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    Heyyy, I made a review for this mod, so here it is! Hope you enjoy!

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    Scorched Island Survival

    Your job is to survive on a small island in the middle of a large sea of lava... There is a list of challenges you can fight to complete or you can just have a good time messing around! This map should be easy to medium difficulty depending on your playstyle.

    There is a full list of rules and challenges in the download folder along of course with the map itself. If you are going to LP or review my map, please link this thread and my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.c...er/crazyTKDdude). Also, let me know if you are LPing it, so I can add your videos to the tread!

    2. DO NOT go to the nether if you have a weak computer. My computer is a beast and it still almost crashed. Seriously, don't do it. Curiosity killed the cat. I messed it up in world painter, and as an inexperienced mapmaker, I do not know how to reset it.
    3. No mods that affect your gameplay (Optifine, shaders, etc are fine)
    4. Play easy difficulty or above. For a bigger challenge, try hardcore.
    5. Don't try to leave the area expecting to find normally generated land. It won't happen. The map is a 518 x 518 circle with a fall into the void at the edge. It might also crash your Minecraft because of all the lava flowing into the void.
    6. If you are LPing my map, please put a link to the PlanetMinecraft page or forum thread. Also let me know via YouTube private message so I can add your video to the forum thread! (www.youtube.com/crazytkddude)
    7. ENJOY!

    1. Make a wheat farm
    2. Make a carrot farm
    3. Make a potato farm
    4. Make a melon farm
    5. Make a pumpkin farm
    6. Make a cocoa bean farm (COOKIES!)
    7. Make a sugarcane farm
    8. Make a chicken coop for getting eggs
    9. Make pumpkin pie
    10. Have one of each type of tree all at once on the island
    11. Build a pretty house
    12. Make a bed
    13. Have a bow with at least 16 arrows
    14. Craft a golden apple
    15. Have cooked fish and cooked salmon
    16. Craft a full set of iron armor and tools
    17. Craft an enchantment table
    18. Make a cactus farm

    1. Discover the ancient tomb
    2. Eat a pufferfish
    3. Make a rollercoaster above the lava sea
    4. Name an animal
    5. Have an enchanted item

    MAP DOWNLOAD (.zip folder) http://www.mediafire...nd Survival.zip

    Here is the trailer for the map:

    Here are a couple of pictures to help you understand what the map is about ;)

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    IGN: brekeke123
    Age: 14
    Country/Timezone: Canada (Toronto)
    I do indeed have Skype.
    YouTube cannel: www.youtube.com/user/crazyTKDdude
    Why you should accept me: I try my best not to swear for younger audiances. I'm a funny guy with a deep voice. I can easily keep an LP consistent. Too long of a list to continue ;D
    List of Mindflippers in order of 'favouritness':
    little buddy

    Favourite Mindcracker: Beef, Pause, Bdubs

    I used to be part of a server called MTcraft, but I stopped playing on it because my friends stopped.

    ***If you reply to this, please PM me on YouTube as opposed to this forum***
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