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    posted a message on *NEW* JumpStartCraft! *Beta*
    Seems Like a good server. *Notices its white-listed* &*%$!!!!
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    posted a message on The World of Akantor [RP][SPOUT][CUSTOM PLUGINS]
    Whitelist App
    OOC (Out of character)
    IGN -Ps3_player
    Age -12
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 3-4 hours a day
    Do you have teamspeak? If not, will you get it? -No i dont have TeamSpeak but i will get it
    Have you read the rules? -Yes
    Why do you want to join our server? -I have been looking for a good server for 2days and finaly found 1

    IC (In character)
    Name -Dante
    Race -Human
    Age -19
    Gender -Male

    RP example - *Dante Bumps into Villager*
    Villager: Hey watch where your going!
    Dante: Sorry about that *Takes wallet*
    Villager:Give Me My Wallet! *Pulls out Dagger*
    Dante *Takes out iron sword, swiftly runs behind the Villager and stabs Him in the back*

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -Dante Came from a small Village, At The Age of 9His parents were murdered, he Started to steal from random villagers or even friends.He Became a Theif. After 2months he stole All the Food from the village and let everyone in his Village starve unless they Did as he commanded. One by One they died from stealing food back, everyone in his village was dead....Every Village he went to ended the exact same way.
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    posted a message on (BMK Server) [1.4.7] Winter Wasteland Zombie Survival
    1. What is your IGN (Case-Sensitive):Ps3_player

    2. How long have you been playing Minecraft:about 1year
    3. What class will you be playing as: Hunter
    4. Why did you choose that class:I like melee fighting more then ranged
    5. How active will you be on the server: 3-4 hours a day
    6. What was your last Minecraft server and why did you leave: My last server was VisionaryCraft and i didnt leave i, i still go on it sometimes
    7. What is your view towards PvP and Warfare in Minecraft:PvP is my favorite thing about minecraft
    8. Do you focus on looks or functionality when building:I focus on haveing everything needed to survive before looks.
    9. How many sticks can you craft with four logs:1log=8 so 8x4 32 :P
    10. How did you hear about the server: Mnecraft forums
    11. What is your age: 12
    12. Describe yourself: I am a fun serious guy. I am a dependent person when it comes to gaming.
    13. What country do you live in: USA
    14. Voice communication is important on this server, we use Ventrilo. Do you have a mic and will you use Ventrilo: I do have a mic and yes I will.
    15. Is there anything you would like us to know about you: Everyone on my recent servers think i hack.... 16. What is the first video game that you've beaten: Diablo II
    17. Who is your favorite Super Hero or Fictional character:Neil Patrick Harris

    Im sorry, but could u tell me the ip? i couldnt find it.
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