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    Quote from Galuzer

    Darkseed applies for guard? We are so done for.


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    1) Username:Darkseed
    2) Your age:le 16
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) I don't know, a year and some? A year and 4.5 months.
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes. Noakii is a fgt.
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? I DON'T KNOW IF I'M READY FOR THIS. OH GOD. I think I do.
    6) What is your time zone? EASTERN AWH YIS
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs) You see, I was already a mod n ­, and I was sexy. Ever since I cheated on Viper with the tomato, I have felt a rain of guilt over me. I just couldn't fight the urges. It was a late day at work for him, I was quite lonely. It was raining outside, and was about 8:00 pm. Someone knocks on the door, I assume it's Viper, having something in his hands, but no. What was there, was a big, fresh, tomato. It looked at me with that look in it's eye only it could do, and asked if I wanted it. I knew I did, but didn't want to be disloyal, but I thought "He is never home to pleasure me... I need something", so I immediately brought it over to Viper's and I's king bed, and penitrated the tomato's juicy skin, sinking my member deep within it's juicy center. I was just about to finish when Viper bursted through the door, looking horny as ­. To his disappoint, I had just came into the juicy tomato, leaving him unpleasured. That was the night it all went downhill. I am sorry, Viper. I really am.
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline? Yis
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard? I am free, and I have screenies, dun worry.
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    Quote from Damnpothead


    Are you for real?
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    Hello, I'd like to make a prison transfer.
    I was Warden on Convicted.
    Proof: Dillon and aok were promoted at the same time I was, so it shouldn't be that hard. =)!
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    Quote from 2bcooper

    Is server down, I can't get on......
    Noakii! Did you eat the server again?!
    If you did.....

    I think it was Viper, he needs to get more Walrus fat anyways.
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    Quote from Markillion

    I know I did too - I figured since you guys have been out longer and used to have a larger pop you guys would have gotten it first. I guess times change huh?

    Thanks for the congratulations for our thread getting to 600 pages! It's appreciated.

    You are welcome, Oh yeah, thanks for the ban, I highly appreciate it, I love how you two refuse to listen to me, and when I make a valid point you get angry. Very mature of you to do.
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    Quote from cbit24

    BAN Apeal
    IGN: Cbit24
    Current rank on the server: A-Prisoner
    Reason you were banned: X-ray :,(
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: Jaakeyx
    Approximate time of ban: December 28, 4:22 A.M.
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: This is my favorite server ever in my life ive spent many days of my life on it and it helps me deal with my mom who recently has been diagnosed with breast cancer this is one of my stress relieves. I downloaded the x-ray mod 3 days before i got banned and earned about 35k BP with it. I am willing to get my money reset and get deranked to b or c maybe even d. My life has been going downhill this year with my mom and this ban just makes me even more stressed. If i got unbanned it would be one good thing thats happened this christmas. I love this server.
    Additional Info: I will soon make a vid of me deleting the mod and ill post it for proof. I cant imagine what i would do if i never got unbanned. Just please give me a chance im begging you.

    Honestly, I am not shocked. And I mean that is the harshest way possible, but I do support this application.
    You were honest. Honesty is the top priority in my book. I say you should get a demotion to C, but also get unbanned.
    Quote from SpartaMeetAthens

    • When do I get unbanned! Rafle

    Look at the unban app above, it was honest.
    Using a full client for "your server" that had no traces of anti-xray was no excuse.
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    So people have been telling me to apply for warden (I was going to on Christmas, but ok) so time to apply

    Darkseed's Warden Application

    How long have you been a guard on Convicted? Since early September (Around four months)

    How old are you? Thirteen (I know I am a wee bit young but I hope that is alright with everyone.)

    Why do you think you would be a good warden?(Going to try not to sound like I am bragging or making myself sound high and mighty, sorry if I did.) I think I would be a good, if not great warden because I have always helped people out, even if they were spamming it I would still help, people have called me mature and well fit for the position, even jmon (I was extremely surprised, thank you alot jmon) also, an example from today: there are no more minerals in the quarry, and no wardens on all day to reset them and I was on all day long, waiting.
    Still there is no warden on to reset them, and new people are joining and leaving because it is so hard to earn money without the mine. I feel as if I have been loyal to the server, and I will always be loyal. I will never stop being attached to the server. I also think I could help the server a lot with what I have to say, to get my voice involved in the server, it would be amazing if my ideas could come to life. I wish to achieve my goals and make my interest in creating the server and the community come to life. There are also some people that I have personally seen abuse, but I can't do anything about it. If I were the warden rank I would make sure nothing like this ever would happen, the prisoners deserve and are entitled to a great time on the server, but some people refuse to give it to them, I am referring to the new guards, killing people at random and taking their items, I have refunded these people their money lost from the guards, and making sure they enjoy their stay, they should not have to deal with the immature and abusive guards, and if I manage to get warden, I will make sure the prisoners will not have to deal with their actions.

    What are your goals on Convicted? I added this in because I had goals, like written down goals, here they are (Also I was a creeper to Noakii, don't ask why.)
    1)Become a guard
    2)Raise 100k
    3)Have Noakii vouch for me to be an Alpha Guard
    4)Become Alpha Guard
    5)Raise 1,000,000 BP
    6)Have Noakii vouch for me to be a warden
    7)Become Warden
    8)Be a great warden

    So yeah... there are my goals, my OCD has forced me to get this far, it has been extremely fun in my opinion, but it has been a rough road, an enjoyable road though. I have made many friends along the way, some I did not think I would even get to know, but now I have befriended them, and it feels great.

    What impact do you think you have made on Convicted? I hope I have made a good impact on Convicted, because it sure has to me. I think I have made some people mature, and become less shy. I hope that I have made the Convicted experience more fun for everyone, prisoners and guards alike. It seems fair enough to give the prisoners the respect and maturity they deserve, and I hope to continue giving it to them, even as a warden.

    That pretty much concludes my app, thanks for reading everyone.

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