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    The End's Story

    A long, long time ago, there was a land that was beyond any part of the Minecraft world, which most called the Farlands. Those lands were strange, unstable, and eldritch. Those who entered the never made it back the same, physically or mentally. One day, somehow, the Farlands mysteriously disappeared, and the rest simply became a myth from the past. But the Farlands were never gone. They moved to the skies as floating islands, dubbed by some as the Skylands, becoming a Heaven of some kind. Animals from the Overworld, as they already previously lived in the grounded Farlands, thrived in this environment. One day, a race of tall, white, green-eyed, human-like creatures began to emerge. Many dubbed these mysterious creatures the Farlanders. Once they started to thrive, they began to start a civilization in these strange floating islands.
    The Farlander's civilization expanded over the years, with cities almost everywhere now. A new sort of crop even began to grow, which grew in a coral-like pattern. Many call these plants "Chorus Plants". Said Chorus Plants also grew this special fruit. Not only did the fruits juice make for a great way to paint their buildings, the fruit, when eaten, caused the consumer to be able to teleport to a random area around them. Eventually, after eating so much of that fruit, the Farlanders developed some sort of organ inside of them that allowed them to teleport with ease, which looks and feel very similar to that of a pearl. Somehow, the pearl made water corrosive to the Farlanders. But they did not worry, because they never really needed it. Eventually, another new creature emerged and began to blend in with the Farlanders structures. The Farlanders called these creatures the Shell Lurkers, or Shulkers for short. They used them to guard their buildings, as they did a nice job at protecting them. The Shulkers were even fed Chorus Fruit, which allowed them to teleport as well.
    One day, a black and purple egg fell from above. The Farlanders saw this egg as a gift from their god and began to worship it. Eventually, a dragon hatched from the egg. The Farlanders treated this dragon as some sort of deity and began to build it obelisks made of obsidian. As the dragon matured, their powers became increasingly unstable. Because of this, the dragon let out waves of power in order to stabilize them. The waves of power caused the Farlands' Overworld-like aspects to die out, replacing them with pale yellow stone. The Farlanders, who still worshiped the dragon despite causing their flora and fauna dying out, created crystals capable of healing their dragon and placed them on top of the obelisks.The dragon thanked the Farlanders for this by giving them the ability to cross dimensions, which had a side effect of turning them a deep black with purple eyes, matching the dragon's colors.
    With their newfound powers, a large majority of the Farlanders crossed to all sorts of different dimensions, most of them teleporting to the Overworld. When they arrived, they saw to their horror a civilization humans corrupting the nature of the Overworld. This enraged the Farlanders, causing them to steal the humans' materials. Because of this, a war broke out between the two. Because of their superior strength and teleportation, the Farlanders won, and almost all of the humans were killed. After their success, the majority of the Farlanders resided in what was left of their Dimension, while the others watched over the Overworld, trying to protect its nature. The few remaining humans constructed portals to the Farlanders dimension to take revenge on them. None of them succeeded.
    To this day, the Farlanders, or as the Humans called them, the Endermen, protect the Overworld from harm. If you encounter one, don't look into its eyes. They will see this as a threat and try to kill you.
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    I once had the idea to make Phantoms spawn the more you do sleep to discourage skipping the night, because let's be honest, letting us skip the night with no consequences whatsoever is overpowered. By making them spawn the more you sleep, it gives Phantoms more of a purpose to exist and makes beds less overpowered.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    If they really didn't want to have sharks, they should have replaced them with some made-up creature (like the guardian).

    That reminds me of something. Mob A, a.k.a. the Monster of the Ocean Depths (or as I like to call it, the Javeljaw), would've been a great for the update and they could've made for a good substitute for sharks. I think Mob A should be given a chance as a hostile ocean mob instead of being thrown into the trash, because the only common hostile mob you'll face in the ocean as of now is the Drowned.

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    All of the screenshots have been quite an attack on my eyes. This definitely needs more work.

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    Actually, you're kind of incorrect. Ninjaing is only when you make a post to something someone else was but they were too slow. Anyway, my favorite sport either has to be baseball or football. I think I find them the most entertaining.

    What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

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    Quote from steam66»

    Unrelated note, I really like the artstyle of these mobs.
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    This suggestion is ungodly. First of all, anvils being dropped everywhere around the world would not only kill everything in sight, but it would also cause insane lag spikes from how many anvil entities there are. Secondly, the "glowing yellow anvil with powerful enchantments" sound ridiculously broken. No support.

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    /meta zvikorn, please don't insert yourself into the story and make yourself an immortal Mary Sue. It makes the story less fun.

    OT: zvikorn Hitler and the Minecraft USSR suddenly disappeared into thin air, seconds later.

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    Scary seeds are just false advertising (if you could really call it that). All of the seeds are generated to be completely random and have no strings attached. Interesting find, though.

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