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    Mods are the way to go! I read you do not like using mods but my question is why? I have deleted hundreds of vanilla worlds because after the ender dragon is defeated what is there to honestly do for me? Nothing, I like the adventuring part of minecraft as well as automation, I strongly dislike building. I have not played vanilla minecraft in a very, very long time due to the fact when I get into a world I ask myself "Where are my machines?" Then I will just go and play on a modpack or make my own modpack for the mood I am in. Thats the best part. Not feeling up to adventure but want to stay home and make some magic? There are mods for that. wanna get 10k iron because of a ore quintupling unit. Mekanisms got your back. Need a place to store said insane amount of Iron? AE2 has never failed me! sure in vanilla minecraft you can make mob farms, But why not just do it with some blocks from Minefactory Reloaded and get extra from it? And you're Crazy if you think mining in the overworld is more fun then risking your life in the deep dark!

    So my suggestion is go find a modpack, or make one with the mods you do like!

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    Join what? We are talking about minecart use not joining anything?

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