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    posted a message on Server can't start, crash, connection refused - VPN

    Talk about how you think the VPN works because I'm not really sure how the crash happens. Does your son connect to the VPN, attempt a connection, and then it crashes? Do you start the MC server, then the VPN, and it crashes? Do you start the VPN, MC server, and then it crashes?

    How's the VPN connection? Can you ping between the two devices? I'm assuming you're both connected to the VPN which means you both should have somewhat similar IP schemes.

    Perhaps the split tunnel is doing something to interfere with something? Normally, I would think people push traffic through the tunnel to the outside of the VPN service, not have a server, though that shouldn't change much.

    Are there guides or videos of people using Express? And specifically a MC server? Maybe they configured some kind of error that you haven't? Unlikely but still may be worth a shot.

    Also a connection refused is odd. At first I thought this was a client crash because of the connection refused but then again, I would have thought a client crash would have a connection timed out because packets are getting lost on the way to the server. But a connection refused on the server is also odd.

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    posted a message on Need Help Troubleshooting Server IP

    Basically, if you have more than one IP address (not including or similar special ones), you can choose whether or not Minecraft works on them all or a specific one.

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    posted a message on VirtualBox CentOS 7 client, Fedora 29 Host Can't keep up error...

    What else have you tried beyond different cmd line args?

    I found this from Google-ing the ticks warning:


    The above reddit post mentions /debug; see if that helps locating a problem. It's a slightly old but skimming through it, it sounds like it still has relevant information.

    What about using Java's packages instead of OpenJDK?

    Maybe there's an open source / free Java/JVM monitoring tool that'll help?

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Port Forwarding Problem, I am open to anything and below is what I have tried and a lot of info

    Since it worked at the uni house just a few weeks ago, maybe it's the network. Does the Asus router just plug directly into the wall?

    For example, there's a (coaxial) cable that goes from my wall to my ISP-issued router and from there, there's an ethernet cable that goes to another router and then my network. So when I test any kind of servers, I need to port forward through both routers to get a connection.

    That's what I mean about port forwarding twice, not just another entry on the table.

    Did you have this much trouble setting up a Minecraft server at the uni house? It was just port forward and Windows firewall allow-java-through-it, right?

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    posted a message on Port Forwarding Problem, I am open to anything and below is what I have tried and a lot of info

    Perhaps you need to port forward twice.

    I see you mention being on the phone with ISP and Asus, you talk about a new router, and that it worked at the college house. You also talk about a modem router combo.

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    posted a message on Server problems
    Quote from Kikoiscool»

    Well is there a way to use Hamachi. We live in Denmark and you cant exactly port forward here so....

    Why can't you port forward?

    And you're right, just wrapping your head around how OpenVPN works is hard enough, setting it up is harder and maintaining it is just as hard. Getting it working is well beyond the scope of this Minecraft forum.

    The kicker here is, if you do want to get it to work, you're going to have to either port forward (you or your friend, whoever is going to host the VPN) or buy a server and host it in the cloud.

    There may be other options of course, but before you explore them, see if you can dig around in your router for the port forwarding settings (taking care not to hit "submit" or "save" unless you have a good idea of what you're doing).

    And if you really cannot and must use Hamachi, a connection timed out error message is almost always a firewall problem.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] What are the correct DNS records for a beta 1.7.3 Minecraft server again?

    If you do a nslookup on your sub-domain,


    You'll see why only you can connect to it. I assume others on your network/LAN will be able to connect to it as well. Heck, if I set up a MC server on that IP, I'd be able to connect to the one I created as well.


    Private IP address/RFC 1918 IP address.

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    posted a message on I can't launch my server

    I'm going to remove the suggested alternative since all it does is further complicate making a batch file for Minecraft, it does nothing to help troubleshooting, it opens up another cmd prompt window (the START command), and the example file in the "Creating a .bat file to store the commands" section is all we really need.

    Since your question is marked resolved, I assume you fixed your problem.


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    posted a message on Can't open 25565 port for Minecraft Server

    How about trying other port checker websites? Do they also give the, "No route to host" error message?

    Also, verify that the IP google and canyouseeme.org give you is the WAN IP that the ZTE reports. Just to verify you don't need to port forward twice.

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    posted a message on Can't open 25565 port for Minecraft Server

    A, "No route to host" error message is pretty bad (and unusual - first time I've seen it on the forums). Usually, port checker websites will report either a timeout or a closed port; that is, a firewall blocked the port checker's requests or a program isn't running on that port.

    Are you on a mobile network or something? Does Google-ing, "whats my ip" bring back the same results as canyouseeme.org? It could be a firewall implemented by your ISP or the ZTE's firewall could be disrupting the port forwarding (which is unlikely imo but who knows).

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    posted a message on How to get a Raspberry Pi to run a minecraft server at boot.

