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No longer an active user.

About Me

I'm from Boston. I don't pronounce 'R's, love Dunkin' iced coffee, and root for the red sox. Boston is Strong. I am Boston. I am Strong. I am the founder of CCC but have recently retired from server operation. I still do plugin dev and other stuff but no longer will be running my own servers.

As of 22:43(EST) 9/10/13 I am retired from MCF staff. Maybe I will be back in a few months. But I need some time to get my life back together.

Moderator stuff
I am a forum moderator in the servers section. I became a mod in early spring 2012. I also moderate in server support. If you need server related help don't message me; make a topic and I will come. How did I become a mod, you ask? I clicked this link.

Check out the Global Rules and the Server Section Rules before you post.

The Looking For section is not for finding players. I will destroy you if you post server topics there.

Favorite People ( that you may know )
- Jefe
- Rogue
- Lord_Ralex
- Hoewailen
- CoolCokeClassic
- Rmarmorstien
- PhattGuy
- 7Neptune7 (when he isnt breaking everything)
- Merv

Minecraft Servers
- PlymouthCraft (closed in May 2013)
- Any server running Whoosh Games Theme Park
- Corporate Crafting Company

Curent projects
- The Apathetic Clan
- Finishing my custom land generation Mod

Employment (Currently really busy and not taking more requests)
Want to employ me to do something, like build a plugin, mod, help you setup an epic permission file, or anything minecraft server related? Send me a PM with the topic "Minecraft Job". If it's a big project I probably won't work for free.

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