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    posted a message on How to install 1.9?
    I'm having the same problem, so to help clarify a bit:
    *I have downloaded the file from both twitter and the news page, both give a ZIP file instead of a JAR
    *the 1.8 pre release worked fine for me
    *The Minecraft launcher will start, but when I try to login it acts like it's updating but freezes before it finishes
    *I don't really know how helpful this will be, but I vaguely remember the files inside the zip file being inside the minecraft.jar file, I don't really know if this is true because it was months ago when I saw the files, which was when I briefly looked into installing mods, so I don't remember how to open the .jar (If it's even possible)but it could be helpful if proven true.
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    posted a message on When did you buy minecraft?
    October 20, 2010

    or 10-20-2010

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    posted a message on Do red or brown mushrooms grow faster?
    Quote from Powerfulcarcass

    Then I placed red mushrooms in brown mushrooms and came back in 14 torches and a 15x15 space had grown.

    No. Under those circumstances, a 10x5 space would grow.
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    posted a message on Does your house reflect your skin?
    My skin is a very crappy, self made skin that I need to fix.

    My old house in a world that's going to be deleted soon is a very crappy, not finished house.

    In a way, yes.
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    posted a message on What do you think slimeballs could be used for?
    Here are my ideas:

    :Green: = slimeball in every recipe

    1. Slimeblock


    :: :: ::
    :: :Green: :Green:
    :: :Green: :Green:

    As other people have suggested, the slimeblock neglects all fall damage. When landing on a slimeblock after jumping from a high location (Ex: 5 blocks above the slime block) the player recieves a trampoline like bounce, with the height of the bounce depending on how high the player jumped from (Ex: For every 5 blocks high the player would bounce 1 block up). Slimeblocks also have the "soulsand effect" where they slow down while walking on the slimeblock.



    :: :: ::
    :Green: :Green: :Green:
    :|: :: :|:

    The trampoline works like the slimeblock as it neglects all fall damage. Trampolines can also bounce players up like slimeblocks. Unlike slimeblocks the soulsand effect is missing. Also trampolines use a different formula for determining the height the player bounces. When right clicked players would have to set the height for the bounce. When the trampoline is first placed the maximum height players can bounce would be capped at a certain number (Ex: 5 blocks high). To increase the cap limit, players would deposit a slimeball into the trampoline (Slimeballs can't be recovered after deposition). Each slimeball will add to the maximum number. (Ex: Each slimeball is 5 high, so 2 slimeballs in would be 10 total high) To prevent bouncing on a trampoline, don't jump (or fall) onto the trampoline. To stop bouncing when already bouncing the player would hold sneak to decrease the bounce height. (Ex: Hold sneak to make the bounce height 5 less after each bounce). The actual trampoline would be half a block tall.

    3. Slimeball

    None! This uses the standard slimeball dropped by a slime.

    *Uses:When a block is right clicked while holding a slimeball, a layer of slime is applied. (It looks like natural snow, but more "slimish") This layer applies the soulsand effect. This layer can also be applied the the sides and bottom of blocks. When fallen/jumped into a bounce occurs, though more physics are aplied instead of a set bounce (Ex: Jumping into a hallway with this slime layer on every block would = fun (That's literally the best I can come up with to describe that event))

    4. Miscellaneous information

    *Slimes occur rarely, many players (Including myself) have never found any slimes. The frequency for slime spawn would have to be increased (Ex: Slimes spawn on levels 30 and under with the same rate as zombies) for slimeballs to have a purpose. Slimeballs would also have to drop more often.
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    posted a message on Fraps?
    1. Yes, but there is a free version but I don't know the difference between it and the full version. When I bought it (Which was more than a year ago) the free version only recorded about 40 seconds.
    2.Click this
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    posted a message on Noop question of the day:Nether Portals
    Question 1: That is a bug.

    Question 2: The nether data is in the world/save/whatever it's called data and will be transferred with the world save, I know from experience.
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    posted a message on Signs and Water.
    Quote from Tw0s0cks

    the water would rush at the signs and destroy them like you were putting a minecart rail there.

    (Sorry for rain and nighttime, to lazy to build underground)

    Nope. Signs stop the flow of water.
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
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    posted a message on Need Ideas for new room/s
    Since you didn't include the rooms you already have (Besides the greenhouse) here's a list of different room ideas, separated into 2 different categories (There are a lot more rooms than these):

    Rooms That Serve A Purpose
    *Mine shaft
    *Furnace room
    *Pet wolf room
    *Mine cart station
    *Control room for some redstone devices
    *Stairway to a basement
    *Nether Portal room
    *Alternative Entrance/Exit

    No Purpose Rooms
    *Painting room
    *Room full of iron/gold/lapis lazuli/diamond blocks
    *Living room
    *Nether-Styled room
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    posted a message on What Mineral is Most Valuable to you? { Awesome Poll }
    Lapis Lazuli. I have found only 1 strain of it, and that was before the block dropped multiples of it. It's the only way of getting blue cloth, actually it's the only way of getting ANY shade of blue block (Water doesn't count because it's liquid)
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    posted a message on Well here we are again...
    that's what I'm counting on
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    posted a message on Let's Sing "Portal 2:Credit song-Want You Gone"
    I used to want you dead but
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    posted a message on Beta 1.5 - "...ered Creepers"
    Part of the sentence is covered up, it's really 'I've discovered creepers are magical!"
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    posted a message on Trouble with feeding wolves?
    maybe there's a difference between cooked and non cooked pork.
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