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    Status update (Nov. 10, 2014): Please read the message I have written on my other mod.

    This mod is meant to allow you to create your own mods in-game, with absolutely no knowledge of coding required. Any additions you make to your mod come into effect right away (no reloading your game) and in all worlds, and your mod is saved in a file that you can share or read.

    A while ago, I made a Renewable Resources Mod, which was meant to allow one to obtain infinite amounts of a resource without exploring infinite chunks, while mainting the difficulty in obtaining them. However, I was not able to think of a way to make every single item and block from every single mod renewable, until I thought of something new: the Recipe Adder block. However, to stay true to the purpose of the mod, I placed many restrictions on it to prevent exploitation. I realized that this block had much potential, but it seemed like a waste to create a mod just to add a less restrictive version of a feature I already made. Then, I came up with the idea of making a mod that not only lets you create your recipes, but lets you create your own mods.

    Recipe Adder 2

    The recipe adder 2 (I already used the name "recipe adder" in my Renewable Resources Mod) lets you create your own recipes, whether it is shaped or shapeless. Right-clicking the block opens this GUI:

    To add a recipe, first place your desired recipe into the slots above the inventory, like this:

    The stack size of the items in the recipe area (not the result slot) does not matter. The stack size of the result, however, does matter; it determines how many items you get from one crafting.

    To add the recipe, simply click the "Add Recipe" button. (For obvious reasons, you cannot use a recipe shape that is already used in a different recipe.) You should then be able to craft it with a crafting table:

    You probably noticed a third button in the GUI, with a picture of a crafting table. Click on the button to change to icon to an anvil; you can now make shapeless recipes.

    If you want to make a shaped recipe again, click on the anvil button to change the picture back to a crafting table.

    If you want to delete a recipe, simply place the recipe's shape into the recipe area, then click on "Delete Recipe." You cannot delete recipes that are in vanilla Minecraft.

    Furnace Adder
    (I apologize if the artwork seems quite horrible.)
    The furnace adder lets you create your own smelting recipes and fuels. You can also choose how much exp you get from the smelting, or how long the fuel lasts.

    Right-clicking the block opens this GUI:

    As with the recipe adder, you can place items into the furnace slots to add a smelting recipe or fuel. However, there are additional things you can do. Clicking on the text box labeled "Fuel Time" changes the GUI to this:

    A number pad is provided for you so that you can input your own numbers. The arrow button is for backspace. If you don't like clicking many buttons, you also have the option of typing in the number from your keyboard. Any "invalid" key typed (a character without a button in the GUI or one whose button is inactive) will be ignored, so typos and errors are less likely. Finally, there are three buttons on the bottom that set the number to preset fuel times equivalent to that of the item in the button. Wooden plank sets the number to 300, coal to 1600, and blaze rod to 2400. It takes 200 to cook one item. To return to the add/delete recipe screen, click on the "Done" button.

    Clicking on the "Experience" textbox opens the GUI:

    It's pretty much same as the previous GUI, except that the preset buttons are different, and you can place a decimal point. The stone button sets the number to .1, iron ingot to .7, and gold ingot to 1.

    You cannot add a smelting recipe if the cooked item is already in a different recipe. You cannot add fuel that is already a fuel. The cooked items ignore metadata, while the fuel and result are meta-data specific. Smelting recipes and fuels are saved separately. Click on the "Add Smelting" button to add the cooked item --> result item with the given experience, or the "Add Fuel" button to add the fuel with the given time. To delete a smelting recipe, place the item to be cooked in the appropriate slot, then click on the "Delete Smelting" button... I'm pretty sure you know how to delete fuel by now. You cannot delete anything that is in the vanilla version of Minecraft.

    Here are the recipes in the example in action:

    Block Adder
    To create a block, click on the create block button, choose your block type, then type stuff into the text fields. The block ID text field must be a number between 0 and 256, and must not be the ID of a block that already exists. The texture text field can accept the name of a file in the textures/blocks/ folder in the minecraft.jar file for a vanilla texture, or you can type the name of your own 16 x 16 png image, which you must place in the images folder included in the custom mod folder. The name text field... is the name of your block. The material is pretty useless for now, but I will add a use later.

    You can also create animations for block textures, the same way you would do so for vanilla. Just remember to include the animation text file in the images folder.

    Using the delete block button will only delete the block from your custom mod. To delete the block from Minecraft itself, you will have to close then re-open Minecraft.

    Currently, the only way to obtain a block immediately after you have made is to use the /give command. However, once you do that, you can use it in the recipe adder or furnace adder to make a recipe for it.

    I will change this to a more user-friendly tutorial when I actually finish the block adder.

    Adder Blocks in General + Compatibility Notes
    Ever adder block is available in the decorations tab of the creative inventory. In addition, every adder block emits a light level of 7, because they are magical.

    The recipe adder 2 has an ID of 163.
    The furnace adder has an ID of 164.
    The block adder has an ID of 165.

    This mod uses ModLoader, but is somewhat compatible with Forge. This mod edits the following base classes:
    SlotFurnace (so furnace recipe exp values of more than 1 will work properly)
    TextureMap and TexturePackDefault (so you can place textures in the custom mod's images folder)

    Reading and Sharing Your Mod
    Let's say you forget exactly what you've added to your mod. Or you want to share it with your friends. Don't worry; this mod has you covered! In the .minecraft folder, this mod should create a folder called "custom mod". If you want to share with your friends, it is this folder that you copy.

    Inside this folder, there are two files: "custom mod.dat" and "mod features.txt". Do NOT do anything with the .dat file; it is what the game reads when it is loading to add your mod's features. Do open the .txt files to read the features you have added.

    The top item (portion of the file separated from others by empty lines) is a shaped crafting recipe. The array of numbers is the shape of the recipe; "0" is an empty space, while other numbers are defined in the legend below. Directly underneath the recipe shape is the result item, including how many are produced in one crafting. Every item is followed by its ID and its metadata / damage value.

    The second item is a shapeless recipe. It is pretty self-explanatory; the first items are the items you place into the crafting grid, and the last item (the one that follows "gives") is the result and how many. As usual, each item is followed by its ID and metadata / damage value.

    The third item in this file is a smelting recipe. You should be able to tell what it is just by looking at it. However, there is one thing different; because the item to be cooked is not dependent on metadata, only its ID, and not its metadata, is given in this file.

    The last item is fuel you've added. Pretty self-explanatory.

    Made by XxGamingTownxX:

    What I Hope to Add in the Full Version
    Forge-compatible version
    Block Adder, with many custom properties for blocks
    -Ability to make "crop" blocks that you can farm
    -Ability to add plant blocks (similar to sugarcane, sapling, tall grass, etc.)
    -Ability to add pane blocks
    -Ability to add/edit many properties, such as drops, tool, slipperiness, light, etc.
    Item Adder
    -Ability to add food
    -Ability to add tool sets
    -Ability to add armor sets
    Dungeon Loot Adder
    Custom Ore Generation
    Custom Plant Generation
    Achievement Adder
    Biome Adder (maybe)
    Mob Adder (maybe) (will only imitate other mobs)
    Structure Adder (maybe)
    Support for Multiple Mods
    Mulitplayer support

    All additions you make to your mod in upcoming features should take effect without having to reload the game. However, block deletions require a reload of the game.

    Why Don't You Add X Feature?
    Notice that this mod is called the Simple Mod Maker. Most things I have not added or listed are likely too complicated or will make this mod itself too complicated.

    However, once I release the full version, I might add more features when I actually learn about them. I might even change the name of the mod if I add enough stuff.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. If you haven't already done so, install ModLoader or Forge for 1.5.1. Use 7zip or any other program that lets you modify jar files to open the minecraft.jar file.
    2. If you haven't already done so, delete the META-INF folder.
    3. Drag all the contents of the folder except the "Forge" and "Free Images" folders to your jar file.
    4. If you are using Forge, drag the contents of the "Forge" folder to your jar file.
    5. Enjoy! Tell me if there are any bugs, and remember this is still a WIP.
    This mod uses ModLoader, but it is also compatible with Forge. However, some features (custom fuels and custom blocks) will not work on Forge.

    Announcement: Unfortunately, due to my intense workload from school, I probably won't be able to update this mod to the most recent version until winter break, in late December. In the meantime, enjoy this picture:

    Terms and Conditions
    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.
    Terms and Conditions made by Rotten194.

    Version History
    -Updated to 1.5.1.
    --Also added support for animated textures for custom blocks.
    -Added the ability to make custom blocks that are affected by gravity (like sand and gravel).
    -Changed the way the recipe adder checks for duplicate recipes for maximum compatibility and fewer bugs.
    --As a result, this mod is now compatible with Forge!
    BUG: Because Forge is weird, custom fuels and custom blocks do not work if you are using Forge. However, custom recipes and custom furnace recipes still work on Forge.

    -Made installation much easier.
    --Made optional bug fixes less optional in order to help simplify installation.

