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    Hello everyone! Welcome to FullThrottle Alchemist for Minecraft 1.7.10!

    Downloads and info are all available at www.ftamod.com.

    Need help using the mod? Watch my spotlight:

    Need a reference? Check out my site where this information is available in text format with guide images.

    FTA has taken an incredible amount of time and effort to create, so please support me in any way you can. Watching my YouTube videos and liking/commenting/subscribing is a great way to help me for free! Of course, Patreon is the best way to directly support me and give me a reason to update FTA.

    Just to let you know, if you want to get in touch with me the best way is FTA's official forums at http://forum.ftamod.com. I probably won't look at this topic again.

    Q:Um, what's this?

    A: This is FullThrottle Alchemist. Remember DartCraft? Yep, this is what it's turned into. I'm the guy who made DartCraft, by the way. This is DartCraft for 1.7.10 minus the infuser and plus the Atelier and transmutation system.

    Q: Why U Taek Soh Lawng?!

    A: Good question. I had to start from scratch again because of the insane amount of framework changes between MC 1.6 and 1.7. Plus, I didn't like the infuser anymore and wanted instead to port over a system I had been working on for an unrelated project. Also I stopped playing Minecraft for about 6 months mostly due to being jaded by how little other people seemed to care about Dartcraft and the work that I put into it.

    Q: What can I do to help?

    A: Support. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, watch my videos, like and comment. Follow me on and become a Patreon supporter if you have the means. I work really hard on everything I do and I really need all the support I can get.

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    Just a little update. I've honestly been trying to finish Skyrim lately, so that hasn't really helped DartCraft's development. I really haven't been in a Minecraft mood lately, but today I spent a great deal of time working on DartCraft again. I just couldn't help but add a new feature for the 1.6.4 version since I can still add stuff to that version. Since I already started the 1.7.2 port a month or so ago I had to manually copy over the files I changed. I just realized today though when I was going through my ForceUpgradeManager that I use itemIDs MUCH more integrally than I had remembered. Either way, I feel like I'm going to release this 1.6.4 version before the 1.7.2 version. On to questions.

    L8RHOMIE - Don't do that. I literally cannot fix that.

    TheiLLHunter - uMatter is just what I made in DartCraft. UUMatter has been renamed to "Universal Usable Amplifier" and does exist in physical form as of the version of IC2 I have been using. (Haven't updated in months. Whatever.) I manually added recipes back in using this, but it will have to be present in the version of IC2 you use for the recipes to even be added. The version of IC2 I've been running is industrialcraft-2_2.0.394-experimental.

    So in this next version Fairies got some config options since people were having problems with them being overpowered. I also finally added in a use for the "Explosion" upgrade that's been sitting around the code for the past year or so. You're going to like it. There's also something new with Ender Rods and teleportation. Look forward to it.
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    Hello all again. No new version yet, but here are some responses to questions.

    RikuSS4 - I use logistics pipes, but I haven't tried to do something that specific before. Thanks for the crash log I'll look into it. Off the top of my head it seems my core is looking for something on the client, but it's the server. Hopefully it's an easy fix. Holy cr4p (you can't type c r a p here I'm dead serious : crap), I just looked into it. Yep, shouldn't have programmed it that way. I'll fix this in the next version. The names on cores in your inventory won't look quite right, in exchange of course for not having a propensity for crashing.

    Stormister - I didn't know that mod existed, but it sounds great. It's also a shame that it doesn't work with DartCraft for some reason. Unfortunately that crashlog is jibberish to me and I see no indication as to what I could do to fix it. Sad face. I would definitely send that to the mod author of the dragon mod as well, since they might understand entity attribute crashes better than myself.

    Camulos - Changing the fountain generation frequency to 0.25 will cut them to 1/4 and changing it to 4.0 will increase it by a factor of 4.

    stoneminer02 - No, the port is on it's way.

