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    You didn't explain enough for us to know what versions to download. I hate the mod.

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    "Hey, I am looking for staff members for a new server that I am making. It will most likely be a server that consists of certain gamemodes, mini games. Including survival, creative, factions, pvp, etc. I am going to need a boat load of staff to make this server possible to be an amzing server. If you want to apply then simply fill out this little survey down below. Thanks!

    IGN: Abowker13

    Skype (If you don't have one your abilities may be limited): anthony.bowker13

    Age (please be honest, it doesn't matter to us): 12

    Why should we choose you?: I have been an admin on MANY servers

    How often will you be on?: At least 2 Hours a day

    What is your experience?: like i said, Much much experience

    Thanks to everyone that applies! :) "
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