    -Updated to 1.4.6/1.4.7.
    -Fixed a TON of bugs and crashes related to custom blocks.
    -Added the ability to create and delete custom blocks. However, you cannot edit them yet, so they are only good for decoration for now.
    -Added an optional bug fix (edits a base class) to fix furnace recipes giving too little experience if you make the recipe give more than one point.
    -Fixed the bug where clicking buttons on a GUI would register too fast.
    -Bug: Custom blocks that use your own images have the wrong particle colors. The particle colors come from index 0 of terrain.png.
    -Bug: Custom blocks in the inventory are not shaded (they don't look as 3D as they're supposed to).

    -Updated to 1.4.4.
    -Added support for custom blocks
    -Added the block adder block, which does nothing yet.
    -Fixed the bug where furnace recipes could output more than one item.
    Bug: version still displays as v0.1.1
    Note: Also compatible with Minecraft 1.4.5.

    -Fixed the division by 0 crash with the recipe adder 2
    -Some code in preparation for v0.2

    -Recipe Adder 2
    -Furnace Adder

    v0.1.4 - 1,861 downloads! (I have no idea why people are downloading it when it's very outdated...)
    v0.1.3_1 - 597 downloads
    v0.1.3 - 618 downloads!
    v0.1.2 - 215 downloads!
    v0.1.1 - 146 downloads!
    v0.1 - 76 downloads! (15 within first 24 hours)

    If you have any comments, tell me what you think about this mod.
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    Status update (Nov. 11 2014):You all have not had any word from me for over a year regarding me updating this mod to more recent versions. First of all, I need to apologize for this; I am sorry for those of you who were interested in this mod to have kept you waiting, promising updates later on, only to disappoint you in the end. As my workload became busier and busier, I started to lose interest in Minecraft. In addition, due to how many base classes I edited in order for this mod to work, updating was super tedious. At the end of last year, I was relying on winter break in order to find the time to update my mods. However, college apps took way longer than expected. Afterwards, my busy schedule resumed, and then I entirely lost interest in Minecraft, becoming inactive on these forums and in updating my mods. At the end of this past summer, I started to regain interest in Minecraft after reading about all the new features that would be added in 1.8. Now that I'm in college, I have more free time than I was in high school, so I decided I could try to get back into modding. While playing 1.8 and getting bored over how tedious things were, I became inspired to make another mod, which is what I am working on right now. However, I hope I will have time to eventually return to this mod, and then my Simple Mod Maker (no guarantees though). If I do get around to updating these mods, I will completely reprogram them; much has changed about the source code and the game, plus back then my programming was more messy. Hopefully I will be able to make this mod much easier to maintain.

    The Renewable Resources Mod

    If you came here hoping to see a mod that lets you infinitely duplicate items simply by standing in front of the crafting table and furnace, prepare to be disappointed. The goal of this mod is to make every item obtainable (able to be collected in your inventory) in survival mode renewable, while maintaining the challenge (or tedium) required to maintain them, adding a minimal number of items/blocks, and making it unnecessary to give up emeralds to villagers.

    This mod will be most enjoyable to people who play survival maps with limited resources, people like me who hoard resources without using them in fear of running out, or people who simply want alternate methods of obtaining items.

    :coalore: Random Recipes :goldore:
    First of all, because coal and charcoal, iron ingots, gold ingots, and emeralds are renewable, let's make their ores renewable:

    Next, let's make lily pads renewable.

    Note: only jungle leaves will work for this recipe. No other type of leaves will work.

    In order to produce redstone, you will need to have already obtained redstone, and you must have a cauldron. This mod alters the behavior of the cauldron; you can still use it the normal way, but you can also add rose red dye and redstone dust to it by right-clicking the cauldron with these items.

    The cauldron on the left contains redstone, and the cauldron on the right contains red dye.

    These two cauldrons have both ingredients in them.

    Once a cauldron has both ingredients in it, simply right-click it with gunpowder. The gunpowder will soak up the solution, transforming into redstone dust, and the cauldron will be depleted by one level.

    Right-clicking a cauldron with a water bucket at any time will refill the cauldron and dilute the solution back to normal water.

    Of course, because redstone is now renewable, its ore should be renewable:

    In addition, many more items are now renewable (redstone torches, repeaters, etc.).

    This mod changes the way bonemeal works. First of all, if you use bonemeal on grass in a swamp or jungle, 50% of the tall grass will be the fern variation. Also, if you use bonemeal on grass in a desert, 50% of the tall grass will be the kind that looks like a dead bush. In addition, using bonemeal in a desert will make actual dead bushes instead of flowers.
    Finally, using bonemeal on a block of sand will produce a single dead bush.

    :Lava: Lava :Lava:
    An infinite lava source can be made, similar to water. However, in order for a flowing lava block to turn into a lava source block, all four block around it must be lava source blocks. In addition, the block above the flowing block must be any kind of lava.

    This is the ideal infinite lava source (of course, with blocks less fragile than glass). Simply sneak above the open space, look straight down, then right-click with a bucket.

    Alternatively, you could dig underneath the lava, place a sign so it doesn't pour onto you, then look up to collect the lava without any danger of falling in.

    :VV: Nether Recipes :VV:
    The renewability of many items will require you to go to the nether. First of all, it turns out that blaze rods are actually containers for highly concentrated heat. This mod lets you smelt a blaze rod to get a block of fire!

    Fire blocks can also be used as fuel. I wouldn't recommend it though; they have the same fuel value as blaze rods

    Of course, because fire blocks are now renewable, chain mail armor is also renewable!

    I know, none of these items are obtainable in vanilla survival mode. But fire blocks seemed like the best solution to the following two recipes:

    The glowstone recipe is shapeless.
    What, you don't understand the recipe for glowstone? Here's an explanation:
    Hopefully, you know that the formula for glucose is C6H12O6. Well, we will assume that the sugar in Minecraft is glucose. Sugar combusts with the formula C6H12O6 + 6O2 --[/media]
    I will soon make a video of my own for the most recent version.

    Download for Minecraft 1.5.1
    1. If you haven't already, install Forge for 1.5.1
    2. Back up your .minecraft folder.
    3. Using a program like winrar or 7zip, open your minecraft.jar file (inside the bin folder inside your .minecraft folder).
    4. Drag all the files in the mod folder you downloaded into your minecraft.jar file.
    5. If you haven't already, delete the META-INF folder.
    6. Enjoy, and report any bugs you find.

    Download Link: http://bit.ly/ZPmgZG

    Important: If you want to uninstall this mod or update Minecraft, make sure you convert every single multi-purpose block into iron blocks in every single map, and mine every single recipe adder block with a pickaxe that's worse than iron.

    Known Bugs
    None. If you find one, please report it!

    Version History
    -Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
    -Completely stopped updating the ModLoader version (only Forge version now)
    -Added a config file for many things (such as block IDs and recipes)
    -Changed the way the recipe adder checks for duplicate recipes to minimize bugs and maximize compatibility
    -The multi-purpose block can be renamed and will retain its name when placed (similar to chests and furnaces)
    -The multi-purpose block will output a redstone signal to comparators based on how full the four cooking slots are
    -The multi-purpose block can interact with hoppers
    -Added a construction recipe for cobwebs
    -Added a fuel cell recipe for nether quartz
    -Added a recipe for nether quartz ore
    -Dirt can now also be made with pumpkin seeds and melon seeds
    -Halved the default chance of getting ore from stone in the multi-purpose block
    -Each piece of diamond now requires 16 coal/charcoal to make instead of 4
    -Changed the recipe for redstone ore
    -The recipe adder now also requires a nether star to craft
    -Added two more achievements ("Magic Brewing" and "Very Expensive")
    -Fixed the multi-purpose block rendering in the wrong color in the inventory
    -Minor bug fixes
    BUG: The recipe adder and custom recipes do not work client-side (it still works server-side). I have no idea how long this bug has been in this mod.

    v1.2 (Only the ModLoader version)
    -Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6.
    -Changed the output for the coal, diamond, and emerald ore recipes to only one ore. However, also removed the restriction on using fortune on coal, diamond, and emerald ores.
    -Added three Achievements: Skilled Constructor, Refinery, and The Renewable Secret.

    -Updated to Minecraft 1.4.4 and 1.4.5. (Only the Forge version.)

