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    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to mention that this server has been great so far. Very good pings, even from the US to Japan. The admin just set up a Dynamap... And it's new! For example, our spawn village is still basically a grassy field with a cow pen and garden there.

    For everyone who enjoys those early stone-pick, hard scramble days as I do, I encourage you to get in on the ground floor. There's plenty of good work and fun to be had. I expect I'll be around a lot during the holidays too. So come on down and say 'Hi!' :)


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    -Minecraft IGN: bmij
    -Age: fully grown-up
    -Gender: M
    -Timezone: Japan
    -favourite Minecraft Youtubers: I watch False, and sometimes Xiuma
    -Playstyle (e.g. Builder, redstoner, etc): Base building, community meddling. I like community events and planning them.
    -What version you started playing(specify if its Beta, Alpha, etc.): Has it been a year now? Not too long
    -How well of a builder are you?: I can build, but I get inferiority complex to people who are really, really good :P
    -Building style: Tried modern last server I was a part of, but will probably go back to medieval
    -What you believe you could bring to the community: Community planning
    -Approximate hours a week you would expect to play: No promises, work keeps me busy sometimes. Should be on regularly though
    -Skype(you can send this in private message): I'll send it later

    Why Should We Consider You?

    I'm a mature and reliable player who tends to help those in need. I don't cause drama - after all, it's only a game. I'm quick to contribute to community builds, and I'll probably host an event or three once I get myself established in server.

    Oh and one more thing. This server has several things that I am looking for. First of all, Australian based server should be active for me in Japan during the hours I want to play. And also, I want to join a newly reset server that's not already built up.

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    You sir, are a Godsend. A true giant among men... or otters as you prefer. I salute you!

    All better. Much, Much obliged,


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