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    posted a message on Looking for Developer and Builder to help code and build Factions

    I may be able to help you with the development side - It depends what you need doing,ill try and help out

    IGN: booksaw

    skype: booksawmc

    age: 14

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    posted a message on ۞ ⓊⓃⒾⓋⒺⓇⓈⒺⓃⒺⓉⓌⓄⓇⓀ ۞ ★★★ Ⓝⓔⓣⓦⓞⓡⓚ Ⓦⓘⓓⓔ Ⓢⓣⓐⓕⓕ! ★★★ {Hiring Builders, Developers, and Much More!}

    The Position you applying for: Developer[/b]
    Username: booksaw [/b]
    Real Life Name: booksaw (I don't give out my name)[/b]
    Age(12yrs or older): 14[/b]
    What Timezone do you live in? GMT[/b]
    How often will you be able to play? as much as I can, meaning a lot because it is the holidays[/b]
    Why do you want to join UniverseNetwork? Because I always want a challenge and have been looking for an opportunity to join a server that is not too demanding, this means that I will be committed and I will try to do my best at configuring plugins any playing around with settings. I have never had experience of a network before meaning I want to learn and will be focused [/b]
    How May We Contact you (Skype and TS3 Required)? I have both: skype: booksawmc (PLEASE ONLY ACCEPT IF I DO NOT HAVE TO USE MY MICROPHONE EVER, most of the time I am able to just listen but sometimes I cannot even do this BE WARNED)[/b]
    Do you have a Mic and Headphones (Mic and Speakers doesn't fly)? I have speakers, mic is not required[/b]
    What is your definition of the position your applying for? A position where I can try and get the best out of plugins and try to make them have no errors, it is a position where I can serch the internet for the best plugins and help work with the bukkit devs to edit those plugins for the server needs.[/b]
    You understand that you being accepted on here, doesn't mean your accepted as staff fully? (Yes, No) yes I understand that reading a text file is not enough information to be accepted into a server, some people do and I do not understand why[/b]
    You understand that you will be declined, if you message me multiple times about staff? (Yes, No) yes[/b]
    You understand that being staff on the UniverseNetwork is a massive privelege? (Yes, No) yes [/b]

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    posted a message on New server needs beta testers and staff! Apply ASAP! Beta-Testers have high chance for staff!

    Name:booksaw (i dont give my name away online)

    IGN: booksaw


    What position are you seeking: Helper / play-tester

    Why do you want this position: Because I always seen to find bugs and glitches with peoples servers and I help them to put them rifht, I am contently testing the servesr limits and find missing commands and bugs, this means I am good to have testing because I try every wat not just the fist one that comes to my head.

    How long have you been playing minecraft: about 3 years

    Past servers: I have been Dev on two servers and mod on another

    Have you ever been banned, if yes, why?: no

    Maturity (1-10): 7

    (not required)

    Redstone skill (1-10):7

    Building skill (1-10): 4

    and because u diddnet ask for skype: booksawmc

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    posted a message on New Dev Server

    this section of the forums is for getting staff devs and builders. not for asking for players

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    posted a message on -+-+-Need staff for EyronRealms-+-+-

    Desired Rank: Developer[/b]

    Name: (NOT REAL BUT I DONT GIVE IT OUT ONLINE) booksaw[/b]

    IGN: booksaw[/b]

    Age: 14[/b]

    Can you donate? no[/b]

    Skype: (Necessary): booksawmc, only accept if it is not required to use voice or video chat and IM can be used[/b]

    Why Should We Pick You: Because i have been coding for around a year and have a vast knolage of plugins so whichever you would want me to do i can. [/b]

    Have you ever been banned on a server? No - i don't hack and i don't swear etc[/b]

    Experience with being staff: Dev, helper and admin[/b]

    Current ranks on any servers: Dev[/b]

    What are you best at? coding and plugins [/b]

    What are you worst at? waiting for a long time for people to respond to questions that i need to continue what I am doing[/b]

    Maturity /10: 10 unless the thing mentioned above gets bad (repeatedly for week waits)[/b]

    How well you work in a group: I work well but I have never coded in a group before[/b]

    How well you work alone: as long as i know what to do, i prefer to groups [/b]

    Are you a good Builder: NO I CANT BUILD[/b]

    Familiarity with WorldEdit: extremely up to the level of //fast (stops water running in that chunk so water can hover)[/b]

    Familiarity with Permissions-EX: my best permissions plugin, i have made prison servers with it, i know about setting weights[/b]

    Do you prefer working alone or in a group? alone but with others around to ask questions if my knowledge is not enough[/b]

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    IGN: booksaw

    Skype: booksawmc, if I understood the post correctly, you only use instant message, ONLY ACCEPT IF THIS IS CORRECT, i do not use voice chat or video calls

    Why do you want to program these maps: because I have been learning to program for a long time and I just want to put it into use, I can code plugins and use command blocks so depending on what you are making I can cover it. I have a vast knowledge of redstone and using the spigot API, and I am efficient at using google, no one knows everything!

    Anything else: please can you accept me, I hope hope I have covered all the requirements and if there is anything else you need from be just tell me I try to reply in about 1 day and I am extremely active

    AND if the server is private use whitelist, then no one can join if the IP leaks

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    posted a message on PAYING SERVER DEVS FOR GOOD WORK

    Name/Username: booksaw

    Rank: Developer

    Fact About Yourself/Why you should be staff

    How many plugins you have coded: 2 but I have shoved all my code into 2 rather than spreading them out

    How many Years have you coded: 1

    What software do you use to code: eclipse

    Are you good with Groupmanager: No but I use pex regualy and they are similar, I am good are leaning stuff like this

    Can You Run MCPH: never tried but it is similar to running a server from private hosting!

    Can you work an enjin website: yes I had my own one running and it is easy to do and user friendly, there is lots of tutorials out there if I get stuck

    + added bonus, I code for free because I have no means of getting money online, we can talk about that if I am picked!

    because I have no cost of service, I cannot guarantee that I am the best of everything but I will try my hardest and learn as much as I can

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tech (Plugin) Person

    hi: IGN = booksaw

    I an a learning developer, I am looking for a server where I can practice coding in a professional manner. (I am dev on another server but they dont do plugin requests just download what I code Whenever) I am extremely experienced with configs and what free plugins to use as I created a prison sever and watch a lot of youtube on the topic, I am free a large amount of time and am determined to get the best results I can. I am looking for somone to tell me what to do as my ideas of plugins are boring and easy

    Msg me IP and what ever else I need to know and ill check it out

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