    -Fixed division by 0 crash with recipe adder
    -Fixed crash at start-up in Forge version

    -Fixed several recipe adder bugs (and hopefully all of them).
    -Minor bug fixes.
    -Minor improvements.
    -Easier to install.
    -Full version!

    beta 2.2.1
    -Temporarily fixed the recipe adder bug. (If I ever make a server version, I will have to try a different fix.)
    -The Forge version is back!
    -Added a recipe for bottles o' enchanting.

    beta 2.2 (There is no Forge version; after I discovered the recipe adder bug, I decided to try to fix it before updating the Forge version.)
    -Updated to Minecraft 1.3.2!
    --The blocks added to the creative menu are in the decorations tab.
    --The multi-purpose block recipe for cocoa beans has been removed.
    -To make chiseled stone brick, you must now have the netherrack at the save y coordinate as the stone brick (see the spoilers for details). The makes it easier and more dangerous at the same time to harvest chiseled stone bricks.
    -Bug fixes.
    --Using bonemeal will grow something based on the biome of each coordinate, and not on the biome of the block clicked. (Only has a noticeable effect on biome borders.)
    --The multi-purpose block should now accept fuel added by other mods.
    BUG: Custom recipes do not work, and the game crashes when trying to add a recipe.

    beta 2.1
    -Made a Forge-compatible version.
    -Fixed all known bugs.
    --Fixed an untested bug in which using bonemeal of a sand block that already has a block on top of it will consume the bonemeal anyways.
    --Fixed the functional slot shift-click exploit.
    --Fixed a critical, rather embarrassing bug in which shift-clicking the craft results of the construction table would give you more items than it should if that item is not in your inventory.
    -Using redstone or red dye on a cauldron in creative mode no longer consumes the item.

    beta 2.0
    -Completed the Recipe Adder block and all its functions.
    -Halved the cooking time for dirt, sand, gravel, and clay.
    -Fixed the bug where placing stone in all four cooking slots and a piston in the functional slot would rapidly consume your fuel without making anything.

    beta 1.2
    -Added a new block. However, since the only thing it currently does is open up a gui that does nothing, I will not give any specifics yet.
    And I did all this in one day:
    -Made the fortune enchantment better. Instead of using a lower level of fortune on placed ores, fortune will work normally, and any drops whose number is too high will be lowered to the max number allowed (see "About the Fortune Enchantment" spoiler).
    -Temporarily added a recipe to let you obtain cocoa beans from brown wool in a similar manner of getting lapis lazuli from blue wool. (This recipe will be removed when Minecraft 1.3 is released.)
    -Added a method to make chiseled stone bricks renewable.

    beta 1.1
    -This mod is now compatible with (and requires) ModLoader!
    --Fixed the empty tool-tip bug for the multi-purpose block.
    -You may now craft a multi-purpose block back into two iron blocks.

    v1.3 - 151 downloads!
    v1.2 (ModLoader only) - 42 downloads
    v1.1 (Forge only) - 51 downloads
    v1.0.1 - 64 downloads
    v1.0 - 71 downloads
    beta 2.2.1 - 29 downloads
    beta 2.2 (ModLoader only) - 15 downloads
    beta 2.1 - 72 downloads!
    beta 2.0 (ModLoader only) - 41 downloads
    beta 1.2 (ModLoader only) - 34 downloads total (14 downloads in just one week!)
    beta 1.1 (ModLoader only) - 16 downloads!
    beta 1.0 (ModLoader only) - 11 downloads

    Terms and Conditions
    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.
    Terms and Conditions made by Rotten194.

    Announcement: v1.3 is finally released!

    If I forgot anything, please let me know. Also, if you have a better idea of how to make something renewable, tell me. I likely will not accept it, but if it's good enough, I just might accept it.

    If you ever find a bug or crash, please report it. I will try my best to fix it.

    If you have any comments, tell me what you think about this mod. (Please keep in mind that the first seven and a half pages of comments were from when this mod was a WIP.)
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    posted a message on The No Crafting Table Challenge (updated with 16th entry)
    The No Crafting Table Challenge

    Here is a nearly impossible (but still possible) challenge for those of you who are bored: Defeat the enderdragon without ever using a crafting table (do not post anything about a different language pack). You can still use the 2x2 crafting grid in your inventory. If you play multiplayer, anyone who helps you must also not use a crafting table. Make sure you never play on peaceful, and you never play on creative (though this should be implied by the fact that this is the survival section). On multiplayer, you may not use server commands, and you may not use the singleplayer commands in the new snapshot. You may trade with villagers.

    Why should you try this challenge? Because unlike most other challenges, it does not have numerous objectives that are difficult to keep track of but required to complete the challenge; in fact, there is only one objective. Also, it does not have tons of rules that are easy to forget; just basic rules. Finally, it does not require hardcore mode. (Seriously, almost every challenge I've seen requires hardcore mode.)

    Do not use mods that give you items for free, let you trade items, or add recipes/items. Also, do not use mods that enable you to move in a way you normally wouldn't (for example, flying mods or the smart moving mod). Finally, do not use mods that give you the power to do something you shouldn't (such as automatically killing mobs, teleporting, etc.). Use common sense to figure which mods you can and can't use.

    I have decided to add one exception to the crafting table rule. You may use a crafting table once, then make one chest or jukebox with it; or, you could generate a bonus chest if you have the new snapshot. You can do only one of these things. If you do this, however, you will not get a certain achievement, and you will lose a lot of points. However, you can use as many pre-generated chests as you can find without losing points.

    How is this challenge possible? Here are some tips in case you get stuck:
    Beginning the world
    Begin the world like you would with any other world: collect wood. However, you should collect a lot more wood than usual, and saplings are important. Because you cannot build a pickaxe, you cannot collect cobblestone, so wooden planks will be your main building material. After you build your wooden house and have more wood than you need, collect a lot of dirt. About one row of your inventory should be filled with planks and dirt. (Remember, you can't use chests unless you find one in a generated structure!) However, as I describe in following tips, there are blocks you can use besides these, so you might not have to follow this tip.
    The problem of food
    The only reliable source of food if you don't find a village is rotten flesh and apples. However, if you find an NPC village, use the farms, and protect them from being trampled at all costs. Remember to build a ceiling so spiders don't trample your farms. You can use the wheat to breed cows or pig, start an animal farm, and obtain a reliable source of much better food. In addition, you can use a blacksmith's furnace to cook the food with wood or charcoal. Also, if you find melon seeds, you could use the farms to grow melons. Otherwise, all you have are apples. Better harvest a lot of trees.
    Building a portal
    Just because you don't have a pickaxe, it doesn't mean you can't break stone. Either start a mine or find a cave, then explore/mine your way to the lava levels. There are three ways to build a portal frame. For method 1, first, find a dungeon, and hope it has a bucket. If not, find another dungeon. Then, use the bucket to transport lava and water to make a portal frame.

    For the second (and much harder) method, the ideal place is a huge lava lake with a water source very nearby. If you find one near the surface, that is okay (even preferred). Next, have the water turn the top of the lake to obsidian, then block the water off with dirt. Then, break all the obsidian except for the top of the portal frame. Repeat the process until you have a full portal frame. The third method, which depends on luck, would be to use obsidian gathered from npc village blacksmiths.

    Next, there are two methods of lighting the portal. You could get flint from gravel and iron ingots from zombies or iron golems, letting you craft flint and steel with your 2x2 crafting grid. Or, you could use the skyblock method of lighting a portal.
    Preparing for the end
    Unfortunately, you will not have a lot of cobblestone to protect yourself from ghasts. Dirt is weak and will be destroyed, and wooden planks will catch on fire. However, if you find an NPC village, then collect a lot of clay. Cook yourself some bricks, and use them instead of cobblestone. Or, you could use a bunch of stone-based stuff from creeper explosions, or from using a pickaxe obtained from a village.

    Hunting blazes for blaze rods should not be much different from when you aren't doing the challenge, except you will be using blocks other than cobblestone. The battles will be more difficult though, without armor or swords (unless you get a sword from a zombie or zombie pigman). The same thing applies to hunting endermen for ender pearls.

    Searching for strongholds and for the portal also shouldn't be that much different, except blocks will take much longer to mine, and you will not have torches unless you find a village. However, before you enter the portal, there's something you should do first. Hunt a lot of zombies until you get an iron shovel, then find a snow biome. Shovel up a lot of snowballs. If you're too impatient to get an iron shovel, you could get a bow from a skeleton, or eggs from a chicken. At this point, your inventory should be filled with building blocks and snowballs / bow and arrows / eggs, and possibly a few rare drops. You are now ready to enter the end.
    Battling the enderdragon
    First, destroy the ender crystals. However, their explosions make it dangerous to destroy them from up close. While watching the enderdragon, build a tower nearby, but not too close to, an obsidian tower, then throw a snowball at the endercrystal. Destroy the tower you are standing on until you are back at the bottom, then repeat until all ender crystals are destroyed. Then, wait for the enderdragon to approach, attack it, and repeat. If you have a bow and arrows from skeletons, they could help. Also (I can't believe I forgot about this), if you have any snowballs left, you could throw them at the enderdragon to damage it.

    Tips to increase your chances of survival:
    How to mine stone, ores, etc.
    Creepers can actually be helpful. When creepers explode, a few of the blocks destroyed will drop. This can help you get cobblestone, coal (for torches), etc. In the nether, you can use ghasts to collect netherrack, though you unfortunately cannot collect nether bricks.

    A second method to mine is to get a pickaxe from a generated structure. Be aware that you only have limited pickaxes, though.
    Getting light
    You can't mine coal, but there are still three ways to get coal for torches to light your mines, caverns, dungeons, etc. The first method involves creepers, as described above. The second way is to find torches in npc villages and abandoned mineshafts. The third way is to find an npc village with a blacksmith, then use its furnace to use wooden planks to cook wood, making charcoal. Charcoal is essentially the same as coal, except they can't stack together.

    Once you have torches and a pumpkin farm (see npc villages tip), you can make jack-o-lanterns for stronger light. You can also mine glowstone dust for glowstone, but it's really risky, doesn't drop all the dust, and can't be crafted into lanterns without a table. As a last resort, you can use flint and steel (from gravel and dungeons/zombies/mineshafts/villages) and maybe some netherrack.
    Mob drops
    Although hunting mobs has a high chance of getting you killed, there are still benefits. (Do not hunt zombie pigmen, though!) Zombies have a small chance of dropping iron ingots, iron helmets, iron shovels, and iron swords. The ingots are required for flint and steel, and the shovels are required for snowballs. Snowballs help you blow up ender crystals, and let you make snow golems (yes, it's possible). Swords and armor should always be helpful.

