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    Quote from _CrazyCatLady_

    1) First thing, check if you REALLY have java 7.
    Go to your Applications -> Utilites folder and open Terminal.
    Type "java -version" (without the quotes) in the terminal.
    See what terminal writes back to you. There should be either:
    java version "1.6.0_XX" or java version "1.7.0_XX" (XX will be some numbers).

    2) If you see 1.7, it's okay, you just need to change the path in the launcher. BUT, if you see 1.6, you updated only jre, not jdk and you still need your java.
    Go here: http://www.oracle.co...ds-1880260.html
    Download the java from the table (the one labeled Mac OS X x64, obviously ;) ). Remember, you need to click the "Accept License Agreement" radio button first.
    Install the java you downloaded.
    Repeat step 1 to make sure you got it right this time.

    3) After you are sure that you have the correct java version, you need to change the path to java binary in the MC launcher. It *should* be okay to just put "/usr/bin/java" instead of what is there now. But if that doesn't work, you will need to put the full path to java 7 there. Unfortunatelly, I cannot check now how it should go, because I don't have my "Java 7" mac with me. I will try to add that info to this post in several hours.

    Quote from grimallq

    ChickenBone's mods for 1.7.2 require Java 7.

    Quote from painter73

    Sounds like your not completing the entire path. should look something like this in the launcher's executable path:

    Quote from zohar101

    Java 7 on a mac is installed in a different folder than java 6, or at least the part that you point the minecraft to is, so no, path won't be the same. Unfortunately I can't tell you anymore what the correct path is for 7 as I've switched all my profiles to java 8 since (which is yet another different path I think. Or er...maybe not. Sec...java 7 and 8 are in the same folder after all. Path painter73 gave you is the right one).
    If you open your system prefs and click on the java button on the bottom, it should pop out the java panel and if you go then under java tab, and press View, should show you the paths for all java versions on your system.

    YUSS. Thank you all, I finally got it to work. Admittedly, I don't know what I was doing wrong (probably a spelling error), but I got it to work, so thank you all, and I'm sorry for wasting your time and sounding like an imbecile while I'm doing it. :P
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    Quote from Sangiin

    Because they didn't think of copyrights at the time :D

    They really should have though. It already cost them 50,000$.

    EDIT: How are you so sure they didn't make it?
    I dunno, I personally think they DID make the ads themselves, cause it sure looks like it. If someone can prove me wrong, however, then please do.

    PS: Sangiin, that Albert Enstien quote in your sig is awesome! Just felt the need to tell you that. xD
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