    Buttonpusher - The paste has been removed.

    littlecrafterfin - Bane torches are set to destroy certain entities. I wouldn't really call that a bug, it's just how it's designed. I check for the entity to be an instanceof EntityMob. Many mod authors tend to make a mob an EntityMob as it is much more extensible when factoring in the existence of other mods that likely rely on this standard. However, I cannot enforce this standard on every mod author.

    littlecrafterfin - That mod again? Good lord! All right, I haven't looked into that mod but I might have to. They may be doing something special to their spawners to make them work without actually registering the entities as proper global entities. (Which could definitely cause the previous issue as well.) Or it could be a special block that just extends TileEntityMobSpawner, which I have also seen in Twilight Forest. If one of these is the case it would be a lot of specific integration to get it to work properly. Of course speculation without investigation is unhelpful in these instances so I won't know unless I look.

    fxmows - I wouldn't be surprised if GregTech decided that it wouldn't allow DartCraft to run because it just doesn't like it, regardless of the fact that the end user should be the one to decide what mods and config options are present in their final product. There is a precedent: in the past GregTech's author purposely crafted malicious code that crashed minecraft when other certain mods were present. I have confirmation that the FTB packs, for one, had to briefly remove GregTech until they could ask the author for the specific removal of that malicious code that went against their Terms of Service. ShinyMew1256 and a few others seem to have these mods working together with each other, perhaps you have a specific build of GregTech where he momentarily did something to this effect, and then removed such malicious code in future versions.

    MDM - Correct. The cracked versions of those blocks can actually be destroyed with DartCraft Bombs as well.

    filoumz - There is an option in the config to prevent DartCraft from removing vanilla enchants that were not applied to the tool via the Force Infuser. Under the "misc" category set "Normalize Force Tool Enchants" to false and such enchants will persist. The method for obtaining them however, may not be so easy, as they can only be upgraded in the Force Infuser if they are enchantless and other mods may have a similar restriction.

    MrAndrewPandrew - You have a mod telling you that they are Black Force Torches when you mouse over them in the world, correct? I believe this has to do with the pickBlock() method or something similar that I did not take the time to create. It's difficult to remember every little nuance of modding when there are so very many things to which I am attending. Either way, the functionality should be the same. In the world they still appear as cyan, and when you break them their collective name is "Time Torch", correct? If this is the case then you simply have to right-click the Time Torch in the world for it to be set to a mode, otherwise they will remain in "Stop" mode. This is not a bug, it is an intended feature, one that was explained in detail in my YouTube videos, which I would suggest you watch.

    king_gamekeeper - Your server's settings are set to a config that prevents Time Torches from affecting blocks or TileEntities. Take this up with your server owner.

    SuuuuuuuuushiXD - Crashlog or I can't help you.

    ScipioMLG - There is a field of Stop magic somewhere near you, which is why this is occurring.

    Festari - Thanks. I'd watch your back too though, shouldn't you be in The Minish Cap?

    ChimpeyBoey - That's a TConstruct crash. It even states this in the log. DartCraft has had no part of this. I am quite certain as I do not register a liquid called "ender" at all in my mod. You have two separate mods trying to make a block for the same FluidID. Neither one of them is DartCraft.

    fludd12 - If area storage ever is a thing I can't go around enabling it by default. For the exact same reason that there is now a Force Wrenching whitelist this type of feature could not be allowed into the hands of server players. At least not without the moderators giving the okay.

    112524321272 - What's with your username? Good lord! Anyway, in the item's constructor I would call "this.setContainerItem(this);" to set the Item's ContainerItem to itself. After this overwrite the method "ItemStack getContainerItemStack(ItemStack);" and return the modified version of the ItemStack. Here would be your custom code for whatever you want to do to the item per craft; I'm sure you've got that handled. It's worth noting however that you should not return null from this method, or Minecraft will crash. (This is actually why you can't use the last durability of a Force Rod to transmute something in a crafting grid.) If you want your item to stay in the crafting grid you'd want to overwrite the method "boolean doesContainerItemLeaveCraftingGrid(ItemStack);" and return false, as it is true by default.

