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    ((Sorry, I haven't been able to post, I've been crazy busy. I posted a couple times a while ago but it didn't come through))
    ((btw, the above application is...))

    ((ACCEPTED! some restrictions apply (Read below)))
    ((I just felt like making a big deal about it. So you're character has been living in the rift for his entire life? If so, you're in! Please respond.))

    "I don't know Corion. Maybe it just sounds cute."
    I hopped on Spidey.
    "Okay, how are we all gonna fit on here?"
    "I know!"
    "Ill drive, Monet gets on behind me, and Adam sits on the back with Creep!"
    "Oh, and Corion, you should probably walk that thing. It probably needs to get some energy out."
    "Let's go! But wait... What should we do? Try and find a place to settle, or find a way out of here?"
    "Let's take a vote."
    "I say that we should settle. What do you guys think we should do?"
    ((Now post and say what you're vote is!"))
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    I tried to install this so many times, and it never worked. I spent hours making sure that it was installed correctly, deleting the Minecraft folder each time. Then, in desperation, I looked at the forum post.

    It requires modloader.

    I'm installing that now, and would just like to say, please put that at the top and in bold for all the Idiots like me.
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    I slapped Corion.
    "And that's for going all trancy in the volcano."
    "This is Adam. He's just like us."
    "And Adam, This is Corion. He likes to sleep through dramatic moments."
    I waited to let them talk.
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    ((Sorry, not accepting right now.))

    I looked up at the burning tree.
    "Wow. How did that happen?"

    *The sun is rising*

    "Wow, did I really hack at baddies all night?"
    "I'm overusing "Wow," aren't I?"
    "Let's go."
    I helped Adam up from where I kicked him to.
    I turned to Monet and her umbrella.
    "Who knows? Maybe it'll rain."
    Optimism, not sarcasm.
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    I was chopping up monsters, and smiling at the same time.
    I saw Adam get carried off by the monsters.
    I muttered under my breath as I leaped to slice the monster's arms off.
    I kicked Adam away from them as I picked up a stick. I held it up to my tattoo.
    My tattoo glowed and the stick lit on fire.
    I threw the stick into a crowd of monsters. They burst into flames.
    I saw Monet behind me. "Hey there. Nice.... Umbrella?"
    "Well, if we run into demonized rain then you're set."
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    *The sun has set*
    "Sounds good."
    "Let's go!"
    I walked over to a large tree.
    "This looks good..."
    Suddenly, a harpy fell from the tree and attacked me.
    "The entire tree is full of harpies!"
    A few others fell on top of me. I sliced them away with my enchanted blade.
    I looked up to see an army of assorted Skellies, Zombies, Creepers, and Spiders, most of them larger than Spidey.
    "It's go time."
    I ran in, wildly swinging my blade.
    I chopped a few of them up.
    I threw my blade at a spider.
    The spider fell to the ground.
    The blade reappeared in my hand.
    I sliced a creeper across the face. It began to explode, but I delivered a punch to it's face.
    The diamond tattoo began to glow.
    I slammed the hilt of the blade into a skeleton's skull, shattering it.
    I breathed heavily. I grabbed a zombie's hand as it reached for my face and stabbed it at the same time.
    I felt powerful. The diamond was sending me power.
    I looked at Adam.
    "You coming?"
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    "Oh, a knife? A shiny new knife? How about I get you a travel pillow and a piña colada while I'm out getting you a knife?"
    "We don't have knives. At least, none for you."

    *The sun is setting*

    I looked at the setting sun.
    "Oh no... we aren't prepared..."
    "Listen, whats his name... Adam!"
    "When the sun sets, this place is filled with zombies that eat your brains, skeletons that shoot your face off with arrows, spiders that aren't as mild mannered as Spidey, and Creepers that explode and, more importantly, smell really bad."
    I looked at Creep.
    "No, not you, the other ones."
    I got off Spidey.
    "We don't have long, so I suggest you start sharpening your blades like me."
    "Adam, here."
    I gave him the sword Corion had dropped the day before. The rusty one.
    "Now sharpen it. We can battle out the night."
    I started to sharpen my light sword.

    ((We could really use Corion and Smiley's help right now!))
    ((Btw, my first sentence was sarcasm. I'm not actually going to get you a piña colada.))
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    You mean TooManyItems? Cause that's here:

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    ((Sorry to the above, but no. I just was getting a few new people to get things going again.))
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    ((The above application is in. But only if you kinda keep your distance from us or stalk our group.))

    ((Picture Revised
    :SSSS: :Notch: :|:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :|:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :|:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Notch:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Spider:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:

    Do you really want to do that? :|: = String))
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    "See? Isn't she so smart? Yeah, we should run."
    I started running around the base of the volcano, but there was no way in.
    "It's no use... He's trapped..."
    "We need to go... find some food... make a shelter..."
    I hopped onto Spidey.
    Creep had gotten free of the ropes we tied, but he seemed to be trained well.
    "Let's go now."
    "Don't be afraid," I said to Adam. "Spidey won't bite. I think. I hope."
    "Cause it would really ruin our day if my pet spider ate our new friend."
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    "Im Brady! I have no idea where we are or how we got here, but..."
    I was at a loss for words.
    "Ask Monet!"
    I pulled him up and thrusted him towards Monet.
    "Monet, this is Adam. He was in DC like we were!"
    "Adam, this is Monet. As far as we know, she's the only girl in this entire dimension!"


    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] :Lava: :stone: :stone: :stone:
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] :Lava: :stone: [] [] []
    :Notch: :Notch: :Spider: :SSSS: :Notch: [] :VV: :Lava: :stone: [] :Notch: []))
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    Quote from wow1234 »
    Quote from Gremlinator »
    as he travels around Europe, though mostly through civilized areas.

    Since when is Washington in Europe?

    ((He wrote that he was working in a restaurant close to the rift. I took that as that he usually travels through Europe, but was in DC instead when the rift happened.))
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    ((I added the giant squiddy... Beware the water...))

    ((I always heve to say this to newcomers...

    ((And always use first person. That means you, Miner_of_Craft.))

    ((Another dahmund? And a creepah? And trinitrotoluene? Thanks!))

    ((Sorry, Reingo, I'm gonna have to take control of Monet for a little bit.))

    ((Okay, So I am Monet for this one post.)

    ((MONET: (so people know I'm you right now)))

    I was pushing Corion towards Brady, when suddenly, a rock fell from the mountain.
    It hit beside me, causing me to trip and Corion to go falling back into the cave, just as another rock sealed the entrance to the cave.

    ((Corion is now locked in a cave until he comes back. I will PM him.))

    ((Now, I'm Brady again.))


    I saw Corion fall back into the cave.

    The lava had flown over the rock that blocked the cave entrance.
    I spotted something. It was another guy, about my age trapped under some rocks.
    I ran over to him and started ripping the rocks off of him.
    As I was working, I started talking to him.
    "Who are you? How did you get here? Were you in DC too?"
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    You're in.
    Both of you.
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