    Skeletons have a small chance of dropping bows or enchanted bows. Because they can also drop arrows, killing enough skeletons will make you an archer! Also, you can use the bones they drop to tame any wolves to find, and use rotten flesh from zombies to breed them.
    The importance of NPC villages
    Your chances for survival aren't very high if you don't find an npc village. (Due to the sheer difficulty of the challenge, I will let you use seeds if you want.) First of all, they come with torches that you can use to light up and move into one of the houses. In addition, if you want a defense from most mobs (excluding creepers), you can just go near an iron golem. Also, you can use the blacksmith furnace to cook wood for charcoal for even more torches, and the chest items may contain iron tools or armor. If it has a pickaxe, you can you it to mine stone, and the nether will become a lot easier.

    Most importantly, they have a lot of farms. I recommend building walls around them and making sure nothing tramples them. You can then farm wheat, build an animal farm, and breed a lot of animals so you'll never go hungry. In addition, if you find melon or pumpkin seeds, you can convert some farms to melon or pumpkin farms. Melons will serve as food, and pumpkins can help you build snow golems and jack-o-lanterns (which give off more light than torches).
    My inventory is full!
    If you find an npc village with a blacksmith, a dungeon, an abandoned mineshaft, or a stronghold, you can break the chest and use it in your base (if you have one). If you can't find a chest, you'll just have to live with a full inventory, or craft a single chest and lose tons of points.
    seernox's tips
    Quote from seernox

    Bucket - Most important item in the game, can be used to make mob grinders and flushing out dungeons
    Furnace - You cannot make these but find them in villages, incredibly useful for cooking food and some other stuff
    Wood - Used to make buildings and 6 pieces of wood is enough to make 16 torches (if you have access to a furnace)
    Cactus - This is a funny one but it can be used make walls and mob grinders
    Flint and Steel - Good for travelling allows you to burn mobs + burning animals results in cooked food
    Shovel - If you are lucky enough to get one it can be used to craft snowballs, enough to get plenty of blaze rods easily.

    Nomadic - Probably your best option travel village to village searching for dungeons until you find enough resources to stay in one spot
    Base - Pick a village or an area near a stronghold or a ravine and bunker it up - grid search surrounding area for dungeons and other materials

    Mob Grinder
    - can be used to gather drops from zombies - iron armour + sword, skeletons - bows + arrows, creepers - gunpowder
    - can use one of 2 trap systems lava (with ladders from a village), and cactus
    - problem is it is needed to be made out of cobblestone however you can mold this or if you are lucky enough to get an iron pick axe
    -Miniature Mob Grinders can be made with dungeons near by

    Other interesting things possible with some items
    Redstone - Can be used to reduce trips to lava while making a nether portal and redstone torches
    Simple Redstone Systems - You can make systems if they contain levers, pressure plates, doors and buttons
    Pumpkins - Used to make a better lightin, and snow golems if your lucky (not that there useful anyway)
    Shears - Can be used to get vines off forest trees a great substitute for ladders

    Warning: this challenge will be very time-consuming!
    Another Warning: Play on hardcore at your own risk. If you attempt this on hardcore, it is almost a 100% chance of failure (unless you're very skilled).

    If you for some reason accept this challenge, post pictures!

    Pictures of me trying the challenge:
    The Beginning
    entry 1 - Spawning:
    spawing with chickens (Are they evil?)

    socializing with a testificate

    my items (the chest is from the blacksmith)

    My wheat farm (it's behind the door, protected by that rectangle of dirt)

    zombie angry at a testificate (too bad for the zombie that this is easy mode)

    entry 2 - A Night With the Villagers:
    I looked through the window to check on the zombie again, and saw even more zombies. I found this funny, until I saw what was at the bottom of my window:

    Then, when daylight came, the zombies gave up on that house, and decided to come to mine!

    After they died from fire, I saw a much nastier surprise waiting for me:

    I looked back at the window to see if it was the same creeper, but that one was still there. So, there is a creeper in front of my window and in front of the door. I have no idea how I'll make it out of there alive.
    entry 3 - The Death of Everyone:
    I managed to escape from the creeper, despite the fact that it was right in front the the door. First, there was only one, it just kept moving between the door and the window. (That new AI is scary!) I knew I had to act fast, because the villager inside with me could open the door and let the creeper in any moment. So, I broke a block off the ceiling above the chest, then used my two dirt to jump up there. As soon as I escaped the house, the villager opened the door. When I looked around from the ceiling, I realized there was only one creeper. I replaced the block from the ceiling, then sprinted off the house and ran to the ocean. The creeper followed me, and I managed to defeat it with my bare hands. Unfortunately, no gunpowder dropped, and in the heat of combat, I did not take any pictures. When I returned to the village I noticed two things: the only villager I could see was the librarian that spent the night with me, and it was already sunset. So, I went back to my house. During the night, I saw this:

    This would cause a lot of trouble later. The librarian was in a house next door, and I noticed a zombie in front of his door. When daytime came, that villager opened the door! He was immediately killed by the zombie, and I realized what happened to all the other villagers, and why the zombies the day before came after me when night ended. The zombie and skeleton left in search of shade, so I went outside. Unfortunately, two skeletons were waiting, protected by a roof and a house, and I barely managed to escape.

    I went outside again, and immediately died.

    When I returned to the village, the monsters had despawned, so I spent the rest of the day building a hole, luring pigs with wheat from the farm, then pushing the pigs into the hole.

    The next day, there were curiously no monsters. I spent that day gathering wood, cooking them in the blacksmith to get charcoal, then making torches. I scattered 16 torches around the village.

    This is my current inventory:

    entry 4 - Settling:
    I dug underneath my house to attack any monsters, inspired by Shindokaku's first video of this challenge. I never see any more monsters in the village, however, ever since I placed torches everywhere. But just a precaution...

    I killed another creeper, and this time, it dropped two gunpowder! The gunpowder is useless, though, until I get blaze powder for fire charges.

    I got lucky enough to get two apples from one tree.

    No! It's raining! I'll be staying in my house for the entire day, I guess.

    This is pretty much what I do every day. Harvest wood, cook some of it, turn the rest into wooden planks. I made a lot more torches, and scattered even more throughout the village. I'm using the wooden planks to improve my farm.

    This is my improved farm. I'm not even close to finishing it.

    This is my inventory. Now, time to wait the rain away.

    Cavern Chaos
    Entry 5 - Discovering the Cavern:
    I got bored waiting for the rain to go away and for the night to pass repeatedly, so I decided to start a mine.

    I punched away at stone with my bare hands. But almost immediately, I ran into a creeper-infested cavern.

    There were three of them, and I defeated all of them through the window I made.

    There is something I have been neglecting to show you. It's a hole in the ground in the village. I didn't think it was important, but now I think it might be connected to that cavern I found.

    I made stairs down to the cavern, but of course, I didn't go in.

    Back in the creeper cavern, I found it infested with spiders instead. And one damaged me! Not good with my current hunger.

    I killed it, but then a skeleton shot me. I immediately retreated.

    Now that I'm on low health, I'm wondering whether I should eat my hard-earned apples.
    Here is my inventory:

    Entry 6 - The Safety Tunnel:
    So, I ate five precious apples so that I would not die. Now I only have one left. T-T

    Each night, instead of being bored waiting, I explore my cavern (though it's not really what you would call exploring). I dig a tunnel with windows on the side of the cavern instead. Here is my method of safely lighting the cavnern:

    Well, this side of the cavern was a dead end. Let's go the other way.

    This is how I safely attack monsters.

    I seriously hate creeper explosions. Oh well, at least I got some cobblestone and coal from it.

    These two creepers almost made me jump when they walked from nowhere.

    The only reason I'm showing the picture is to demonstrate how lighting glitches can sometime be funny.

    I was pummeling the creepers, so they called on back-up! The skeleton forced me out of the cavern. Now, I'm low on hunger and low on health, so I guess I have no choice but to wait for the day again.

    Here is my inventory:

    Entry 7 - Chaos:
    This weird-shaped tree grew. Just thought that I should show it to you before chopping it down.

    A spider decided the join my pigs. Lucky for me it was daytime.

    Here's where the real chaos begins...
    So, the next time I went down to the cavern, the skeleton still hadn't despawned! So, I had to cover up all those "windows" letting me look into the cavern.

    Then, my world was (figuratively) turned upside-down. First, when I went outside during daytime, a spider attacked me and almost killed me. My health is shown in the picture below. Next, I was digging my safety tunnel, but unfortunately, the cavern next to it made a sharp turn. The next thing I knew, after destroying a single stone block, there was suddenly a spider right in front of me. I started attacking it, but then a zombies came... and walked inside of my safety tunnel! I had to block off my tunnel like this so they wouldn't come inside my house.

    Here is my inventory, plus there's 16 charcoal in a furnace. I plan to collect sand and smelt it, to place proper windows in the cavern.