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    Thank you to joshie for that information on localization files. I'll look into it in the near future.

    bobbobkillu1234 - I have no idea what's doing that. A player's magic is stored in their entity data, so if there's another mod either specifically modifying it to screw with players and/or DartCraft that would do it. Another, far more likely, possibility is there is a mod in that pack that is resetting the player's data frequently, which would screw with so many other mods that I sincerely hope it is not the case.

    darkmega - Also be aware that the Speed upgrade now controls movement speed. Flight only controls jump distance. Having one level of speed on each piece of gear will be necessary to achieve maximum movement speed. This was in the changelog.

    Hazmatik - Don't do that then? But seriously thank you for the crash log. It's a shame it doesn't indicate to me what I should be fixing.

    jeffpascal - Crash log or it didn't happen. Seriously.

    wolfofthenyght - The itemIDs of all Force Tools do not change when their NBTTagCompound is modified, which is what occurs when they are upgraded in the Force Infuser. Variations could be added to NEI, but I would have to specifically add them myself. Considering the vast number of upgrades and the near colloquially infinite number of combinations I couldn't decide which ones would get this special treatment.

    littlecrafterfin - That wiki is both incredibly out of date and also non-canonical. I would not rely on it. The reason that your MFR biofuel is not a valid Force Engine Liquid is because it is not configured to be one. Forestry's "bioethanol" is by default the fuel you are thinking of. You are more than welcome to add this into the fuels.txt file manually, however. Adding "f:biofuel=2.0;60000" (without quotes) on a new line should do the trick.
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    Pixelated - I don't know how to make .lang files for localization. If you have any helpful information about this matter I'd be grateful to receive it. Otherwise, please stop pointing out that I did not add your feature with every iteration.

    Grydian - Plug "f:sludge=20.0;10000" onto one of the lines (without quotes, of course) and that'll make sludge a 20 MJ/t fuel for 10000 ticks. For future reference any and all liquids on the Liquid Dictionary are completely lowercase and one word (no spaces). (Ex. "liquidforce")

    Yoshiquest - I don't use rotarycraft or know what it's about, so there are no integration plans with it. The mod author contacted me a long time ago, asking for a way to get at Force Gems and Force Ingots. I added such a method, so their should already be some sort of integration, although I'm not sure what it is. If you're asking for Force Wrenchability of these TileEntities by default I would have to decline, as this individual threatened to write malicious code that would destroy players' Force Wrenches if they were ever used on their TileEntities.

    Kazekai - Thanks for the tip. I've actually been using Imgur since the incident.

    darkmega - No changes to what you are purporting. That should not be happening and without any additional information from you I will have to assert there is another effect that is modifying this functionality in some way. Another possibility is you are using the charged version of Force Armor and have allowed it to discharge completely, which would exhibit these precise effects. For clarification, which version of DartCraft are you using?

    Plotwist - Gross.
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    DartCraft Beta 0.2.20 has been released. The BlockID generation issue has been patched, and the Zelda Hud has been given positioning options and a toggle hotkey. Players can now use the hotkey to move it to one of 6 preset locations and toggle the Zelda Hud option in game as well (by sneaking while pressing the hotkey). Exact x and y coordinates can also be set in the config file, but this is not recommended. As a bonus recipes have been added for Claws and Chu Jelly from UU-Matter if "oldschool-UU" is enabled in the config. Enjoy.
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    Hello again everyone. Just a quick update here. Apparently one of you guys found a legitimately problematic glitch that made me have to work on a hotfix for it. It just needs a bit more testing, it'll probably be out tomorrow. This will be for 1.6.4 again, as the 1.7 update is still in progress. Anyway the details are below.

    Sonic_Chaos_13 - Thanks for your input. I have written down your idea.

