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    posted a message on Looking for Staff and Developers for my minecraft server.
    What is your Minecraft In-Game username?:

    My In game name is DrREDST0NE.

    How old are you?

    I am 18 years of age.

    Are you comfortable of calling yourself "Mature"?

    I am comfortable calling myself Mature.

    Are you looking forward to being Staff or Developer:

    To be honest I am someone who enjoys building and moderating.

    Do you have experience with this?:

    I have been co-owner of a server as well as admin on many. I will be a software programing student at UAT come Fall.

    Why should we pick you over others? (Minimum of 4 sentences):

    My 3 years of experience and knowledge allows me to be a well fit candidate. I also like to make a lot of redstone contraptions and incorporate them into builds. I love to go above and beyond the call of duty, because it makes the final outcome better. (ex: build a spawn building... I built a spawn castle with a village and many redstone doors/bridges/and gates.) I also work well with others =) (and the castle I referred to is my icon background)

    How can we trust you?:
    I am regular builder on Styms redstone server, the head admin "flandyn" will vouch for me. All my other servers have dissipated and my relations to the owners have been severed.

    my skype is chris0n2wheels (with a zero)
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