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    posted a message on New repeater locking - discussion and ideas

    It is the worst thing ever to happen. Thousands upon thousands of contraptions are built that absolutely depend upon the blocks on the sides of a repeater not effecting the repeater. Now repeaters have to be spaced apart and redstone cannot be run alongside to save space for compactness.

    WTF. It is completely redundant with the transistor/multiplexer use of a piston anyway. Just stupid.
    I am 99% sure that redstone which is next to a repeater will not effect the repeater unless the redstone is specifically pointing at the repeater. This speculation is partly based on the fact that in is aiming the redstone at the side of the repeater, and partly because it is comon sense. Imo the sides of a repeater will interact with redstone in the same way that a piston does (Redstone does not turn to point at it, you have to aim the redstone at it.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Ultimate Powered Rail BUD Array
    This is actually quite an interesting design. It will be hard to find uses for it given that it is not as easy to hide as most bud switches but your melon example is quite a good one.
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    posted a message on Suddenly, pigs are the most amazing thing in the game
    Also note that you can repair carrot on a stick like any other tool. So the ideal way to use them is to have 2 and used them both down to about 40% then combine them.
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    posted a message on The second leather armor layer looks horrible
    The only part I hate is on the helm. The bits on the chestplate and legs I can live with.
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    posted a message on Whats your favorite Superflat preset?
    Quote from ArrogantLobster

    I wish we could spawn npc villages on top of the oceans. This would be an extremly fun survival experience :P

    You can make it spawn villages above the ocean. Heres how.
    Basically all I did was move one of the sand layers up to above the water. You, animals and villagers spawn up there. When you start all the sand will be floating but if you break 1 piece of sand the entire sand of the level sinks to the bottom. All the animals start swimming around and any villager who was luck enough to be inside when it happened will live.

    - Villager spawning seem much rarer than it use to be in these custom presets. I've only found 2 so far.
    - The sand falling in all chunks in memory will lag your game. So find a village before you trigger the gravity :P If you press E so the inventory is up you can do other things like surf the net while you wait for the world to finish dropping alll the sand. Newly generated chunks will not auto drop the sand either so you will have to go punch a bit more to continue it.
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    posted a message on Is it just me, or are no Villages spawning?
    I have only found 2 villages in superflat worlds so far. I think they upped the rarity.
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    posted a message on Whats your favorite Superflat preset?
    You know you can type your own ones into the box don't you?
    These are my favorite one I have made so far

    From bottom to top its Bedrock, Redstone ore (just for fun), 10 layers of stone, 10 layers of dirt, grass, Jungle Saplings. (And set as jungle biome)

    It's really fun for survival. The world starts flat but starts to grow into a huge jungle forest. No animals spawn because of the sapling ground it seems, so you need to use bonemeal to get a wheat farm started (or find a village).

    And this
    Bedrock, 40 layers of air, and then 1 layer of glowstone every 10 squares up with air in between. Great for designing redstone circuits.
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    posted a message on Official Superflat Customiser Presets Post
    Quote from GorgeousTaylor

    This isn't very related, but the Bottomless Pit preset... Is no different from Classic Flat. I think it's a bug.
    Yep it's a bug. it was suppose to be 1;4,2x3,2;1 so there is no bedrock at the bottom. It will be fixed next patch.

    On Topic:
    Redstone Ground Redstone ore glows when anything moves on it. When you run around you leave a light trail for a while. Mobs an also light it up if they move :D
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    posted a message on Official Superflat Customiser Presets Post
    With the new preset options for superflat I thought it might be cool if we had one place we can all share cool presets we've made.

    By favorite so far is random forests using different types of saplings. Each type of sapling has different growth restrictions, so you can end up with some really cool different maps. Villages can still spawn (Very very rarely tho) and can be very hard to defend with all the darkness from the close by tree canopy. I have only found a village in the Jungle Forest so far. I included a layer of redstone at the bottom just for fun in these.

    Jungle Forest (Grows the giant trees all over at random. Only the bottom section of the trees appear to load if you are at midrange from them when they spawn. To fix this exit and reopen the world. Set to forest so ocolots spawn).

    Oak Forest (Oak can grow very close together. This can lead to low lighting in areas and lots of mobs spawning. It also tends to overwhelm villages with leaves from the close by saplings).

    Birch Forest (Birch need a lot of space around them. This creates a very open forest which is easy to walk thru).

    Spruce Forest (Straight/Tall trunks with lots of leaves. They spawn pretty close together and the leaves fill in the blanks :P Set to taiga so it can snow).
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    posted a message on Sponges: The Broken Promise
    Broken promises... are you serious? The game has had a change of lead developer. You can not honestly expect a new lead developer to cater to every whim the previous one envisioned in any organization. All of Notches plans for Minecrafts future were set aside the second he stepped down from is position, as they should be. As a lead developer you need the freedom and flexibility to do as you see fit. There were several ideas which Notch had that I really wanted to see implemented too. But I accepted that they would probably not happen the second he gave up his position.