    Drawde2 - Then I have no idea what's causing your issue unless you're using GregTech or another mod that interferes with the natural order of things.

    Slither88 - No clue; never heard of them.

    littlecrafterfin and others - Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.

    Belgabor - Your assessment is essentially correct. I had anticipated mod packs using custom blockIDs for DartCraft blocks, however I had forgotten Force Stairs and Force Machines as I added them at the last second to the Fairy Fountain structure. The code I wrote replaces the references in my structure data file with whatever the blockID has been changed to, so this shouldn't happen with the other BlockIDs, but it looks like I forgot one or two. For the time being, changing DartCraft's blockIDs back to their default values and moving the other mod's blockIDs to something else is very likely to fix this issue for new worlds. (The only necessary ones being 'Force Stairs' and 'Machine' need to be 1901 and 1913 respectively at the moment.) Thanks for your input, this issue has been fixed and will be released as Beta 0.2.20.

    Euius - This looks like it'll show me how to replace the methods I used to sync my TileEntities. Thank you so much you have helped me immensely!

    Don't Remember - Someone posted here that they couldn't get 'Repair' to show up as an upgrade for their mastered tome when it was enabled in the config. I have tested this and have not been able to reproduce it.

    There'll be a little bonus feature since I'm bothering to release a new version. Stay tuned.
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    Fixed a slight config flub where Bombs would not drop ore if Super Bombs and Bombs were both supposed to drop ore. If this was an option you used make sure to re-download beta 19 from the front page and assert you have v5. Otherwise it doesn't matter.

    1.7 Rant:
    The update to 1.7 is going to take a while. I've put a lot of work into it so far and I need to put it on hold for a while because it has broken me. No itemIDs and no BlockIDS are one thing, but the complete removal of PacketHandlers is going to take a very long time. I have to figure out how to translate the 50 or so specialty packets DartCraft uses to something called a PacketPipeline. AND I have to figure out how to make my TileEntities update again because those methods have vanished. Not. Fun. I can't work on new features until I update this monstrosity, but I don't have any help and it's a serious uphill battle. Everyone just chill at 1.6 for a while. This is just nuts.

    Swg18 - I don't see anything in there that indicates any problem with program loading. There are a few other mods causing some exceptions, but it looks like they aren't game-breaking ones and it continues to load. Exactly how long will it sit there with no additional console output? What are the specifications of the machine you are using and how much ram did you allocate to Minecraft's java process?

    Drawde2 - Using the specified version of IC2 I can confirm the recipes are added with my specific mod pack. Is "Oldschool UU" the option to which you are referring? If these conditions are met the recipes should be added.

    littlecrafterfin - Force Bricks still prevent mob spawning. Vanilla Spawners and other mod mechanics can force spawning on these blocks, however I am at a loss as to why you brought this up.

    Svangen - Again, this ClassCastException is in another mod, please stop reporting this crash here. Also please use spoiler tags or pastebin links.

    BUTTONPUSHER - This crash is happening within a mod called IguanaTweaks. They will need to fix it. It's not a matter of motivation, it's actually not something I am able to fix because I can't throw NullPointer checks into someone else's code. I'm not certain what specifically is null as the crash did not explore the NullPointer in a precise enough fashion. (It's not your fault; these kinds of crashes are just vague when looking for an over-complicated work around for something someone else can fix with a simple line of code.) Bottom line: when there's a NPE (NullPointerException) in someone's code it is invariably their responsibility to fix it. (I have had to do this many, many times and it's just part of maintaining code.) Oh and #BlameDan.
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    Thanks for your error report mrbysco. I would report this to the other mod author however as the crash is actually occurring in their code.
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    Woops. Looks like this version had a pretty hilarious bug. If you're in an adventurous mood try right-clicking a Snow Cookie. Don't do it around your precious things. I have uploaded the fix as the primary download for Beta 19. If you're wondering which version you have v4 is the new, fixed version.
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    Updated to Beta 0.2.19. Hopefully the final version for 1.6. This update brings tons of bugfixes as well as more config options. Force Bursting, Fairy Fountains and Bombs have been added in this version, as well as some mod integration for Ex Nihilo, and some Skyblock-friendly tweaks. Check the changelog and my TouTube channel for details and have fun!

