About Me
I am the creator (more like thinker) of the No-Crafting Table Challenge. It requires you to defeated the enderdragon without using crafting tables, and it is completely possible.

Also, I have made the Renewable Resources Mod; my goal for it is to make every item obtainable in survival mode (including mod items) renewable while maintaining the challenge (or tedium) required to obtain them. One day, hopefully I will update it...

Another mod I am working on is the Simple Mod Maker. It is designed to let you make your own simple mods (no custom mob behavior, dimensions, or anything like that). Like the Renewable Resources Mod, I haven't updated this in a while either.

I am currently working on a third mod; I'll post more on that later. I have been developing it for 1.8 (yes that means I go through all that obfuscated code :/).

Here is this really long story I made about the origins of the Minecraft world. Check it out... if you have time.
I basically like programming anything game-related.

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