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    1.2.5 survival server
    EdenCraft is back online! Yay!

    - No obsessive PvP
    - No racism or prejudice of any kind
    - Don't use any mods that aren't listed below
    - Mine Little Pony
    - Rei's Minimap
    - Zombe's Modpack (Flying only) (Only if you have Mine Little Pony installed and have a pegasus skin)
    - No ugly structures.
    - Don't be annoying. Server authorities may ban you whenever they deem necessary.


    Q: What kind of server is this?
    A: A simple survival server with a small community. Roleplaying is allowed. Check the list of plugins.

    Q: Can I be a mod/op/admin?
    A: No. If we are looking for any of these positions, we will select someone on our own terms. Do not ask.

    Q: I'm not asking. When do I get to be mod?
    A: When we need a moderator, we will select our current favorite player. To become our favorite, play frequently, make cool creations, recommend the server to your friends, follow the rules and try to be friendly with some of the server authorities. Being annoying, asking for mod, building ugly things, breaking the rules,
    or never visiting the server won't land you the spot.

    Q: Do I have to be a brony to join?
    A: No. If you don't like ponies, though, you might be annoyed by a couple people and/or won't get some jokes.

    Q: Who owns the server?
    A: Users brayofden and EdaG3399. (See if you can figure out why we call it EdenCraft)

    Q: Do you have a PlanetMinecraft?

    Q: You need to fix faction chat!
    A: I'm sorry, we're horrible people. We're trying to fix it.


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    posted a message on ## Taking any and all skin requests ##
    Skins I have made:

    Dwarf - Zaulu (I've tasked my friend EdaG3399 to do this one)
    Ent - ALittlePriest
    Skeleton figure - Adamcakezor
    Ethan Thomas - SlendermanDream

    Steve in Tux - bobman548
    Checkerboard - thelolinator
    Fisherman - zanman546
    Slime Diver - SpacemanAndy
    Katniss Everdeen - Kpetrova
    Modification - irlju
    Riku - Jalashan
    Pirate - WilliamCH

    Overlord - Darkbyyte
    Fixed fisherman - zanman546

    Jack - godzilla200000

    Skins will be added to the list and done in order of when they were requested.
    First come, first serve. All skins will be uploaded to minecraftskins.com under my name. Please specify what you want the name of your skin to be to be easily able to find it. I will not notify you once I have made your skin, so just check the link above for your skin once you see your skin has been removed from the list. If I feel your skin was described too vaguely, I will not design it for you.
    "i want a blue guy thx"
    "can u make someone who likes to ice skate"
    "make me [character from obscure television show] thankz"
    "I'd like an unclothed, bald person with deep-blue skin and pitch-black eyes. Make him look semi-creepy. Thanks."
    "Could you make a female ice skater in a blue jumpsuit? Put her hair in a ponytail."
    "Would it be possible for you to make [character]? If you don't know who that is, here is a link to a picture of them: [link]"
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    A wise man once said...
    Quote from PapaSmurf

    I think we should get rid of the people who endlessly complain every time a new update comes out.
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