    Looks like it's time to start porting to 1.7.2. I'll keep you posted.
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    Hello again. Next release will still be for 1.6.4. In fact, I'm surprised that since I specifically stated in the first post that DartCraft officially requires NEI that people are even asking for an update yet. We're all waiting for NEI, and to be honest I don't see people willingly using modpacks without it anymore. Let's also not forget that CodeChickenCore had the nice development addition of allowing my dev environment to include things like Forestry and IndustrialCraft, saving me immense amounts of time and effort, especially on my aging machine. Either way, I'm obviously going to have to finish my last 1.6.4 version before I move on, so just be patient and let me finish testing it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, Q&A time again.

    yasmania1905 - I can't see anything that I can help with in that crash report.

    medsal15 - Please post a crash log. I will not look into this without a crash log.

    Felinoel - No, this is a mechanic that I have already stated will be changed in the next version. Force Torches will be allowed to unlock the first time upgrade for a Tome, but still not give points because of their decreased time and resource use.

    reyak - DartCraft does not modify the spawn rate of squid in any way, shape, or form.

    nickalos9 - Crash log please. Someone mentioned OpenBlocks caused problems for them with DartCraft. I have been using OpenBlocks for months; it's probably not that one. I have never heard of AchimedesShips or Mine and Blade Bullseye however.

    kestalkayden - Good point. Anyway, I use NEI and BuildCraft in my dev environment so DartCraft WILL be waiting for both of those to be available for a newer verion of Minecraft. BuildCraft seems to be out, now I'm just waiting on NEI. (As should anyone else wanting to even PLAY a 1.7 pack.)

    Alcadeias17 - Good question. Check under the Features/Ender Tots section of that large copypasta you just cooked up. (They can be disabled btw.)

    Soartex - I'll give those a look if I find the time. I'll put a mention of it somewhere in the first post if I like them enough.

    I forget who asked this question, but someone wanted to disable more parts of the infuser for some vague reason. Explain to me what exactly you need removed via config. Force Armor and Force Rods can be completely disabled in the config already, removing almost all of DartCraft's overpowered features. What more could you possibly want disabled? I hadn't thought about a BC power/Liquid Force modifier for the Infuser, however I have spent a great deal of time balancing them to my specifications and to be honest the cost already seems surreptitiously high.

    Slight addendum before I end the post. I JUST came to the knowledge that there is a version of NEI for 1.7.2 that is simply not advertised on their forum post for a reason unknown to me. (I found it when checking on BuildCraft, of all things.) I'll be looking into this very soon and likely starting to port DartCraft to 1.7.2 if all goes well. Of course these ports can take weeks or months of work depending on what Minecraft/Forge has changed, especially considering the wide variety of methods and variables DartCraft interacts with. Again, please be patient.

    PS. I can't seem to access the Forestry forum at the moment. If anyone has any information on this I would appreciate it as it could speed up development time.
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    So I've been working on a newer version of DartCraft lately. This version is still for 1.6.4. Updating to a newer version won't occur until a consensus is reached as to which new version is the next "modpocalypse" since Mojang is updating as often as NBC cancels shows that show promise.

    Anyway I've got a new version that I'm testing for 1.6.4. Several glitches have been fixed and new content has been added. Please wait patiently while testing occurs and in the meantime watch my newest video.

    mistalari - Thank you for your error report. I have patched the issue in the next version.

    jerkhazi - Force Torches don't count as far as upgrades are concerned. This is on purpose as they consume less resources and time to upgrade since they are usually done in bulk. To receive that upgrade you'll have to use a rod. If it's disabled then you cannot advance in tier. In hindsight, I suppose I will make the upgrade at least trigger if it's the first time a user is using it. Thanks for your input.