    Here's how I plan to retake my safety tunnel:
    I will take a lot of dirt. My safety tunnel is only two blocks tall, so filling the width of its bottom layer should make it so that only spiders can pass. Also, I should be able to continue to place blocks by looking above the blocks I place. As I cover more and more of the bottom layer, I will destroy blocks immediately in front of me, so I can continue further into the tunnel. Eventually, I will reach the place where the monsters can enter, and seal it up. There's only one problem: skeletons.

    I wish I had some recording thing and a youtube account to show the action... but then, people probably wouldn't like it that I would not talk.
    Entry 8 - Taking Back the Safety Tunnel:
    Before I attempted to take back my cavern, I ate all of my food except for the three porkchops so that I wouldn't die.

    The following two pictures show me taking my safety tunnel back from the monsters. Surprisingly, I didn't run into any monsters.

    Mission success!

    This is my first branched tree. :( I guess I won't be chopping it down anytime soon - it's too big for me to use my time on it for now.

    Some of my farmland got trampled! I have no idea how this happened. As you can see above, my farm is surrounded by wooden planks.

    My wheat farm is finally complete! With a ceiling so spiders don't jump in! (Maybe that's how some farmland got trampled.)

    Unfortunately, I am now trapped in here for the night, and will not be able to show you my inventory.
    Entry 9 - Enter the Evil Creeper:
    Finally, I placed glass in my safety tunnel so I could safely check for monsters in the cavern.

    The cavern was giving me too much trouble, so I decided to start a second mine...

    then I ran into a second cavern! Those caverns just won't let me rest!

    I'm finally able to start working on my pig farm, now that my wheat farm is complete.

    I explored one side of the second cavern, which led to a dead end. Which means it was safe for me to exit the safety tunnel into the cavern, since only spiders can reach me from the other side of the cavern.

    While exploring the other side, I came to this mysterious light (on the right side of the picture).

    Of course, I had to investigate. It turns out that this "second cavern" is actually the same cavern. While I was investigating, a creeper snuck up on me. Luckily, I saw it before it exploded, and I only took half a heart of damage.

    Then, I saw a second creeper, who from here on shall be known as the Evil Creeper, and I ran away as fast as possible. I was unable to pick up the items from the explosion.


    I followed it while looking through the glass a to dead end (because I block off part of the cavern). Then, I broke some blocks separating the safety tunnel from the cavern, then started spam-clicking its legs. I was getting close to defeating it, when suddenly, the Evil Creeper came from seemingly nowhere. I quickly retreated and replaced the blocks (except one so I could attack them). When I looked, the Evil Creeper was gone, and the enderman was shaking with fury, so I resumed attacking it. Then suddenly, the Evil Creeper reappeared! I retreated deep into my safety tunnel. I came back just in time to see the enderman teleport.
    As I walked back to my house, I saw the enderman through one of the windows! I broke the blocks between us again, then resumed attacking it. Here is the end result:

    So much trouble, just for one ender pearl...

    Here is my inventory. The sad thing is, every single one of those bones and arrows came from skeletons that fell prey to the sunlight (not to me).

    Entry 10 - Conquering the Cavern:
    How should I explore this branch of the cavern? Clearly, I can't dig a safety tunnel over to there.

    So, I actually left my safety tunnel to build a wall.

    Only spiders could get past that. Then, I decided better safe than sorry, so:

    The cavern is conquered!
    So, I used my newly conquered cavern as the safety tunnel to explore that branch. Turns out, it was very short. So, the wall came down almost immediately after I built it.

    When I looked into my pig farm, this was what I least expected to see:

    That creeper took an incredibly long time to despawn.

    Gravel is starting to take up too much space in my chest. Lucky there's many empty village houses for me to store the gravel in.

    I don't have any rotten flesh... so I guess I have to use spider eyes as my emergency food.

    Here is my current inventory... but wait! I have more pictures for you!

    So, there was only one branch of the cavern left for me to explore. The shape of the cavern was weird, and made digging a safety tunnel really difficult. However, I was getting 2-5 FPS, so I turned down my render distance to tiny... then I was ready to finally abandon caution!
    Almost immediately, I came to this confusing place:

    I thought to myself: What is this?
    I was expecting at most a vertical overlap between two caverns. What I was not expecting were these:

    So now, I have myself a ravine thing... or an intersection of about ten caverns... or some kind of ugly mesh between the two...
    But clearly, safety tunnels will not work here, so my old caution is not an option.
    The 3-D Labyrinth
    Entry 11 - Absolutely No Progress:
    Before I start exploring the labyrinth, I blocked off all scary-looking caverns so that creepers wouldn't creep up on me.

    Now, how am I supposed to explore something like this?

    So, I attempted to use my gravel block to make it easier to reach a platform closer to me.
    Today, I've learned never to place a gravel block underneath you while sneaking over the edge.
    I fell at the same time the gravel did and somehow ended up with my feet inside of it. I had only fallen about five blocks, but I was at the very edge of the platform. Scared of mobs, I immediately tried to jump up to get on top of the gravel - but it somehow pushed me off the platform.
    I fell a long way, and when I landed, everything was very dark. I immediately started sprinting, hoping to beat all odds and make it back up; but to no avail. There was an explosion.

    Death Count = 2. 81 exp points, 5 dirt blocks, and 15 torches lost.
    I can't tell whether that was climactic or anti-climactic: the situation was pretty intense and nerve-racking, but at the same time, I died just because of a silly bug with sneaking and gravel.
    Anyways, this is what time it was when I respawned:

    The dash back to the village was climactic for sure.

    An enderman! Should I look at it?

    I looked at it, but it never came up here. It was teleporting everywhere below me, but eventually it disappeared.

    At this rate, I'll never reach that lava...

    Here is my current inventory.

    Entry 12 - The Ravine:
    Every time I look at an enderman, instead of teleporting up to me, it justs teleports everywhere underneath me and eventually dies from fall damage. At this rate, I'll never get enough ender pearls to open the portal.

    Platform conquered! Just many, many more platforms to go...

    I decided to take a break from the 3-D labyrinth, and explore a ravine that intersects it.

    I decided to try another safe method of exploring caverns that's faster than the safety tunnel method; let's just say it turned out to be slower.

    Well, here's the end of the ravine. I guess I should just explore its other wall.

    This water flow is my safe passage to the bottom of the ravine and the labyrinth. I'm too scared to explore down there yet, though.

    Just another picture showing how endless this labyrinth is.

    Another picture showing how complicated this labryinth is. Also, do you see that floating piece of stone in the middle? I plan to turn that into a crossroads.

    Well, it didn't turn out to be grand, or even as clean, as I hoped. But it still serves its purpose.

    I was planning to show you a completed pig farm in this entry. The building is complete; however, when I went to collect more dirt to fill the hole the pigs are in, it began to rain. (Seriously, it rains in this world more than it does in any other world (except my obstacle course)). So, I guess I'll just have to show you the completed pig farm in the next entry.

    Here is my inventory.

    Entry 13 - The Unlucky Time Travel:
    My luck in this entry is exactly what I would expect from the number 13.

    In the beginning, I downloaded Optifine to see what it would do to my FPS. I made a back-up of my .minecraft folder before I did so. It didn't help too much under normal survival circumstances, so I un-installed it.

    Afterwards, I completed my pig farm, and bred two of the pigs. I also collected tons of wood, and smelted a lot of charcoal. I was exploring the labyrinth, block off tunnels that I would explore later. A skeleton (of course) managed to kill me, but I was still making good progress. Eventually, my pig farm was beginning to thrive; I had five pigs, and my food problem would very soon be solved. I had an abundance of wood, charcoal, and dirt, and the labryinth was bright, but then, all that progress went down the drain.

    One night, I turned off my computer. The next day, I turned it on; except it didn't start up. It just gave me an error, with a black screen with white text. The repair option only gave me a blue screen, witha different error each time. My computer was unuseable. Eventually, it was fixed, with all of its memory intact. I tried to open my .minecraft folder; it wasn't there. All my worlds were gone. Then, I remembered that I backed up my .minecraft folder before I installed Optifine; I copied that into where it was supposed to go. My death count was reset to 2, but... all that progress, gone!

    So, I had to finish my pig farm again.

    I saw an enderman in the perfect position for me to kill, but it teleported away after many punches.

    These caverns used to be completely lit up. Now they are drowning in darkness.

    I don't have the will to explore them again; the next cavern I will explore is one I found while digging a safety tunnel.

    The only good thing was that my death count was reset to 2. But even that was about to change. Remember the Evil Creeper from entry 9? He somehow found a way to get above ground. While I was trying to get my supply of wood back, this happened:

    The Evil Creeper had finally succeeded in foiling my plans. The Time Travel had brought nothing good.

    Here is my current inventory:

    Before the Time Travel, I had a lot more dirt.
    Entry 14 - The Safety Bridge + The Zombie Apocalypse:
    At first, I was scared, but I entered the cavern anyways, using gravel to help. (After doing this challenge, I realize that gravel is one of the most useful blocks.)

    After turning left, I almost immediately reached the end of the cavern.

    So I went right instead, and realized that I had stumbled from one 3-D labyrinth to another one. There's just no escaping them.

