Why I want to join: This seems like a really great server, community, and opportunity. I would really love to be a part of this new idea for a server and help it to really last an eternity and be something original. Staffing is something I take pride and joy in and I think this is the server for me.

    Have you ever been banned. If so why?: I have played the game for over 2 years and I believe I was banned a couple times. I am not going to lie and say it was all the staff's fault, but over the past year I have never been banned. Those bans that I first received were from abusing the chat or advertising, never from hacking. I hope this can be put behind me and I understand honesty is necessary for this question.

    Plugin Experience: Plugins aren't really my specialty, but I have worked with them before. I used world edit, world guard, factions, and some other obscure plugins. Many of the ones I used were basic in server founding so I assume you have them taken care of, but I am more than willing to help.

    Previous Server Experience: I have already stated the servers I staffed on (which all ended for financial or hacking reasons) but I just want to say I always put in good dedication time (2-3 hours daily) and stayed loyal and working for the members.

    Thanks for this chance to apply!
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    posted a message on Need server in need of staff
    I am willing to work very hard for any new or existing server that needs loyal active staff.
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    posted a message on Destiny-Realms Is In NEED of STAFF! APPLY:D
    IGN: joeytheboey

    Age: 15

    KIK UserName (Required): no kik skype grape_juice99

    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): because yolo

    Experience (details): I been staff before a lot.

    Have you ever been banned? If so, why, explain: over one hundred times for every possible reason

    Contact info: told u skype

    Dedicated time: 2 minutes a week maybe more

    What you can bring: My skills

    Proof of work: I dont gotta prove myself to nobody

    Proof of builds: ^

    thanks for the chance to apply
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    posted a message on Brand new minecraft server looking for Builders/Developers + Staff.
    InGameName: joeytheboey
    Age: ( 13+) 15
    What is your Specialty: ( Building ) ( Plugins ) Stuff like that. Moderating the server and catching hackers.
    How many hours a day can you be on: 3
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    posted a message on Server staff and Donors NEEDED
    Age: 17
    Contact info: Skype is grape_juice99, and I will pm email.
    Minecraft IGN: joeytheboey
    Forums Page: n/a
    Why YOU: I am very experienced and have good traits for this position. I have played the game for about 3 years and spent it all on servers just like this one. I have been staff countless times, and even ran my own server, which was great learning experience on commands, plugins, and mechanics of servers. I feel I can help the server grow through rapid advertising on various sites. Also, I am a people person, and can help respond to peoples problems and resolve conflicts. Lastly, I can play for long periods of time so I can be there to moderate and catch hackers.

    Thanks for the chance to apply Boomba
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    posted a message on Need a solid Youtuber
    We have a small new server and we need to grow it. If anyone with a decent amount of subs could advertise for us, then they would be able to get a staff position on the server. Please join the server and we can talk about a possible position. Thanks.

    Server IP:
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    posted a message on New Minecraft server Need Staff/Players
    dont work
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    posted a message on looking for capable server staff on new server called GigaCraft
    IGN: joeytheboey

    Skype:(is a must) grape_juice99

    Little Bit About Yourself: I am a responsible person, and I really enjoy the game and servers. I have lots of experience as staff, and even ran my own server for a short while which was a great learning experience. I am a high schooler, age 15, and I act mature when staffing and treat it seriously to make sure all members are happy.

    Why you want to be a moderator on my server: I have seen some abuse and I want to help the server to be a positive atmosphere for the player. I also think I can get more people on to grow the server by advertising. Overall it looks like a great opportunity.

    Experience as a moderator: Radium Craft, String Craft, Aerynth Vanilla, and King Craft.

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard
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