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    posted a message on I wonder how active this sub forum is.

    This sub-forum actually used to be extremely active, but that is a time long gone.

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    posted a message on What song is stuck in your head right now?
    This is a song we're singing for choir, so now that I know the whole song, I can't stop running through it over and over inside of my head!

    P.S. Cover your ears for that last chord, it's gonna hurt.
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    posted a message on Personality Test
    A friend showed me this pretty cool sight where you basically answer a bunch of questions and it determines your personality type. From what I've seen, it's extremely accurate, like 99%. I'd suggest you all try it out and post the results. http://www.16personalities.com/

    I got http://www.16personalities.com/enfp-personality
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    posted a message on What's Been Happening Recently?
    Some of you may remember me. About two years ago I used to be on these forums a lot and have played the game with many people here. Life smacked me in the face in recent times. I haven't been on here much because I've been furthering my music career, writing my book, and doing school stuff. So tell me, what have you people been up to lately?
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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Hello, my name is Brady, and I haven't been here in a while.
    (About two years to be exact (With a very small amount of activity between that (Like, very small)))
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    posted a message on [Mega-Thread] Scary Images Thread
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    posted a message on I Sing Songs
    Hello, people of the internet! A long time ago, I posted a thread in which I took requests for songs I should sing. Some of you may remember that thread, the majority of you are thinking, "Who's this nutjob?" Well, my singing career is beginning to take off and I'm on my way to Florida to participate in a large performance with thousands of other people. It was highly suggested that I develop my youtube channel a bit more, so I decided to put more songs on youtube.

    Sorry, it seems the forums have changed since my year-long absence, so I don't know how to display youtube videos in a post, so these links will just take you to them.

    Mad World - Gary Jules

    Geordie - Joan Baez

    Age of Aggression - Bethesda

    Hellfire - Disney

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    posted a message on What Should Mojang Add To Minecraft?
    This isn't really an addition, but more of an alteration. I wish Minecraft had done with pigs what they had done with horses, and not add horses. You've been able to ride pigs since the dawn of the game itself, and Mojang finally added a way of piloting them years later. I believe it would have been a staple of Minecraft of pigs were fully implemented as "horses", and it would be Minecraft's thing. No other game would have it.
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    posted a message on Putting A World Up For Download
    Quote from lushwa

    is winrar an app?
    Oh right, Mac, sorry.
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    posted a message on Putting A World Up For Download
    Just download WinRar and compress the files, then you can upload it to any file-sharing sight you want. Sometimes I just send them directly through Skype.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Sucks Now
    Oh look, another one of these threads. Honestly, beta is where my nostalgia comes from, not alpha. The reason for this is because alpha had virtually nothing. You talk about it being simple, but that was the problem, it was too simple. I'm not saying alpha was bad, not at all, it was truly amazing for what it was at the time. I'm just getting that out of the way, because I believe everyone should have their own input, whether having started playing in alpha or a couple weeks ago.

    We are fully aware of this, in fact, it has very few similarities to any sort of RPG out there.

    now you can just spawn them in whenever you want. THAT IS THE COMPLEATE CONTRADICTION OF A SANDBOX GAME.
    Not at all, that's actually the essence of any sandbox game.

    I don't blame jeb or notch- they are just expanding on something that doesn't need any expanding.
    Minecraft would be unbearably boring if it were just left to die. Each and every single thing that Mojang has added to Minecraft is amazing and I wouldn't get rid of any of it... Except for skeletons' increased attack speed as you get close to them, I hate that...

    At this point, minecraft is just trying so hard to be what it cant possably be.
    I don't quite understand what you're saying here. What is it supposedly trying to be exactly?

    You ramble on an awful lot about how you
    know that this post will probobly upset some of you (us) Minecraft obsessed fans who will look at this as blasphomy
    rather than giving us examples of your own input. Honestly, it is rather hard to refute something when given so little information to work with.
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    posted a message on Slimes and Attribute Effects
    So, I'm sitting here working on an adventure map, and get this crazy awesome idea:
    What if I spawn a giant slime with tons of health and crazy jump height as a sort of boss mob?

    I immediately fall in love with the idea, but much to my dismay, it is an impossible concept. I was fooling around with potion effects and attribute modification, but could not alter their jump height. I tried giving them the jump boost effect, but that did nothing. I tried giving them the speed effect, but it too had no effect.

    I have discovered something useful, however, that the jump distance of a slime is directly proportional to its size. Normal slimes usually only jump about a few blocks when chasing the player, but I spawned a slime with a size value of 10 (Approximately 5x5x5 blocks in size) and found that they jump a terrifying 5-6 blocks toward you. That's faster than you can sprint away. This is rather scary indeed, but it looks flat out stupid. No matter how large a slime is, it only jumps one block high, and that's not very intimidating, it just looks foolish.

    Does anybody here know of any way to make slime jump higher? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on The Engineer Challenge
    Why Am I Here?!
    You wake up dazed and confused. Your ship is nowhere to be found. The last thing you remember is being beamed off your ship onto a random planet as it was overthrown by rebel forces. You don't know what kind of creatures inhabit this planet, but you do know one thing: You are a Confederate ship captain with extensive knowledge of basic mechanics, but you suck at fighting. You must now find a way to defend yourself from the creatures that tread this world without engaging in direct combat!

    This is a very simple challenge. You basically want to survive without directly harming any sort of entity. This means that you will have to use other methods of defense such as walls or traps. The whole purpose of this challenge is to get your mind thinking of redstone. Redstone is possibly your best friend for this challenge and can truly show that the highly complex mechanized arrow dispenser is only slightly weaker than the sword!

    If you do not have adequate knowledge of that wonderful crimson dust called redstone, then click riiiiiiiight HERE! These wonderful tutorials will quickly teach you the basics of redstone mechanics, and more!

    1: You are not allowed to engage in direct combat
    2: You are not allowed to use a bow to directly deal damage to an entity

    Cool Ideas
    Now, this challenge is all about using your own creativity to solve problems, but let's be honest, not everybody is creative. Read on at your own risk, feel free to start the challenge without reading anything beyond this point!

    Rancor Pit!
    Build a small pit with an iron golem below a pitfall trap.

    Release The Hounds!
    Keep all of your tamed wolves in a cage, and if something attacks you, flip the witch.

    Tears Just Make it WORSE!
    Build a pitfall trap timed to close after being activated and fill a small room below it to the ceiling with water.

    Hell on Wheels
    Construct a massive minecart system with automated minecarts rolling around a parameter. Make a large portion of said system go through a one block tall tunnel, suffocating any entity unfortunate enough to get caught!

    Hook, Line, and Sinker!
    Reel a poor unfortunate soul into death with a fishing pool!

    Cage a villager and use it to attract attention from your friendly neighborhood undead.

    There are plenty more things you can do in this challenge, but I'm going to leave that to your imagination!
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    posted a message on .hack Mac Anu Project
    I envy your ability to work on such large projects. I usually place a block or two and say, "There's no way" before I just turn off Minecraft.
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    posted a message on I'll Sing Your Song!
    I decided to redo Hellfire because I didn't like the way it turned out. I still see major flaws in the second version, but seriously, this song is hard.
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