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    Never mind tried hitting manual select again and that fixed it

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    I can't complete the first quest it only detects my the wood and nothing else wondering if someone could help

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    Quote from thekillerofevil

    Hello all and welcome to my post!

    I've ran this server for a long time but have not made a post on here yet for it, and hopefully this could provide more info about the server and decrease spam by making you apply for membership instead of automatically posting.

    About the server:

    Skyblock.us has been running since May 2012 and since then has stayed relatively the same. After becoming bored playing on someone elses server I decided to make my own, and it has grown immensely from the 4GB RAM 60 slot server it used to be. First of all, we have a server network that, as of 1/29/13 (29/1/13 for Most Europeans) has Skyblock, Skyblock PVP which is the same as regular skyblock but with a PVP twist, and Hunger Games, which we will be adding on to soon. We are having a plugin coded as of right now that will add a new server called Dwarves vs. Zombies which we think will be very fun for all of you. So enough of the abestions and you will be promoted to member, which has the same abilities as guest, but also the ability to talk. As a guest all you can do is /msg. A staff member will read your reply as soon as they can and promote you to member.

    In-Game Username:
    How do you like the server so far [Optional]:
    Do you plan on donating? IT HELPS A TON!:


    If you would like to help the server out by donating, as well as getting extra items in game, just go to http://payments.skyblock.us to get any of the following packages:

    Important Commands:

    All Servers:
    • /server hub - Takes you back to server hub
    • /server skyblock.us - Takes you to regular skyblock
    • /server pvp - Takes you to PVP Skyblock
    • /server other - Takes you to Hunger Games
    Skyblock and PVP Skyblock:
    • /island - Makes your island and/or takes you to it
    • (Regular only) /island lock - Locks your island to outside visitors
    • /island party - Skyblock party info
    Hunger Games:
    • /sg leave - Leave the game you're currently in
    • /sg vote - Vote to start a game with less than enough people
    All other commands can be found by /help


    To read the rules, follow the sign at spawn to get to them. Bans because of not reading the rules are inexcusable, you have been warned.

    Final Note:

    Thank you for reading my post, and if you like my server, don't hesitate to post here or donate!
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