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    posted a message on Popular Minecraft stuff you just don't "get"
    Quote from HScrozzy»

    That is actually one of the things I get the most about MC. The reason people hack is because it's relatively easy and carries a huge reward.

    Now onto the topic itself, I don't get how people watch Minecraft youtubers.

    They can't make content, its kinda sad what people will watch these days.

    One thing I don't get, is the "OMG CREEPER KILLED ME LOST MY STUFF NEEDS NERF" that I have gotten a lot of. Back in the day of MC, they would be an instant death and your house mansion would be gone completely. Nowadays, you face off against a creeper at your door, and you end up just needing to craft a new door. Same goes with the rarity of materials. Do you remember back in 2010, "OH MY GOD I FOUND DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!" Nowadays its more like "oh cool more diamonds for me."

    I swear creepers mobs and the rarity of diamonds was nerfed before 1.0. Remember skeletons sniping you from 40 blocks away? They can't even hit you from point-blank nowadays!
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    posted a message on Launcher Goes to White Screen After Trying to Update
    Quote from BrutalJAM13»

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP

    Found the problem, the new launcher is not supported with windows XP. You probably will have to run the java launcher from now on (unfortunately). If you have java installed, go download the java version of the launcher from this link:
    If you have not installed java on your system, go download it from

    Another thing, why in bloody god are you still using windows xp? UPGRADE.. Windows 7 licenses go fairly cheap now, just upgrade for gods sakes. You'll have to eventually.
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    posted a message on Crashed upon opening craftguide.

    For the time being, Not enough items is a good alternative to Crafting guide.

    Core mod for NEI-


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    posted a message on Local server 1.10.2 (on mac) after update client runs on windows, gives nullpointerexception on mac

    Oh Help,

    I have a local server that runs on my Son's mac - it is version 1.10.2, I did not do anything fancy to it beyond install it. My son then connects his client (also at 1.10.2) to this server and my daughter uses her pc to connect her client (also 1.10.2). They have been playing this way for many months.

    Today the new version installed on both their machines. I started up the server on the mac and it seemed fine. My daughter's PC can connect to the server and she can play. However on the mac (same machine as the server) I get "Failed to connect to the server" Internal Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException.

    How do I fix this? I have tried rebooting the mac and that did not help. This only started happening after the new version of minecraft installed and yes I did make sure I was running the client at 1.10.2 when we launched it.

    a frustrated Mom

    Why are you hosting a server like this? Just use a lan world! Much less challenging.
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    posted a message on Server ModPack Loading Error

    The file names are ResourceLoader-MC1.7.10-1.3.jar and SoundFilters-0.8_for_1.7.X.jar. Keep looking.

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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating
    Quote from Geneo»
    Won't work.
    Win10 & PE can play together because they're the exact same game with the same features, world sizes, etc. And they're kept "in sync" so they can continue to play together.

    * In order for there to be true "cross-platform", MC (like Rocket League) would have to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator (Xbox One/ps4). In other words, the PC version (and all those servers) would have to change to be just like the One/ps4 version (losing features and "infinite" worlds). That might make all the console people happy, but it would sure upset the PC crowd!!!!
    * You wouldn't like it. A keyboard/mouse player will whip the tar out of a controller-only player every time. It's best if consoles play only with other consoles.
    * MC would have to be rewritten from the get-go to allow Xbox and PS players to play together. For years MS has requested that PS players be allowed to join Live- Sony has steadfastly refused the offer. Nor has it allowed Xbox players to join PSN. So, like Rocket League, it has to be done completely in-game, by-passing Live and PSN. Since MS owns MC, they would never allow this.
    * Bottom Line: the "wish" that PC and/or Win10/PE players could play with console players has been suggested many times before. Can't happen, and you wouldn't like it if (by magic) it did happen.

    Now, back on topic, I agree with the OP. It's time to let the java version go and move on to bigger, better things.

    1. Update the console versions a lot, almost up to the same level as PC (the consoles can handle infinite worlds, the iphone 4s can, its just 4J choosing not to add them to console).
    2. Minecraft isn't a FPS game. This point was brought up with CS:GO, a competitive FPS game. In most cases, a controller wouldn't be a massive difference in MC.
    3. Just make it so Xbox and PS players have a direct-connect box to punch in IPs and join PC servers. That way, PSN talks with the PC servers, and XB Live talks with the PC servers, and the consoles don't get in the way.

    Watch this:
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    posted a message on HELP ME!!!! - AYUDAAAAA
    Quote from Estrella19»


    He is asking to see the crash report to see what is wrong.
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    posted a message on MineCon 2017? Where?

    Stop begging for particular towns. Minecon will not be held in Florida or California, you just had it for god sakes.

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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating
    Quote from jdc997»

    • It would be modernized and optimized thanks to better code in a better engine
    • It would be made with modding in mind, so updates aren't constantly breaking them and threads like this wouldn't have to exist
    • It would provide a fresh take on a game that is growing increasingly stale for many, even with updates
    • It would be made with cross-platform play in mind

    Cross platform would actually make me start playing minecraft again. Allow console players to connect to PC servers (and maybe PE/Win 10 players). This would be a massive game changer, and would be truly amazing. Sitting on my couch on my PS4 playing mineplex would truly be remarkable. The mod changes as well, but not quite as insane. Just imagine it!

    This is the best reason for MC2. Modding benefits are amazing. But this... Changes the whole ballgame. Think of all the players who have a ps3, but their friends have an xbox one (or any combination). It definitely would makes sales numbers explode, and would honestly finally make console players feel like they aren't left out. If they added this, mineplex and hypixel would easily be getting online numbers in the 100k range, and all those small servers would grow to be massive. Minecraft may seem to have a lot of players online on the PC version, but think about it. The PC version has sold ~20 million copies. The game, across all platforms has sold ~100 million. Thats ~80 million people getting the right to play on servers.