    Luckily, I found a normal cavern branching off. While exploring it and building gravel walls, I thought of a safe exploring method much faster than the safety tunnel - the Safety Bridge!

    First, you build a gravel wall across the cavern. (Gravel because its falling properties make building the bridge convenient.) Next, stand on top of the wall, and start building a wall that splits the cavern in two, so that you could walk on it. While you advance, place torches. Next, after traveling a little, build another wall, like this:

    Then break the previous wall and the bridge to re-use the gravel for the next bridge.

    While you build the bridge, have fun attacking zombies!

    I reached a part where the cavern split up, so at first, I took the left route. But, when I was walking at the intersection, I noticed another zombie from the right. I attacked it, and realized more were coming. Eventually, I was looking at this:

    I didn't even realize I had a sword until my brother pointed it out.

    I began attacking the zombies with my fist (to save the sword's durability). But the zombies just kept coming!

    Then I saw an iron helmet, and I started to use my sword to get to it quickly before it disappeared. I collected some rare drops and rotten flesh (I'll never have to worry about food again!), then went back.

    Here is my current inventory (I really need to find another chest fast).

    Entry 15 - The Dungeon:
    Suspecting that the zombie horde had come from a dungeon, I advanced farther into the cavern. I saw some cobblestone and mossy cobblestone.

    Of course, while building my gravel wall, some zombies just had to break through. I always managed to close off the wall before more than two escaped, but that wasn't enough.

    On easy mode, I haven't even reached the nether yet, and I've died four times!
    And of course, I respawned during night. I saw an enderman that was carefully guarded by a skeleton. I waited for the skeleton to wander away, then began swinging at the enderman's legs... but instead of hitting the enderman, I hit a bunch of tall grass. I was finallly about to hit it, when I suddenly took half a heart of damage. I turned around, and saw this:

    I'm lucky that my death count isn't 5.

    Here is a picture of the dungeon.

    In the meantime, during the day, I decided to expand my house. I did this by connecting my shack to the library next door.

    The dungeon has been conquered!

    Here is the loot, in the bottom two rows.

    While exploring a section of the labyrinth that was explored before the time travel, I saw this light:

    That was a section I had blocked off before the time travel, and I had not seen the light there before. Is it a torch near the zombie dungeon cavern? Perhaps I shouldn't have blocked it off before the time travel.

    Just testing out my new flint and steel.

    Here is my current inventory.

    My third chest is in the connection between the two houses.
    Entry 16 - The Zombie Trap:
    To create a mob trap, I first established an infinite water source by the dungeon.

    Achievement Get! Almost blowing stuff up

    In this entry, I build an inefficient mob trap, but it suits my needs.
    First, build a ceiling as shown in the picture (do NOT build a floor like I did), then dig one block deep into the wall.

    Next, build a wall to keep the zombies from escaping, and a ladder to hold back the water. Remember to leave enough space for you to go inside.

    Place water in the two back corners.

    Finally, place a block above the ladder to keep the zombies from esacping, then destroy the torch.

    Have fun (or not) collecting rare drops!

    Achievement get! Mob trapper.

    From now on, don't be alarmed if cobblestone and smooth stone appear blue; it's just a texture pack I made for my Ice Caves suggestion.

    How on earth did this baby pig escape the farm?

    I have a feeling that this iron shovel will be very useless to me.

    Apparently, baby pigs can't fit through doors.

    Remember the light I saw an entry or two ago? It turns out that the zombie dungeon cavern and the 3-D Labyrinth are connected! So when I said I had found another labyrinth, it was actually the same one.

    Starting here, I switched back to the normal texture pack.

    Here is my current inventory:

    Death count: 4
    Almost blowing stuff up
    Mob Trapper

    If you're having trouble finding an npc village, cpander found this seed. It spawns you in a plains biome island with an npc village, and what seems to be a jungle biome nearby:

    If you're fine with copying long numbers, here is another seed found by Corbinsor with much better resources:

    Here's another, easy-to-remember seed found by me:
    Note the positions of the c and the e. It's Minceraft, not Minecraft. Nearby, there is a very tiny village... with diamonds! Those should help you with the achievements. Also, it is like a tangle of biomes - snow, plains, swamp, and forest are all there, in a small area.

    Here's another seed that, if you look around a bit, starts you with everything you need to make a portal.

    This seed spawns you in a village ravaged by a mountain. It is next to a forest and a jungle, and the blacksmith has some iron equipment. The seed is:

    Here is the first video I know of in which someone accepts this challenge.
    Quote from Shindokaku

    Challenge Accepted.

    Similar Challenges
    These challenges have some similarities to mine, but are different enough to be considered unique.
    No Crafting: http://www.minecraft...thout-crafting/

    You're already an over-achiever if you manage to complete the challenge, but in case you want to be even more of an over-achiever, here are some achievements:
    True No-Crafting-Table-Challenge - do not use a crafting table to make a chest or jukebox (100 pts.)
    Animal caretaker - own a farm of four animals (cows/mooshroom, pigs, sheep, chicken) (50 pts.)
    Almost an enchanting table - own four obsidian, two diamonds, and a book at once (100 pts.)
    Almost a diamond block - own nine diamonds at once (requires Independent) (150 pts.)
    Absolutely useless - own a full stack of each: red mushroom, brown mushroom, magma cream, and glistering melon (125 pts.)
    Creeper manipulator - own a full stack of iron ore, 32 gold ores, 32 lapis dye, and 4 diamonds at once without using a pickaxe to obtain them (200 pts.)
    Zombie pigman hunter - own a gold helmet (other rare drops don't count for this achievement) (125 pts.)
    Useless but rare - obtain a music disc without using a trap or dungeon (100 pts.)
    100% vanilla - use no mods (Optifine is allowed, though) (75 pts.)
    Like a Boss - complete the challenge without dying a single time (250 pts.)
    Almost blowing stuff up - gather four sand and five gunpowder at once, in addition to either a redstone power item or a fire-producing item (25 pts.)
    Anti-theft - Do not use any items you find in pre-generated chests (250 pts.)
    Iron golem slayer - Slay an iron golem without dying (100 pts.)
    Mob Trapper - Build any kind of mob exp trap using a dungeon (100 pts.)
    Slimy Hands - Collect 32 slime balls (50 pts.)
    Ghast Hunter - Collect 5 ghast tears (100 pts.)
    Independent - Do not trade with villagers (250 pts.)

    I will think of more later. Yes, these are all possible (but it is impossible to get all achievements in one challenge).

    Score System:
    After you complete the challenge, follow this procedure to determine how well you did.
    1. Start with a score of 0.
    2. If you crafted a chest (a jukebox doesn't count), subtract 50 points from your score. If you use the bonus chest in the new snapshot, subtract 200 points from you score (at least you still get the first achievement).
    3. Subtract 5 points from your score for every time you died. Do not count deaths that were after you defeated the enderdragon.
    4. Add points to your score based on your achievements.
    5. If your score is positive, then multiply your score by the following numbers: 1 for easy, 1.5 for normal, 2 for hard, or 2.25 for hardcore. If your score is negative, divide your score by the appropriate number. Round up to the nearest integer. Use the easiest difficulty you used during the challenge.

    After you complete the challenge, you can still continue to play to improve your score.
    If you somehow manage to complete the challenge, post your score!

    Hall of Fame
    Challenge Completed
    1. seernox - 878 points
    2. lorgon111 - ? points
    Hardcore attempts
    rodabon - 3319 exp points - made it all the way to the end without using a seed
    Deacon_Blue - made it all the way to the end without using a seed (pictures)
    Gamebuster4000 - challenge score of 1294 points

    You can put this wonderful banner, made by stardust2280, into your signature to support this challenge.

    Also, I made the following achievement just in case you want to put this in your signature. I don't really expect anyone to use it though, and I don't really care.

    If you ever need to find this thread for some reason, it's buried under tons of other threads, and you're not following it, just look at the second page when you search this survival section for most replies. It's there somewhere.
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    posted a message on What's The Rare Drop Rate For Carrots and Potatoes?
    Everyone's doing so many tests... but why not look at the source code?
    First, looking at the EntityZombie class, I found the dropRareDrop method. I found that when the zombie drops a rare drop, there is a 1/3 chance for an iron ingot, a 1/3 chance for a carrot, and a 1/3 chance for a potato. These events are mutually exclusive.
    Next, I followed the EntityZombie class's hierarcy, searching for where the dropRareDrop method is called. This eventually brough me to EntityLiving. So this is what happens:
    When a mob dies, a random number from 0 to 199 is chosen. Then the looting level of the tool is subtracted from this number. For example, if 100 is chosen and you have a Looting II tool, the new number is 98. Now, if that number is less than 5, then the mob will drop a rare drop.

    Conclusion: If you do not use looting, there is a 1/40 chance to get a rare drop. For zombies, there's a 1/120 chance for an iron ingot, 1/120 chance for a carrot, and a 1/120 chance for a potato. These three events are mutually exclusive.

    If you use looting III, there is a 1/25 chance to geet a rare drop. For a zombie, that's 1/75 for an iron ingot, 1/75 for a carrot, and 1/75 for a potato, mutually exclusive.
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    posted a message on Many Minecraft mods illegally redistribute Mojang assets.
    Are you saying that any mod that edits base classes is illegal? If that were the case, then mods that actually affect the game would be impossible. You say this issue must be addressed to go forwards, but in reality, it would pull it back a lot.