    Tuvalkain - Diamond Dust will be added as "dustDiamond" in this next version. However there will be a config option to remove this as a definition, since such an addition could possibly be a huge exploit in some modpacks.

    Haidaraaaaa - I would suggest reporting this to the author of the PortalGun mod. To be honest, the Portal Gun's ability to move blocks (TileEntities) in this fashion is just as dangerous as the old Force Wrench was before the whitelist. I would not recommend using it.

    Xellorf - Thanks for the crash log. There is literally nothing in there that can help me to help you, however. It's really annoying when crash reports don't show any indication of "how", "what" or "where" in regards to mods but sometimes it happens and there's not much that can be done since no information has been offered. The only thing I can make from that is that it has *something* to do with a Mob Spawning Packet sent to your client. Perhaps your MobIDs ore mods are not synced on the client and the (internal) server. That seems like a highly unlikely occurrence. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Evil1490 - That could be a very legitimage bug. Unfortunately I have used the same pack as you and have not experienced it. Since I cannot reproduce it I cannot fix it at this time. I'm hoping it's not something to do with the Time upgrade being disabled making moving forward impossible. I'll have to check that. Thank you for your input. (Actually, this would make complete sense if the server has enabled the Time upgrade and your client has not, in which case your client would not know of the Time upgrade but the server would still be requiring it.. Check to see if that's the case.)

    happywheels - You've got quite the collection of mods there. I see the version of BuildCraft you're using is 4.2.2. This is the version Dartcraft was built with and it should function properly, as it does in most packs. From what it seems there is another mod in that pack using an older version of the API, which is causing it to crash. Happy hunting!
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    Updated to Beta 0.2.18. Mostly bugfixes, but a few config options have also been added. DartCraft officially does not support MCPC+; it is therefore not advised to use this server modification. Any helpful information on how to pursue support for MCPC+ is appreciated.

    I have read all the posts since my last post in late February and I have addressed what I can. Several non DartCraft-related errors and issues were posted here, please do not repost them as I did not miss them.

    Beta 0.2.18
    - Bugfix: Storage Unit recoloring recipes will now work properly.
    - Bugfix: Fixed a NullPointerException when using a Force Belt Slot's hotkey with an empty slot.
    - Bugfix: Certain TileEntities from other mods should no longer cause additional empty data versions of DartCraft TileMachines to spawn when Force Wrenched.
    - Added the "Transparent Leaves" option under the client section, which will render Force Leaves transparent when enabled, and opaque when disabled. (Enabled by default.)
    - Added the "Simulated Players" option under the wrench section, which will allow simulated players to use Force Wrenches to create TileBoxes and to place TileBoxes. By default this is not allowed.
    - The Time Upgrade's Tier is now configurable from 1-7 in the config. By default the Tier is still 3. (Only applies if the Time Upgrade is enabled.)
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    Thank you for your error reports. I have reworked how the Baconator's recipe loads so that it should not rely on creating a temporary EntityPig, which should prevent these odd errors from occuring. Oddly enough this has worked fine in the last few months of testing I have done, but when more mods are added to minecraft who knows what could happen?

    This seems to be happening a lot with DartCraft. Maybe I should try and reach out to the people at ForgeCraft and see if they would be willing to give DartCraft the help it so desperately needs to become the mod it should be.

    Beta 0.2.17 is now available, and considering how serious this one bug was for many people Beta 0.2.16's link has been taken down.

    XVPlaer - Full crashlog please. The only thing I can think of at that point to be null is nonsensical. Also that area is under a try/catch so it's unlikely that a small nullpointer would bring down minecraft altogether. Either way, I attempted to fix this issue with the information I had, so who knows, maybe beta 17 fixed it?

    master_of_metroid - You have to shift-right-click the bow to change modes.
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