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Well, since the signature is WAY too restrictive now, I'll just put important stuff in here.

Contact Info:

If you want to contact me for ANY reason whatsoever, you can PM me here, PM me on Youtube (link below), or email me at bp[email protected]. Don't hesitate to do so; I like making new friends.

If you want to see my Youtube page, you must first learn to use magic. You can expect more videos in the future.

My email is once again [email protected].

Some stuff:

Most importantly at the moment, you will want to check out my Minecraft-related blog at:

If you want to know what the heck the blog is about, read "Minecraft for the Left-Brained", below.

I've done mucho on this forum, so I'll just list some things that I think you might like:

Minecraft for the Left-Brained

Spelunking Guide

This list is short, but I'll add more, I promise.

About Me:

I'm just your average dude, you know. Nothing really special.

My favorite band would have to be Muse, you know, back when they were Muse. I love all alt-rock though, especially Radiohead. I also enjoy classic rock, but in a completely different way. But, I do find myself listening to classical quite often as well.

I love math and logic, as well as anything else involving logical thinking and/or sexy algorithms. This explains my beloved hobby, and *hopefully* future career, computer programming, which I have been doing for a pretty long time now.

However, I also have a little passion for economics, politics, and philosophy. Especially the hypothetical (and sometimes, not so hypothetical) 1984 scenario that a certain band often writes about (Gasp! Connections!).

There's really not much you need to know about me. If you really want to learn about my innermost aspects that inspire me to continue living, or those that do the opposite, you can contact me through one of the methods described above.

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