    If the pi is set up to automatically log in during text console, you could set up a tmux or screen session by putting it in


    Basically, you want bashrc to execute the tmux command that will execute the shell script, mc.sh and put it in a session to connect to it later.

    Here's a little push, I googled, tmux how to execute shell scripts:


    (So maybe something like this: tmux new-session -d -s minecraft '/home/pi/minecraft/mc.sh)

    [Read more about tmux before doing anything and of course go back to kenkron's post to see their tmux examples)

    You can also learn more about bashrc by googling what is bashrc

    fyi, you don't want to invoke java to run Minecraft in bashrc, since bashrc is mainly to run quick scripts/programs, not interactive ones like Minecraft.

    There's also .bash_profile and .profile as well.

    OTOH you could try and set up a service.

    Google something like, minecraft linux how to start automatically

    or something.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    posted a message on HELP! I Can't Connect to My Server Hosting on An Ubuntu PC

    This is indeed odd because a closed port usually indicates a server isn't listening on that particular port.

    I think I can tell you why your nmap scan didn't actually pick up the port. A closed port and a port that doesn't even show up in an nmap scan are two very different things. Odds are, in your server.properties file, on the row with server-ip, you have the ppp0 interface IP. Usually, everyone leaves it blank so that Minecraft can bind to all interfaces on your system.

    So that when you start it up, the line will say something like,

    Starting Minecraft server on

    Then, if you play on the same machine you host, you can connect to it using localhost:25565 (and of course you don't need to type the port but it looks cleaner to type it out that way).

    Alternatively, you can just type

    nmap -sTU

    Minecraft should pop up. Whether or not it's open, closed, or filtered is a different story.

    The ppp0 interface is interesting, as well as the destination IP, the 168 dot etc. I'm not familiar with point-to-point protocol usage so that could possibly be a problem.

    Since the system has a public IP address, there's none of that port forwarding problems and you checked the firewall so in theory there shouldn't be anything wrong.

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    posted a message on Server Console Errors When Using a BAT File to add More RAM

    Right click your server.properties file, and go into its properties.

    Click the Security tab, and then select the username, espin.

    Is there a checkmark for Deny on the Write row? When I denied myself write privileges on the server.properties file, I got the same crash message.

    If there is a checkmark, hit the edit button, and select espin to change the write permission, and uncheck the Deny on the Write row.

    Here's kinda what you're gonna need to change (ignoring the username, name of the file, and what have you), in case you're uneasy about messing around with permissions (the image shows what window should pop up after you hit the edit button).

    It's really weird that all of a sudden this error pops up though. Not to mention the fact that it works with the jar files.

    Could there be a problem with the bat file? When you tested vanilla, did you copy paste the bat file to the vanilla folder and run it that way? What's the strangest part is you deleting the folders, starting from scratch, and still getting the same error.

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    posted a message on My windows can't find the .bat file to launch the server?

    Were you messing with the COMSPEC variable?

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    posted a message on Trouble getting local clients to connect

    Since you have knowledge about networking, I'm going all out.

    So since you know the computers can ping each other, you at least know they're on the same subnet (and most routers set the subnet at /24 anyway), thus layer 3 OSI. So the next step is making sure you have layer 4 OSI connectivity between the two boxes.

    Can you confirm 100 percent that your Win 10 box can create a TCP connection to Ubuntu Minecraft? I normally do this using putty (a really well known SSH client) by setting the configuration to telnet, changing the port to whichever port I'm testing (so in your case, 25565 - default port Minecraft binds to), and seeing what kind of response I get. Windows also has a telnet client that may or may not be disabled along with the telnet server. Chances are you may have created a Java or C program that acts as a client in your uni classes - maybe you can use that as well.

    I also have to ask, are you using the Windows version of Minecraft? I mean, it's very, very unusual that you aren't able to connect to a Minecraft server on the same LAN, right? Especially if you turn off the firewall on the server (does Ubuntu even ship with a firewall? Usually the server doesn't, iirc).

    For port forwarding, what is the exact message that was returned from portcheckers.com? A closed port message will normally mean that a firewall is not blocking/filtering the port AND a server is not running on that port. A timed out message usually indicates a firewall dropped/blocked/filtered the connection attempt (for example, iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 25565 -j DROP will drop any packets with a dst of 25565) whether or not there's a server listening on that port.

    It could be the case that you need to port forward twice; ISP modems have gotten smarter and they may be "routers" themselves. Check to make sure the router you're currently port forwarding doesn't have a WAN address that is an RFC 1918 IP address (a 192.168 kinda network usually). When my network connection was upgraded, the modem we received had, among other things, a DHCP server. So I ended up having to port forward through the modem and the router I bought to whatever server I needed to access from the Internet.

    lmk if I got anything wrong haha

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