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    posted a message on The stronghold's chests should be replaced with a dropper!
    Droppers are items used namely for Adventure and programmed worlds where the world creator can use it to drop an item to the play exploring the map. Dispensers are used to fire projectiles at the player.

    Droppers are not 'useless' compared to dispensers, they have a very important use as do dispensers in creating Adventure maps and aren't strictly survival items.

    Yes, you argue that Dispensers drop every other kind of block, but what are Mojang supposed to do? Make every block in the game have a projectile state and have players be attacked by blocks of sand?
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    posted a message on People hating -_-
    Quote from MinisterofOrigin

    This is a matter of opinion, your definition of 'cheap' might be different from someone else's. It's all opinion. The reason people dislike updates is because it isn't good in their opinion. What annoys me more is when people get into a fight over opinion. Because in matter like that, nobody is 'right' it is all OPINION. This is a word these forums have trouble comprehending.

    You are very hypocritical. Yes, it is the opinion of some others that Zombies are annoying. It is also your opinion that they might not be. Understand that in this argument there are two groups of people and neither seem to be in the minority or majority.

    Mojang need to find a way to make Zombies challenging for those who want endless Zombie tirades and ways to make them regular for those (my entire server) who do not. That way both parties can be pleased. But instead everyone is arguing for either side!
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Quote from Mobax
    ... the plan was to make the survival Minecraft more challenging and Mojang has done this... I would like to know what you think players can no longer do that they used to be able to do.

    It is not any more challenging. It is a now a nuisance as what used to be, on Normal difficulty, exploring cave systems and fighting mobs is now as previously stated simply hiding in a corner and fighting zombie after zombie. In 6 minutes of exploring an abandoned mineshaft I'd clocked nearly 50 zombies killed and I'd progressed about 3 blocks. Many of these zombies had full enchanted armour. Zombies spawn in fully lit areas. Zombies find their way up your caves into your house.

    It doesn't make it more challenging, it doesn't make it more fun. It makes it an annoying experience.
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    My server has had to disable Zombies and increase the spawn rate for spiders and Skeletons due to how impossible Abandoned Mineshafts are to explore. After killing 1 single Zombie, the abandoned mineshaft becomes a race to get out as every single zombie in the entire area will somehow navigate to no matter where you are and come find you.

    Zombies in this most recent update have made the game nearly impossible to enjoy due to constant dying, over and over. I really hope Mojang fix this for Normal and Easy difficulties, because it's just ridiculous and boring.
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