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    posted a message on Your items to defeat the ender dragon?
    Honestly the Ender Dragon isn't hard at all. That's one thing I hope to see soon, is more challenge for the Ender Dragon.

    Withers on the other hand...
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    posted a message on It seems that the underground is no longer swiss cheese anymore.
    I started a new single player world in the snapshots, and after a month of playing, despite lots of caves, I only found 1 dungeon.

    However, this doesn't seem to be any sort of set rule. I started a new server for me and my friends to play on once the 1.7 release officially came out, and I myself have found 4 dungeons in just 5 days. I know another person on the server found a double dungeon, and I know other people have found dungeons as well. And this is all in cave systems very near spawn. Maybe it was nerfed in the snapshots, but fixed in the official release? Or it could just be luck.

    To the poster above: horse armor generates very frequently in nether fortress chests. If you can't find any dungeons or temples, then your neighborhood nether fortress should have some horse armor. Also my brother found 2 desert temples and a jungle temple when he went exploring, and that was within 1000 blocks of the spawn area. Of course, it helps that we got a dry spawn area.

    I have definitely noticed the subtle change in cave generation - I was starting to wonder if it had changed, and this seems to confirm it. Caves definitely seem to be more "stringy" and less "clumpy", and the swiss cheese caves are nearly gone, or at least much much rarer.

    The one thing that I'm most upset about though is that enchanted books are much rarer now in dungeon chests (the wiki seems to confirm this). I can get nerfing the generation a little bit (getting 3 or 4 enchanted books in 1 dungeon is a little bit ridiculous), but it now seems to be the most rare item (along with diamond horse armor and golden apples). That frustrates me because that is literally the best loot. I only care about so many saddles and record discs. Also, you can only find 2 types of music discs in chests. Was this always the case?
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    posted a message on Amplified Terrain Generator - Gallery
    My favorite so far was this:

    Sorry, didn't think to get the seed or coordinates.

    This extreme hills biome was INCREDIBLE though.
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    posted a message on Is jeb taking Minecraft in the right direction?
    There are very few things I've been dissatisfied with recently. They've added key content in each of the major areas. Exploration, building, redstone, combat, mods, adventure maps...there has been content to satisfy just about everybody. There are a few things that are added occasionally that make me scratch my head, but they're usually minor and not a big deal, and something I can adjust to easily. So yes, Minecraft is heading in the right direction, and I'm excited for what it will bring in the future. There's still so much potential for improvement to the core game.
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    posted a message on Excited or Not? (1.6 Update)
    Quote from Nerevar

    I'm looking forward to 1.6 since it is free content, but nothing is particularly exciting for me. Horses will be neat, and maybe some texture packs can make hardened clay look sexy (polished/stained colored floor? Oh yes~), but what else? I'm absolutely grateful for the work Mojang does, but there's just so little content. Hopefully that changes before release, or they add the render rewrite. More world gen options would be nice too.

    So little content? What are you on about?
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    posted a message on Excited or Not? (1.6 Update)
    Incredible. They seem to be adding more challenges to combat (the zombie spawning feature), horses are amazing for adventuring, and the hardened clay and carpets are great additions for builders. Also, leads are great in general, not just for horses but for setting up animal farms as well. No more trying to lead sheep across entire biomes while holding out wheat and moving backwards. I like that they're not neglecting any feature of the game. I think there's still some tweaking to be done with horses. They're almost too overpowered to be honest, I feel like they could add some limitations with what you can and can't do or have a speed hit for some things (for example, it takes longer to mine stuff while you're on it, as if you're underwater). I feel like they should also move slower up hills. But all in all, they're really pulling no punches with these updates and it shows that they really care about what the community wants.
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    posted a message on What do you think of using randomness as a way to balance the game?
    Quote from Alshain01

    I think what they are getting at is this isn't a rogue-like game. Mojang seems to be reversing direction on the game play style and that is alienating people who came to this game for it's casual play.

    How is it alienating casual gamers? The game is more popular than ever, and look at how much the Xbox version has taken off, too. Minecraft is still pretty much THE go-to casual game right now, and new content is constantly being added.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    I recently started a server for my and my friends to play on. It's not quite as active as I would like with only 3 regular users and 3 occasional ones right now, but that's ok!

    I just built this community nether portal. The floor is stone slabs with nether quartz blocks as the base, glass lava tubes in each corner, a stone brick slab ceiling (although I kind of want to convert it to nether quartz slabs with time), and most importantly, the community beacon on top! Right now it's only at the first level, but it will gradually be added to in time.

    I'm pretty happy with it! Of course, I still need to work on the area around it.

    EDIT: I just made this waterfall. Besides the act of actually making it, I also took the time to go behind it and replace all of the dirt with smooth stone, I think it looks a lot better and more natural that way. It took about 2 hours to get it right! I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I'll be adding some greenery to this hillside soon as well.

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    posted a message on HUGE FISSURE FOUND
    Yes, it's called a ravine. They're actually quite common. Even more common when you start exploring the cave systems, most of them generate entirely underground.

    I would suggest heading to the Minecraft Wiki and familiarizing yourself with everything that's changed since the Adventure Update...
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Plain Biome Seeds [Req]
    Seed: 1441702466973081531

    I triple-checked that number so it should be right.

    Spawns you in a smallish plains biome near a jungle (with a jungle temple). To the west is a desert and a forest, beyond that is a taiga and another desert (with a desert temple). To the east is a small extreme hills biome on the edge of a peninsula. There's a village located where the jungle, desert, and plains biome meet very near the spawn point (no blacksmith though).

    The great thing about this seed is that it has an absolutely massive cave system underneath the spawn area (and extending outward in pretty much every direction) with a ton of dungeons scattered about as well.

    Actually I did a search and I think I deleted the other 1 or 2 that I found. I guess spawning in plains isn't as common as I thought.
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