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    posted a message on Jeweled Items
    Treasured Sword: Consists of lapis and gold unlike the gold sword it is more durable and it increases drop rate
    treasure pile:Used to make treasuries look more like.well treasuries
    Medium:gold and lapis
    Large:diamond gold lapis and ender pearls
    Jewel Stud:placeable on walls which looks good with castles and shows off ur wealth

    Tearing Moonstone:uses glow stone dust to shoot a blue beams at enemy's(3 hearts)
    Uses a enderpearl-4 lapis and 4 gold. It has no durability.
    :Diamond: =Lapis :Coal: =Enderpearl

    :GoldBar: :Diamond: :GoldBar:
    :Diamond: :Coal: :Diamond:
    :GoldBar: :Diamond: :GoldBar:
    These are All related to gold and lapis in some way.
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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    Quote from attapi0

    Can you please not ask, he gets little people like you everyday who don't know how hard it is.

    well its kinda frustrating using a 1.8 compadable mcedit when its 1.0.0
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    posted a message on 5 Layers of Dimensions
    Quote from Arkisys

    Impossible. It would cause massive lag. The chunks load and generate from top to bottom and would load all the 5 layers at ounce causing massive lag.

    are you sure u read the whole thing? cuz it only shows 1 or 2 layers at a time.
    the inf thing sounds impossible and that exists so why not this be possible XD
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    posted a message on 5 Layers of Dimensions
    Quote from Jellomob

    so much herp, I don't understand what you are trying to say.

    ITs hard to understand how it works but its very less laggy with it
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    posted a message on 5 Layers of Dimensions
    Quote from Jellomob

    the idea of dimensions is just that, they are seperate from the overworld.

    and also the amount of chunk loading would cause MASSIVE LAG but that's besides the point.

    well u only see so many chunks at a time so its most likely not to lag beacuse when u enter another layer, u won't see the prev layers stuff(except the first 5 blocks height wise to make it not look derpy) and yo;'ll nyl see the current layers
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    posted a message on 5 Layers of Dimensions
    Quote from Rainfur

    The only problems with this is that first, there would be more lag, because of more chunks needing to be loaded. Loading time would increase.
    Also, it would be to simple to get to every dimension. There would be no point in strongholds.

    If you can make new suggestions that fix all of these issues, great suggestion!

    ok editing a solution and it will be difficult to get inbetween layers below voerworld since they might have a blast resist of 90 or take diamond pickaxes or spacial pickaxes to break it
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    posted a message on 5 Layers of Dimensions
    All the dimensions would be instead of traveling by portal you can go a certain deepness

    like using portals u would have to enter the dimension for it to load((only 2 alter dimensions at a time u can see however the ones below overworld can only see 1 of the dimensions


    Space(255-???) A area full asteroids giving meteorites and comets that give ice and permafrost.

    Mobs:Mini ufos, Ice golems(comet only), Space Creeper(a creeper with a jet-pack and oxygen tank), and mites(asteroids) which are like spiders but creepier.

    Advantages:High jump, Higher grade materials(almost as good or better than diamonds)

    Disadvantages:Requires oxygen tanks and can get stuck in space(eventually u die)

    Ozone(128-255) Similar to sky lands where u can use zeppelins which is more common with gold yet also has unique materials such as Mithril (not as strong a diamond but better than iron), Heavens light(levels u up once per light)

    Unique Mobs:Harpy ,Dragons, Skeleton Guard(stronger than normal skeletons)

    Advantages:its harder to be attacked in multiplayer due to its floating islands.

    Disadvantages:u can fall down o overworld and get crushed by fall damage. alos its much harder to travel without any flying vehicle

    Overworld(0-127) Same as it is now.

    Nether(-1 to -130) same as it is now but bigger

    The End(-131 to -255)same thing but bigger
    Extra ideas related to the LAyers

    Oxygen Tank: Gives oxygen to you for a duration(space creepers drop it)
    Heavens Light:Grants experiance
    Meteorites:Special metal that could be either stronger or weaker than diamonds
    Permafrost:Used to make freeze potions
    Mithril:Stronger than iron, but weaker than diamonds.
    Zeppelins:allows players to float to areas.
    Parachute:Helps Slow down falling (very helpful for going down)
    Meteor Armor:20% more durable and slowly regenerates health
    Spacial Sword:Sword is stronger than diamond however less durable.
    Heroic Sword:Consists of gold and heavens light to make something as good as iron but faster and can hit farther.
    Granite:Has a blast resist of 90 and requires diamond pickaxes or spacial pickaxe to mine which takes 45 seconds or u can blow it up which is a pain.(it only appears inbetween nether and overworld and nether and the end
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    posted a message on If you could pick a new dimension...
    all 3 dimeniosna combined together somehow Overworld: below its bedrock is nether and b elow that is the void with the end

    and the extra would be the ozone layer which is much related to the skylands (128-255) then space (255-???) PRoblem?
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    posted a message on Meteors!!!!
    Quote from Xrazr28shootrX

    I like this, but the armour should not give you special fists.

    um the fists are spearate and optional
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    posted a message on Meteors!!!!
    Quote from TheAltNat

    But why? I don't get the point of this at all. Just seems like a bad idea.

    And it's special, not spacial

    spacial as in ti came from space the armor/weapons are spacial
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    posted a message on Meteors!!!!
    once every so certain amount of time or something triggering it. A meteor can be seen in the sky. When it lands u see crying obsidian(careful not to step on it as i can burn you) which can be mined with iron or diamond pickaxe. IT gives 1 meteorite which can be smelted ans then turned into special armor and weapons.

    Spacial Pickaxe which can mine everything like diamond but faster.
    Spacial Sword: does 4 hearts in damaged and can slow enemies. (15% slower)
    Spacial Axe:Same thing as diamond axe but with splash damage.(Around the target)
    Spacial Shovel:mines things faster.
    Meteor armor: Has 20% more durability than diamond armor and it makes Ur health regenerate even when to hungry to regenerate.
    Fire Fists:same damage as fists but ignites and has increased knock back.
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    posted a message on Villlage merchants /w currency
    Quote from morshu9001

    Too hard to do. Jeb would have to keep making sure the prices aren't too cheap. In fact, the merchants would have to adjust their prices based on supply and demand or else this would not really work.

    Of course, the prices could just always be very high so you can get a needed item in a pinch. Adding more functionality to villagers in general is good.

    well its just a example and some ideas ur can add on if u like idc hopefully it makes it more legit :tongue.gif: Which i am hoping its mainly for adventure mode help. since its mainly focused to that
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    posted a message on Villlage merchants /w currency
    The merchant can be found in villages. He sells items like apples, iron based things and gold ingots. Another suggestion combined with this one is currency like gold coins(non craftable) which can be acquired by selling things like ingots and fish can give u some based on how rare it is. however, stuff like mycelium,Obsidian, White stone, and dragon eggs cannot be sold nor bought.

    Ways to get currency:
    From monsters but rarely
    selling stuff to the merchant
    chests in dungeons(common)

    What the merchant could sell(just ideas)
    chaimail(60% chance)
    iron tools(all the time)
    bottled water(anytime)
    arrows(all the time)
    music disc(5% chance of selling any of the discs each day)
    gold ingots(anytime but expensive)
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    posted a message on 1.9 (Pre-Release 3) is Ready To Test!
    heres sometihng i noticed abovut the goop...it spreads in any direction(
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    posted a message on Automatic Playing Jukebox
    I think jukeboxes should play constantly instead of once. But it requires redstone like noteblocks.
    Advantages in it: Music could have theme music for a city,castle,etc
    Disadvantages:could get annoying after heating it 1000 times.
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