    First of all, in order to make a mod that doesn't edit base classes, you would need to put your code entirely in your own classes. Here's where the problem is: in order for the code in your own classes to be called, you have to reference those classes from code that's already running, which can only be in the base classes. But in order to reference your own classes from the base classes... you need to modify those base classes!

    So, it is impossible to make a mod that actually does something without editing base classes. If you are saying that people should stop modifying base classes, no mod would exist at all. There are mods that don't edit base classes, but that's because they depend on API mods such as ModLoader and Forge that edit many base classes.

    Most modders don't try to edit base classes, because doing so causes incompatibilities with other mods. We only edit base classes when there we can see no other way. If you truly do mean that modified base classes are illegal and that stopping this would be a step forward for modding, I can tell you do not know much about programming (at least in java).

    I've read over the terms that you try to follow so strictly, and it seems that they just don't want anything we make to sound too official, and that they don't want us to make commercial use of anything they make. Also, you might want to read this, found in the terms of agreement:
    Basically, mods (or plugins, or tools) are cool (you can distribute those), hacked versions of the Minecraft client or server are not (you can't distribute those).

    I've always thought that by assets, Mojang meant modified versions of the entire jar file itself, or very large portions of it (this is opinion supported by the fact that they use the entire minecraft.jar file as an example, and the fact that Mojang wouldn't explicitly allow mods if they were not okay with base classes being modified, and yet again by the fact that Mojang seems pretty relaxed about this kind of stuff). I hope that's what you mean too, because otherwise, you would be saying that every single mod is illegal and/or depends on an illegal mod, and that the IP rights of no modder can be respected, and that the entire mods section of this forum should be shut down. I hope I have helped to clear a major misunderstanding.
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    posted a message on the center for chunks of a world
    You just got unlucky. When a cavern generates, it replaces any ore block that it generates over. And only one diamond vein generates per chunk. What happened was that a cavern replaced the diamond veins of all four of those chunks.
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    posted a message on Unbreakable Vault - with 1-block-wide tileable XOR gates
    Here, I show you an unbreakable vault I made, and how to make one. The only way to get in is to use the right password. Sorry if the quality is bad.

    Basically, an NOR gate is used on XOR gates to determine whether the password is correct. A repeater-locking and resetting mechanism is provided so people don't look at your password while you're in the vault. Command blocks are used to teleport you into and out of a vault protected by bedrock. The vault is fully customizable, and the wiring is simple.

    I challenge you to break into this! There might always be something that I forget. If you can't do that, try to grief it so that only an operator can repair it. Remember to follow the guidelines at the end of the video.
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    posted a message on Renewable Resources Mod v1.3 - Big Update for 1.5.1
    Well, the thing is, updating my mod to 1.3.2 gave a lot of bugs. While I fixed most of them, there's still this annoying bug with the multi-purpose block where the arrow displays the wrong time (and a weird graphical thing happens). On top of that, today was my first day of school, and being a junior at the school I go to means having no sleep. If you want me to release the bugged version, though, I'll do it; it's not a game-breaking bug, after all.
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    posted a message on How the Minecraft World Came to Be
    Be prepared for a very, very long read.

    At the Beginning
    No one knows what was at the very beginning. All that is known is that eventually, a great, un-named, ancient civilization rose to power. All was peaceful; they lived in harmony with their environment, always giving back to nature what they took. When they cut down a tree for wood, they re-planted the tree. They had farms of all kinds, and always made sure to plant excess seeds throughout the wilderness during times of the lack of natural plants. Whenever they killed an animal for food, they bred another animal. The list could go on, but you get the idea.

    Like most ancient civilizations, they worshipped a spirit. They offered most of their excess resources to the spirit, which was happy and kind as a result. One day, they built a gigantic, wooden statue for it, and the Gentle Spirit decided to inhabit it. For thousands of years, their peaceful life remained unchanged. They never went underground; it was full of stone, and they had discovered that destroying stone did not drop anything for them to give back to the environment.

    However, everything changed with the invention of the pickaxe. Someone, in an effort to find a way to take stone then return it to nature, invented this tool. It was not perfect, though; instead of dropping the stone, it dropped cobblestone. But at least it was some progress. Bored with their monotonous lives, the people began to incorporate cobblestone into their houses. However, they could not find a way to duplicate it and return it to nature. But they didn't care; it was finally something new! With this mentality, they became more and more greedy over the generations.

    When someone invented the furnace, the situation became even worse. Eight cubic meters of cobblestone were being compressed into one cubic meter of furnace with each crafting, destroying matter (as opposed to the matter-creating wood-to-planks crafting). And on top of that, the furnace had to consume resources in order to function. The people had discovered coal while mining for cobblestone. Coal was being consumed by the dozen as people cooked their food. (Of course, no one thought at the time to cook wood.) Once, sand was accidentally thrown into the furnace. It yielded a new substance that was named glass. Previously, sand was untouched because it was pretty much useless; after this discovery, the people began to rapidly deplete the world's sand for yet another new material.

    While the civilization became more greedy with each generation, their greed corrupted the spirit that inhabited the statue. Eventually, the Gentle Spirit became so corrupted that it became the Evil Spirit, and flew away from the statue. Unlike the Gentle Spirit, which watched over the civilization, the Evil Spirit fed on destruction. It began thinking of plans that would take thousands of years to develop. In the meantime, it fed on the destruction that the civilization was causing to its own world.

    Eventually, the people had nearly depleted most coal on the surface. In order to find more, more, and more, they dug deeper underground. This led them to discover iron. They immediately took a liking to it; they could use it to make tools that would yield resources even faster! On top of that, they thought of countless other uses for it, such as railways to speed up transporation in mines, and even more new decorations.

    They dug deeper, and discovered gold. They didn't make much uses for it, because iron was much stronger in comparison. Still, it looked pretty, and they mined it without returning anything to the environment. Even deeper, they found redstone. This mysterious substance could conduct some sort of magical energy; they immediately began to try to mine as much as possible to make things more convenient for themselves. They even found a way to use redstone and gold to make minecarts move faster. The civilization became highly technologically advanced, but it was destroying the world around it.

    Then, the first slime was discovered. It did not like weird creatures from above the ground intruding into its territory, so it attacked the person who discovered it. The people responded by killing any slimes they found with their newly-developed iron swords. When they discovered that they could use the dropped slime balls to make sticky pistons, they began to actively hunt for slimes.

    Now, slimes are large, animated pockets of moisture collected underground. They have a life cycle very important to the environment. Water has a high specific heat, meaning that it takes a lot of energy to raise its temperature. As a result, they protect the upper parts of the under ground from being over-heated from the lava underneath, and the high temperatures created from the pressure of all the earth above. When too much moisture collects together underground from cohesion, it can't do a very good job of regulating temperatures in other areas more lacking in moisture. So, it turns into a slime, which jumps around spreading its moisture everywhere. It becomes smaller as it goes, until eventually, the slime has completely reverted to moisture which is now more spread out.

    However, the people were unnaturally killing the slimes, and even taking the slime balls above ground. The slime balls were the moisture dropped by the slimes when they died this way; of course, the now greedy civilization did not think about returning the slime balls to the underground. They were setting up a very large problem for themselves in the future by removing this temperature-regulating substance from the environment.

    The final blow to the environment came with the discovery of diamond and lapis lazuli. Both were incredibly pretty; everyone wanted as much of both as possible. When it was discovered that diamonds could make tools stronger than iron tools, people wanted diamond even more. Of course, both diamond and lapis lazuli are very rare, and they were quickly depleted. The Evil Spirit grew very powerful as the civilization destroyed its world.

    By using redstone, the civilization began to think a lot more intellectually. Unfortunately, they decided to use science the wrong way. They began by experimenting with living things. They tried to invent an enlargening potion to make themselves more powerful. They tested it on a spider; after all, how menacing could these tiny things be, even after their size was multiplied by 20? However, their greed somehow got into the potion, and when the test spider grew to a size of roughly 2 x 1 x 2 meters, it was evil. It attacked the scientists, then escaped into the wilderness, where it bred an innumerable number of equally large, equally evil spiders.

    In order to defend themselves from these vicious spiders that moved faster than they could swing their diamond swords, the people decided to make a sturdy machine that would fight the spiders for them. They used the strongest material that they had a lot of: iron. Eventually, after a lot of wiring, the first iron golem was created. They did a great job of defeating spiders without dying; however, more iron was being consumed. On top of that, the Evil Spirit grew even stronger with these now frequent deaths.

    Fortunately, there were a few people who realized that what they were doing was bad for the environment. Most people did had not noticed the disappearance of the spirit, and over the generations, the spirit was completely forgotten. However, thoughtful historians realized that over history, the spirit suddenly disappeared when cobblestone mines were made. They notified scientists, who realized that what they were doing must be bad, and had corrupted the spirit. (Of course, many scientists did not believe this, and none of the general public believed this; they wanted their life to be luxurious.) The thoughtful scientists began to experiment with alternate dimensions and portal technology, seeking to create a world that was exactly like their world before the pickaxe was invented.

