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    posted a message on The story behind your username?

    My name is Brady, I have ADHD. My youth pastor referred to me as "brADyHD" one day, and it stuck.

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    posted a message on ➨ How does 3D geometry work in Minecraft exactly? ➨ ➨ ➨FREE REP POINTS FOR REPLY! ➨ ➨ ➨
    Wait a moment, squares are just two triangles put together.
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    posted a message on ➨ How does 3D geometry work in Minecraft exactly? ➨ ➨ ➨FREE REP POINTS FOR REPLY! ➨ ➨ ➨
    Minecraft is an OpenGL game, that's how.
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    posted a message on I Quit
    I never thought I'd ever hear somebody say something complimentary to the likes of a Roblox forum.
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    posted a message on Just how strong is the diamond pickaxe?

    Diamond pickaxes have 1562 uses.
    They can mine all blocks with the words "stone" or "ore" in them as well as all items crafted by them along with netherrack, hardened clay, and bricks.
    Using an item on a block it's not meant for depletes it twice as fast.

    Hope this helps, never be afraid to visit the wiki, it's a wonderful source of information.
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    posted a message on I'll Sing Your Song!
    Hey guys, lately I've been really freaking bored, and if you know me (Which only like 5% of you will), then you know that great things come out of my boredom. I decided that I want to sing! I've been in choir for a good two years now, and am going to remain in it for my next two years of high school to come. Here is how this is going to work, you guys are going to name songs, any songs you like, and I am going to sing one every day! Of course I'm only going to pick one per-day, unless I feel like singing more. I don't even care if the song is in another language!

    For now, enjoy this little teaser. :D

    Hellfire Redone
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    posted a message on My Problem With Horses
    I'm sure many of you are very excited for the addition of horses, and to be honest, I am in a way as well. However, there's just one issue that bothers me; horses are a sellout. Mojang had already gone through the effort of adding an item only obtainable through a dungeon that allows you to mount a pig. That's cool and all, but the also went as far as to add a way of controlling said pig. They did all of this and just abandoned it.

    "Hey Bob, I found a saddle so I can ride this pig into battle and slaughter some zombies!"
    "Steve, please, I'm busy breeding my generic mount."

    the pig was pretty much the poster child of Minecraft. Anybody can ride a horse into battle, but it takes a real man to bring a chubby, hairless swine to a joust. Mojang had a unique thing going with pigs, and it would have been absolutely amazing if they did to pigs what they did with horses.

    This isn't a bash on Mojang, they're doing a great job at continuously improving on one of my favorite games, and I respect them deeply for it, but I feel like they had something tight in there grasp and just let it fly away. I'm as stoked as anybody else here to see the possibilities of what horses can do, but they will always and forever be nothing but tall, scrawny, fuzzy pigs to me.

    Who knows, maybe they will do something more with the pig, maybe there will be epic PvPvE struggles for land as an army of pig mounties faces off against a horde of cavalrymen while under the siege of spider jockeys.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    This show just doesn't have the same impact it did in season three.
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    posted a message on The real reason that Minecraft is failing.
    Top rated and best selling Indie game in the world, I wouldn't call that failing...

    MMO aspects? What MMO aspects? If this were anything like an MMO, I'd be charging up a fireball and depleting a shiny blue bar in the top-right corner. If this were anything like an MMO, I wouldn't be taking time to aim my arrows. If this were an MMO, it would be impossible to reach the end alone.

    The skeleton is not weak, it is exactly what Notch wanted it to be. And we have arrows and enchantments to keep people from just running up and "HUUUUURRRRRRRRRR SPAM-PUNCH!", now they "HUUURRRRRRRRRR JUMP-PUNCH!". Anyways, my point is that you have many different ways to defeat an enemy through traps, archery, and a decent and simple fighting system (Basic, critical strike, knockback, block). Minecraft is more of a shooter than an MMO. Not that I'm calling it a straight-up shooter, it just has a few aspects, but certainly more shooter aspects than an MMO.

    From reading this, you seem to keep striking at the game engine. Randomly generated world, amazing landmarks, 6+ different massive biomes with undiscovered wonders and horrors. It doesn't seem like you even know what you would do with a game like this, but that's okay, because you're not developing the game. The Mojang team, an amazing bunch of people with their own ideas and a passion to make a game where water flows up and it still feels real (kind of).
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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XV: Milk 'n' Cookies Edition
    Well hello, otters! I should probably change my signature into something more... Christmassy.
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