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    posted a message on Tekkit Server 1.2.5! Buildcraft! IC2! Computercraft! [10 person whitelist]
    Job: ingame or real life??? ingame i want to sell clothes, outgame nothing

    How long you've played Minecraft: half a year
    What info you have gained about Tekkit?:i dont rally know how to explain this part i know a few handfulls of info
    What are you planning to do on out server?:build a clothing factory and shopoh cool im finally a tree puncher
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    posted a message on New Tekkit Survival Server
    sounds bad, should i not try it out
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    posted a message on [Tekkit Adventure Map!] WIP, The Devil's Barage
    sounds epic, but i could help if u want
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    posted a message on [WP] U.F.O Mod
    i want to help but i havent the slightest idea how to code or make mods and stuff so sorry
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    posted a message on [REQ]UFO mod
    WAIT did you sat alien world T'Flok??? give me ze download plz
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.2.5] World of Warcraft mod Release Date-5/3-5/7
    someone needs to make a banner!!! it sounds epicyou should add dungeons with bosses too
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    posted a message on Half Moon academy
    my species is actually creeper werewolf vampire mutant thingy
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    posted a message on Half Moon academy
    Name- my ingame name is creeper_lord314, but try to call me boommage314
    Level- 1
    Stats- These assigned based on your Psyichal Parameters. You will gain better stats by going to classes and Leveling Up. i dont get it.
    One Liner- the mage of the full moon. and the survivor of the atack on vertishwagen.
    Age- 12
    Gender- boy
    Species- werewolf creeper thingy
    Class- night
    Luggage- my handy dandy 12 obsidian and a iron sword and a leather helmet, and a flint and steel(if i cant have those than just a leather cap and a iron sword and a diamond hoe(if not that then just the first two of the second one))
    Psyichal Parameters- well im 3/10 strong and 7/10 fast
    Abilities- magic, the ability to turn into a werewolf on the full moon, sometimes alchemy, i just cant think of anything else
    Bio- well i come from the land of vertishwagen witch was attacked by werewolfves and stuff, and i escaped, i assume i wasent infected... i didint do the race part... so i dont know.(thats ingame) outgame i just want somethin to do.
    Appearance- i dont get like ingame??? i think i will do that
    Suggestions- well maybe you could have a newspaper club

    p.s. i am terrible at login in to servers... this will be the first one... im just so stupidoh and if there is a uniform give it to me so i can make my skin
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