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    Evercrafter is a small community Java 1.17.1 Survival Server on hard difficulty with a few plugins and datapacks (from Vanilla Tweaks) and we are searching for a few mature minded (not age restricted) long term players. If you are into playing with people, not against them, are community minded and happy to farm or grind to get your resources this may be the server for you.

    We have pet protections, land claiming and a few administrative tools and plugins to ensure things are kept friendly and trouble free. Our rules include no griefing and no pvp (unless both parties consent, opt in mini games etc).

    Our server world will be updated once our plugins are available for each new update, with the world border being expanded for each update for fresh content so you will not lose all your hard work unless its an exceptional circumstance. We want our members to be able to dream big and aim for long term base and building projects if they so choose.

    Join our discord for more info (or read through the boring bits listed below) - https://discord.gg/rsBVncnXmK

    Ever Crafter Server

    1.17.1 Java
    Paper (Spigot)
    Plugins + Datapacks
    Name - Ever Crafter
    Theme - None
    Host - Appex Hosting
    Address - evercrafter.apexmc.co
    Host Location - Sydney, Australia

    Installed Plugins :

    Grief prevention - land claiming
    World guard - grief protection etc
    Luck perms - permissions management
    EssentialsX - management
    Vault - chat prefix and suffix, groups.
    CoreProtect - grief protection via rollback etc
    ClearLagg - lag protection
    DiscordSRV - voice chat, discord management
    ImageMaps - use images from urls on maps for custom pics.
    Cristichis Tree Capitator - cut down whole trees instantly.
    SilkSpawners - silk touch spawners.
    Pet Master - change the owner of pets etc.
    Holographic Displays, used by pet master.
    Fast Async World Edit - admin/mod only to fix world issues, do any server related building etc.
    Custom Death Messages - Custom and random player death messages.
    Gsit - Allow sitting or laying on defined blocks. Allow ride entities and crawl by command.
    Right Click Harvest - harvest crops by right clicking instead of breaking them.
    TabDeathCounter - shows death count in tab list.
    Custom Heads by dlf Dragon - get players heads with a command (mod/admin only).
    Tameable Foxes - tame foxes like cats and dogs.
    Trade Shop - enable players to create physical shops and set individual items for sale and prices.
    Droppable budding amethyst - silk touch budding amethyst blocks to take home for farms.
    More banner layers - increases the maximum amount of layers you can put on a banner.

    Installed Datapacks from Vanilla Tweaks - https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/datapacks/#

    Armor Statues - highly poseable and customisable armor stands that can be used to decorate.
    Unlock All Recipes - allows you to find out the crafting recipe for items you haven't yet collected the materials for.
    Wandering Traders Mini Blocks - Wandering traders sell mini versions of in game blocks for decorating purposes.
    Custom Nether Portals - Construct one block in size or random shapes, larger shapes and use crying obsidian.
    Durability Ping - pings the player when their current tool gets low in durability to help stop you breaking your valuable tools!
    Graves - when a player dies their stuff is contained in a stone brick fence "gravestone" they can click to get their items back.
    Nether Portal Co Ords - allows you to find the exact matching nether or overworld co-ords via a command in game.
    Red stone Wrench - Easily rotate placed redstone components by sneak clicking.
    Terracotta Wrench - Easily rotate placed glazed terracotta by clicking.
    Armoured Elytra - Drop your Elytra and chestplate above an anvil to combine them.
    Player Head Drops - Players drop their heads when killed by a player.
    Larger Phantoms - Does what it says!
    Double Shulker Shells - Shulkers drop double shells.
    Dragon Drops - Dragon drops an elytra and egg on death.
    More Mob Heads - All mobs drop heads on death (percentage chance).
    Pillager Tools - Admin tools to disable raids etc.
    Multiplayer Sleep - Only one player needs to sleep to reset the day.
    Silence Mobs - Silence mobs for aesthetic or prank purposes by name tagging.
    Fast leaf decay: leaves decay quickly when all logs are chopped down.

    BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

    Hermitcraft spore blossom recipe - allows crafting of the spore blossom.

    Crafting Tweaks from Vanilla Tweaks - https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/crafting-tweaks/

    Rotten flesh to leather - smelt rotten flesh into leather.
    Sandstone dyeing - craft regular sandstone with red dye to get red sandstone.
    Back to blocks - Craft stairs and slabs back into their respective blocks.
    Double slabs - Craft two slabs from a single block.
    More trapdoors - gives 12 trapdoors instead of the normal number when crafted.
    More stairs - gives 8 stairs instead of the normal number when crafted.
    Craftable gravel - craft gravel using four flint.
    Craftable horse armor - allows you to craft the non renewable horse armors in game - iron, gold, diamond.
    Unpackable ice - uncraft blue ice into packed ice and packed ice into ice.
    Unpackable nether wart - uncraft nether wart block into nether warts.
    Unpackable wool - uncraft wool into string.
    Concrete cauldron: make concrete in a cauldron
    Craftable coral: use a 2x2 of coral fans to craft coral blocks
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    Evercrafter - Java 1.16.5 Survival Server on hard difficulty with a few plugins and datapacks (from Vanilla Tweaks). Hosted in Sydney, Australia.

    Searching for a few mature minded long term players. If you are into playing with people, not against them, are community minded and happy to farm or grind to get your resources this may be the server for you.

    No griefing, no pvp unless both parties consent.

    Will be updated once the new version is out and plugins available for it, currently a smallish world which will be expanded then.

    Join our discord for more info - https://discord.gg/rsBVncnXmK

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    posted a message on [1.13.2] The best way to get mending book without massive use of AFK methods?

    In 1.12.2 recently for me it was equally as easy to find a villager in a far out village with mending as it was to breed one, took about the same amount of time. Although the one I bred is slightly cheaper which is a nice bonus!

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    posted a message on Which version of Minecraft do you think is the best and why ? (Poll)

    1.7.10 it has the highest number of good mods available.

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    What mod are the different horses out of?

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    posted a message on Pst! Wanna see some DIRT! (WIP)

    Kudos for posting a totally different build to the normal!

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    I hope someone in the community has some ideas, because we miss you!

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    I like this topic, always wondered about that myself!

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    Awww I would have taken them home!

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