About Me

I'm a long time minecraft player. I love playing CTM maps (Complete the Monument) because i like having a challange.

CTM Maps i have completed:

- All of Vechs super hostile maps

- Uncharted Terretories 3 map by Amlup

- Ragecraft 2 and 3 by helicio

- Untold Stories 3, 4 & 5 by RenderXR

- From ashes/ From ashes reborn dark version by the gustavo team

- From flames / From flames reborn by the gustavo team

- Ruins of the mindcrackers 1 and 2 by Gnomestyle

- Terra Restore 1 (Finished the discontinued TR2, but looking forward to terra restore Reborn, which is TR2 remade)

Profile Information

Minecraft brandondeking