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    Just finished the map. and first thing first. This map was amazingly well done! it felt pretty balanced. It rewards exploring and i really like how skeletons don't spawn naturally. Another thing i like is how evokers don't spawn vex but instead spawn zombies. (finally wont get 2 shot through walls/floors even with protection 4 diamond armor, like in other CTM maps)

    I died a total of 12 times, mostly from creepers while i had my shield up long enough. (Thanks Mojang) some traps weren't that hard to spot, but the harder to spot ones gave you at least enough time to run away or block. i really liked this and made me feel like anything could be a trap.

    I didn't really fellow the dungeon order, which is fine in a map like this one. i did area 4 before area 3 because i spotted the overlapping parts of the dungeon 2/4. i died a bunch of times in area 4, but had no deaths and stomped area 3 because of this. i also skipped area 7 and did area 8 first because i couldn't find it. Also the Lapis is really hard to find. i only found it because i searched it up. and when i found out where is was i face palmed because i have been literally there a couple of times when trying to spot for any loot. Also i liked how there are 10 emeralds in this map, just in case you lost one.

    I liked the sense of having to build multiple "outposts" to prevent having to run back to the monument each time. (area 5/6*) and i like the frequent amount of shortcuts.

    There is a only 1 thing i disliked about this map: i wish there we more wools / area's because this map was so much fun to play! (and i dislike how to there was a certain chest hidden with certain supplies at the monument)

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