    Escape from the Nether
    Meanwhile, the moisture underground had been depleted to 10% of its original level. There was almost nothing to stop the hot temperature from rising up to the surface. In mines deep underground, lava began to appear. Slowly, the oceans began to vaporize. Over the years, surface temperatures became unbearably hot. Finally, everyone began to realize that they had become carried away with damaging the environment. Luckily, the scientists had perfected their portal technology. Everyone fled through the portals, vowing to live in harmony with the environment. They brought their iron golems, just in case. Unfortunately, a few spiders also escaped into the overworld...

    At that moment, the Evil Spirit finally finished making its plans. It chose that moment to attack the civilization; but instead, it found an extremely hot place filled with lava. It became very enraged, and it decided to express its anger. It obliterated all animals except for pigs, which it tested its new zombify spell on. The result: zombie pigmen. It took the spirits of deceased animals and made them ghasts. It instructed all new entities to attack any villager they saw.

    It gave the entire world a red color, and made all stone weak to explosions. Even the grand buildings did not escape the red spell; nether fortresses were created. The few remaining slimes eventually adapted to their new environment, becoming magma cubes. Of course, there were still a few stubborn people who refused to believe that all that was happening was their doing; the Evil Spirit got to them and transformed them into blazes, cursed to guard the precious fortresses forever. Whenever ghasts perished, their tears fell onto the dirt. Their tears carried their spirits, which were absorbed into the dirt, turning it into soul sand. Eventually, all dirt in the world carried the souls of deceased ghasts. Finally, the Evil Spirit created a great ceiling over the entire world to block off sunlight and moonlight forever. And this destruction made the Evil Spirit very powerful.

    Meanwhile, the villagers noticed that their portals were becoming purple with corruption from the Nether, and destroyed the portals from both sides. The people who went to the other side all either fell prey to the new mobs or became blazes.

    But they were too late to stop the Evil Spirit from escaping.

    The Attack
    As the generations passed, the villagers gradually forgot the destruction that had happened in the Nether. They resumed making mines, and believed the facts of the past to be myth and legend. However, destroying the environment now felt morally wrong, and they mined in moderation.

    The Evil Spirit cast its perfected zombify spell on half the population, leaving the other half to suffer the wrath of the zombies. However, the Evil Spirit had not predicted that the villagers would have Iron golems. Although the zombies infected other villagers with their spell, iron golems protected most of the villagers. In frustration, the Evil Spirit re-cast its zombify spell on all zombies without thinking. To its delight, this caused all dead (re-dead?) zombies to lie until all their flesh rotted away, leaving the bones. The Evil Spirit gave these skeletons bows and arrows since they were much more nimble than zombies, then set them out against the villagers. Although the iron golems still managed to defend the villages, the skeletons were much more deadly than the zombies and spiders. On top of that, the iron golems now had three monsters to defend against.

    So that villagers would be in danger even in their mines, the Evil Spirit created dungeons. The villagers would be lured in with the prospect of free items, then be ambushed by one of the three monsters. The Evil Spirit used a large portion of its power to make it so that monsters would magically appear in the dark. It also created spiders that were poisonous, and could fit through 1 x 1 meter gaps. This made mining dangerous, and eventually, all mineshafts were abandoned.

    Annoyed that the villagers weren't dying fast enough, the Evil Spirit carried out the next part of its plan. It animated leaves to create the first creepers. It borrowed the explosive power of three ghasts, and infused the creeper with it. The new creeper was not affected by sunlight, and could detonate at will. Even iron golems were too scared to attack them, and the end of the villagers seemed near.

    When Dimensions Collide
    Later, a group of explorers found an ancient blueprint for creating nether portals. They brought it to the officials, who decided retreat back to the nether to keep safe from the monsters. Now remember, the villagers did not know what the Evil Spirit had done to their old dimension, and had assumed that without them, the Nether had turn back to a peaceful environment. They brought it to the scientists, gathered the necessary materials, and lit the portal. Then a wave of zombie pigmen blasted out of the portal.

    At first, the zombie pigmen seemed to be harmless. However, when one foolish person attacked them, they suddenly began attacking every single villager. This attack eventually evolved into a full war, with villagers and their iron golems against the zombie pigmen. When magma cubes emerged from the portal and remembered what the villagers had done to their ancestors, they joined the zombie pigmen. However, iron golems were overpowered beings, and the villagers gained ground and eventually made their way back to the portal.

    Instead of closing the portal, the villagers decided the follow the mobs into it.They were surprised to meet a labyrinthine landscape, full of lava and blocked off from rain and sunlight. The ghasts, under instructions from the Evil Spirit, fired upon the newcomers. Iron golems were helpless; they could not fly, after all. However, the villagers were armed with bows and arrows, and fired upon the ghasts. Blazes posed more of a problem; they could light villagers on fire, and the villagers soon discovered that all their water evaporated in the nether. However, their bows and arrows took care of the blazes too.

    Instead of closing the portal afterwards, the villagers built even more portals! They had decided that the Nether was too valuable to close off. The pigmen were a source of gold other than mining, blazes provided just the magical sticks scientists were looking for to make their hypothetical brewing stand, glowstone was considered very valuable, netherrack could be used to finally make fire places, and there were tons of potion ingredients just waiting to be taken. However, even more trouble started when overworld monsters found the portals.

    The zombies, creepers, and spiders simply perished to the lava. However, when the skeletons traveled, the ash in the Nether's air merged with the skeletons' bones, creating a fearsome new mob: the Wither Skeleton. Their bones were black with soot; they even dropped coal when they died. Their reinforced were now strong enough to support heavy stone swords, so they discarded their light bows and arrows. The ash, imbued with the Nether's corruptive power, lent them the power to make people wither away.

    The wither skeletons, unlike zombie pigmen, were naturally hostile to the villagers. The nether became more dangerous for them, but an even greater danger was soon to come. A villager once slaid three wither skeletons on top of soul sand. The villager quickly went away, but the skeleton heads dropped onto the soul sand. The spirits of the deceased ghasts from four blocks soaked into the heads, resurrecting them as a single Wither. The Wither could fly like ghasts could, but it was much faster. It had the general shape of a skeleton, albeit it had three heads. It could fire like ghasts could, but it could shoot three at a time, and its heads could cause entities to wither away, like the wither skeletons' ability. On top of that, it could regenerate health and absorb villagers' health! The Wither made it way too dangerous for villagers to explore the Nether, so they closed the portals from both sides. Those who were stranded in the Nether tried to defeat the Wither, but it was too powerful.

    However, the ghasts were jealous of the Wither. In a great battle in which many ghasts perished, the Wither was finally defeated, which is why we don't see it in the Nether today. However, the villagers did not know this. Eventually, they ran out of glowstone, netherrack, and their Nether potion ingredients. On top of that, overworld mobs continued to attack their villages.

    The End
    About half the villagers lost the will to survive, and decided to just live their lives as best as they could. Eventually, all monsters except for zombies began to ignore them, but zombies began to pursue them extra-agressively.

    Some scientists created underground bunkers, or strongholds, to experiment with portal technology to try to create a dimension that the Evil Spirit could not touch. While they eventually succeeded in creating three portal frames in three strongholds, it was too much effort, and they gave up. The villagers that did not lose hope eventually came to be known as "Steve"s. Their fighting spirit remains, and they try to this day to vanquish the Evil Spirit from the multiverse.

    However, the Evil Spirit carried out its final stage of its plan. It flew to the moon, then broke off a huge chunk of it, sending it flying into space. It then invaded the abandoned strongholds, and gave corrupted enlargening potions to the silverfish to stop any Steves from intruding. It activated the portals, then converted the souls of all deceased skeletons into beings of pure darkness - the endermen. It then took the endermen into the portals, which led to the chunk of moon flying out into space. The Evil Spirit deactivated the portals, and the endermen thrived and multiplied in this dark, empty environment. Occasionally, they teleport to the overworld, causing havoc and removing blocks from nature.

    The Evil Spirit then used its remaining power to embody a fearsome creature - a large, dark dragon. It created towers that could heal it when it was in a critical situation. This dragon could fly at super-high speeds, fast enough to knock any challenger off the side of the piece of moon, spiraling forever into the universe's emptiness.

    This Enderdragon now waits, enjoying watching the destruction of the Overworld. Waiting for someone to come and challenge its might...
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    posted a message on do mushroom biomes take away from the game?
    I don't really see how they don't fit in with the game. Surely, it must fit in more than a pig attracted to a carrot on a stick. Minecraft strikes me as a game with fantasy appropriate for all ages, and almost anything in this category should be fine for me.
    But enough with opinions; let's talk about what they add to the game. First of all, it's creative; I have never seen a mushroom biome, let alone mushroom cows (mooshrooms) in any other game (tell me if there actually is a game with these, though). Second of all, they provide a place sheltered from monsters, with an easy infinite supply of food. At first, this may seem to unbalance the game, but remember that mushroom biomes are very hard to find. This paradise biome serves to provide a nice reward for those who stumble across one in the ocean. Whether or not it takes away from the game is opinion; while I respect any opinion about mushroom biomes, it does add back to the game to make up for any taking away.
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