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    posted a message on 1.0.0 Multiplayer Spawn Location Bug
    Okay, this is a serious issue, why isn't it being addressed? It's obviously happening to a lot of people.

    Our server had built a full town before our spawn was moved into the middle of an ocean. We still haven't found our original points, regardless if we had beds or not.

    I guess telling our sob stories isn't going to help, but really, is there going to be anything done about this?
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    posted a message on What kind of server would I need?
    Quote from EndServer

    Can you answer this questionnaire to help us.

    1) How many friends will you have online at most?
    2) How much disk space do you need?
    3) Where do you live?
    4) Do you want the best or budget?

    1) 5 at most.
    2) I'm not quite sure actually, the server files themselves are 10 MB but as I'm not educated in how server hosting works, I'm not sure how much extra is needed for it to be stable.
    3) I myself am from Arizona, but the other three in our main group range from the central US all the way to Australia.
    4) I'm looking for at least a good enough host for us to play on the server without lag as a small group, but I don't want something overly expensive.
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    posted a message on What kind of server would I need?
    I'm just looking to buy a few months use of a server for mine and my friends Minecraft. We've been hosting it through Hamachi but our only friend with good internet is gonna be gone for awhile and none of us can hold it.

    I'm not quite sure on what kind of server/host I would need here. I just need one that I can throw the existing server files on and have an IP everyone can connect to without lag. I have no need for mods or anything either.
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    posted a message on Piston/Redstone not always working
    I'm not quite sure if this is just an error on my part or a bug.

    I have a small entrance hidden with a piston contraption. For some reason each one will close except for one on the top left corner. It worked before the 1.7.2 update and now it only works if I pick up the red stone and put it back on. I made a video to show it. Lag spikes are from my computer overheating.

    Am I just making a mistake with the redstone or is this some kind of glitch?
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