    This example demonstrates cross play in rocket-league:

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    posted a message on MOTD server problem.
    Quote from DrakeOP»

    I did it, and nothing..

    Did you save the file and restart the server?
    Quote from TekOmegaOne»

    So you want a Coloured MOTD?

    Color list is here:
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    posted a message on MOTD server problem.

    MOTD is in Open that up, and it should look like this:

    at the bottom as you can see it says Motd, which is where you need to input your MOTD.

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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating

    1. I am actually shocked about the response to this thread. A year ago, if I (or anyone) had made a thread like this, immediately the OP would be classified as a hater. I'm glad to see the community speaking out.

    2. The problem currently is that the updates ONLY are splitting the modding community. All that 1.10 and 1.11 do is make the modders need to port their mods.

    I think the solution is to have mojang wait 1-2 years before releasing a new update, and make it a massive update which they listened to the community on that improves lag, PvP and modding (recode?). That way, the community will be hyped, the game will get a big new feel, and the modders have time to catch up. I can speak for myself and many friends of mine that we would rather have an insane update every 2 years than a little tweak every 6 months. No minecraft update, really since 1.6 has added much, and 1.6 only really added one thing that got boring quickly.

    1.11- Commands

    1.10- Polar bears (basically sheep-golems)

    1.9- Combat tweaks that very much of the community disliked, special arrows (but no quiver...)

    1.8- Lag-beacons, andestite, diorite, granite

    1.7- Stained glass, acaia wood

    1.6- Horses, carpets, stained clay

    1.5- Hopper, Dropper, activator rail, block of redstone, comparator, trapped chest, Nether Brick, quartz, Laying the frameworks for minecraft realms, AND COMMANDS

    1.4- I don't have time to make a full list...

    What we need is going back to updates like 1.5 and 1.4 which added whole new elements to the game. Not "BIG NEW UPDATE TODAY!" and the average player going, "Wait, did I load up the old version by accident? I can't find anything new."

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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating

    We need originality and real updates. At this point the "Major" updates (1.10, 1.11) are just bugfixes. We need new bosses, a new dimension and some longevity. If we are going to keep getting 1.10s and 1.11s, the OP is right. Just kill the updates. If we however would get new content that adds longevity, hell yeah, add that to the game! The problem currently is that the mod community is split between 1.6, 1.7.10, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11, and nobody wants to play vanilla survival because of no longevity. What we need is either good updates, a gap between them for modders to catch up, or just kill them off completely. Remember 1.4? 1.5? The wither? Redstone! We need major updates again!

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    posted a message on (RANT) Why I think the Minecraft Chat is becoming pay-to-win
    Quote from Codes320»

    Here's my problem with rants on pay to win. While I understand how frustrating it can be to go on a server where you can pay $5 to get tools that will give you a huge advantage on the server. However you have to realize, these servers are expensive. Most small to mid-range are probably spending $20-$20 a month to keep up their servers, and that's on the low end. The fact is, what would you rather spend $5 on, a pet or /fly. Exactly. The second reason is that you as a player are not entitled to have other players slave away to give you free c

    The second reason is that you as a player are not entitled to have other players slave away to give you free content. But Codes, you say, I spent $30 on the game. I deserve something for that money, and you're right. You bought the ability to create worlds, mod the game, and connect to servers. Servers don't get a cut of that $30.

    So what, you're asking. Just let servers be impossible to play without some money? Well no, not exactly. I think ultimately, the server owner should be responsible for keeping their server supporting itself. yet playable. Try to have patience with some servers, but if they are that bad, don't play them. And if nothing else, perhaps get into server hosting you. It's really fun and if you have the feature of no pay to win you could get a decent community.

    Servers running with ~200 people online are paying $100+ a month to stay up. Servers need cash. Personally, I feel like chat color is a complete utter joke. Unless somebody everybody else's is name is flashing yellow, and the chat is flying by at 800 miles per hour, you still probably will get noticed. Where I draw the line at is unbalanced ranks. My favorite factions server (kinda dead now, MineagePvP if you are wondering) has $400 ranks. Yes, you heard that right. $400. Thats not a typo. However, the kit for this rank gave you things you could acquire with moderate difficulty without a rank. So the people with no ranks stood a good chance. And then look at ArcadianMC. It is almost impossible to get diamonds, and there are rank kits that give you SPAWNERS. YES. So basically:

    No-Rank: Iron-Sword, Food, Good luck
    Rank: Kit every 12 hours that gives you full prot 4 diamond and a sharp 5 sword, and a spawner...

    Although I think you guys are talking on a different level. Chat color just actually makes me chuckle. If chat color is in the argument, it makes sense why these ~200 person servers keep dying.

    If you think I am lying about these ~200 person servers...
    Cadia network
    Sabotage PVP
    Funky factions
    TimelessPvP (Well now its almost dead, barely has much life in it)

    And thats just a few of the ones I played.

    What ranks should be are cosmetic or at least balanced changes to a player. To be honest, P2W and the Eula are pulling from opposite sides, and the paper is going to rip. Its just bound to happen. And I personally think that it will pull the minecraft community apart.
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    posted a message on How to i add friends to my server?
    Quote from waof»

    I just made a private server for my friends and I and i do not know how to add them to the server. I would like to mention they live in different states.

    Thank you.

    Well, if you portforwarded, grab your public ip address ( Go onto server, type /whitelist add <friend's username>
    From there, give your friends public ip address and they can connect
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