    Seriously tho, have a look that everything that Jeb has done for minecraft since he took over. And this includes everything dinnerbone has done, because ultimately all new content has to be approved by Jeb. Jeb has always had a much more open mind about the kinds of things that should be added to the game. He has also always taken a lot of ideas that the community wanted or developed as mods and implemented them in some way to the game.

    I guess if there is enough public request for some of the features Notch planned Jeb will add them, but please don't be so negative about 'broken promises' etc. It just devalidates the point of your post, which ultimately is to show community request for sponges. Make your posts constructive 'hey this would be cool' and and less negative 'But you promised!' and you might actually have a chance at being listened to by the people that matter. IE Mojang and the rest of the community so we can back you.
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    posted a message on [Poll] Potatoes or Carrots?
    Heres a closer look at each of them.

    Baked Potato: Food 6, Saturation 7.2, Effective Gain 13.2 each, Total gain per stack = 844.8
    Carrot: Food 4, Saturation 4.8, Effective Gain 8.8 each, Total gain per stack = 563.2
    Both Baked Potatos and Carrot have the exact same food:saturation ratio.

    Potato is the clear winner for me. I don't care about furnacing time because I can have that happening back at home where I am safe and doing other things while it bakes. The less eating time the better. The longer a stack of food can sustain me for the better. And when used in combat situations for topups the more saturation, the longer before I have to eat again to maintain health regeneration.

    Beef is still better tho.
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    posted a message on Jump Boost II makes you all springy!
    Quote from Minicraftz

    The beacon is still useless.

    Beacon Uses
    1) Faster Mining.When used in combination with Pheonix Mining (http://www.minecraft...2/page__st__80) can create some of the fastest diamond mining in the game. Setting it up initially can take a little getting use to because you need to mine skylights from the surface to layer 12 every 66 blocks accross, but it adds very little setup time in comparison to the massive mining speed boost awarded for your entire mining operation. (Tip: You can dig straight down in relative safety using a fire resist potion. Just dont find yourself a ravine..)
    2)... WTF do you need a 2 for! I just told you HOW TO MINE SUPER FAST SUPER EFFICIENT DIAMONDS!!!!

    Useless my ass :P
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    posted a message on Please do not nerf the XP Farms
    TBH I can't believe this change was reverted. It takes all of 10mins to set up an xp farm using a spawner. The effort vs reward of this is ridiculous. Building an xp farm using giant black spawning rooms, water manipulation etc takes quite a few hours, a fair bit of planing and effort to get up and running. You are rewarded for taking the time and effort to build the farm. This is how it should be imo.

    Edit: I think that on easy/normal spawner based xp farms are fine. But the nerf should still be in effect on HARD. There is nothing hard about a spawner based XP farm. And infinte levels so easily obtained in HARDCORE (Which is HARD difficulty) mode is just bad. Time. Effort. Reward.
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    posted a message on Godamn beacon pyramid
    Emeralds are by far the best choice for me. Unlike most minecrafters I never have excess iron. I use almost as much iron making armor, rails, tools, pistons, buckets etc as I mine. (And yes I do have a large efficient mine). I guess thats down to playstyle tho. I have found that if you make a charcoal farm (Trees + furnaces), a wheat farm, a wool farm (sheep + shears), a sugar cane farm, and a cow farm you can provide bulk of almost every resource the villagers want and end up with a LOT of emeralds.

    Here's my 3 secret emerald farming tips.
    1) The best type of village is a 'lossy' village. If you design your village well zombies or other hazards (lava, pistons etc) will continually kill off villagers to refresh your population. Ideally you want to kill off 1/3 to 1/2 your villagers every night. This leaves enough remaining villagers to repopulate quickly, and allows you to find new trades to sell off your supplies more often.
    2) When you find a villager trading for something you have in bulk (eg paper), block him in so he cant move then go fill your inventory, come back and drop the whole lot at his feet, go back and grab more, repeat. Stand on the piles of items when trading with the villager. A villager will only remvoe a sale trade after you close the trade window. By standing on a pile of the items you will be automatically picking them up off the ground whenever an inventory slot becomes available. The first time I did this I sold 3 double chests of paper to a single villager. And THEN let the zombies get him.
    3) Sugar cane is the best material in the whole game to farm for villagers. Very little set up time, very fast growth rate, very fast harvest time, used for paper and books. If you plan to use the method I described in tip number 2, it takes just over 8 double chests of sugar cane to afford a full size pyramid (At 19 paper per emerald).
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    posted a message on Invisibility a bit Unfair
    Quote from aquareaper33

    I take from TF2 the strategies of removing the invisible. We need something to "hit scan" the invisible person, basically a way to counter this potion in an area. Like said before milk would be a great way to do this, but its far too common to remove a some what more expensive potion. We need something else to counter this potion, maybe a potion of sight? It would work somewhat like this: Drink it, and all invisible becomes visible, splash has the same effect, so this way it would balance a "Op" potion or whatever, just make that potion easier to obtain than the invisibility potion, yet harder to obtain than milk
    Like the nightvision potion for example?
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