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    posted a message on Hyperion Legends: Now recruiting (Custom Plugins) (Over 100 unique spells)[Next Level RPG] Still taking applications!
    Age: 17
    Name: Jeffrey
    Time Zone: EST

    Are you employed on any servers?: No not currently

    Do you work well with others?: Yes, I treat others with respect and dignity until I have reasons otherwise

    What can you bring to Hyperion Legends?: I feel like I can help keep the server under control even through the tough times, and make it better during the good times. I strive to make the server as enjoyable as it can be, to the best of my abilities.

    What makes your abilities unique in comparison to others?: I understand people and where they are coming from, I treat others evenly and don't show favoritism, I can take a bad situation and resolve it with both ends being satisfied, in most cases.

    What are you're greatest weakness personally?: My greatest weakness is seeing other people being treated wrongfully by other staff members and I will stick up for the person that is being abused.

    Position wanted: Moderator

    Previous experience: I've been in high positions in plenty of servers, but like any web hosted server that can't pay for the server to stay up without donators they get shut down so I'm hoping this server last me until the end of my Minecraft days.

    Proof of work: I had to get a new computer because my computer was too badly riddled with viruses, I have screens shots on the hard drive, but I don't want to risk letting any viruses come into this computer :P.

    What do you work best within you're field?:(tools and anything out of the ordinary?) I'm good at detailing buildings to me the little things are the things that count.

    What are you best at in your field?:

    (What themes are you good at building, voxeling, writing about? What can you do most successfully? As a graphics artist, what are you best at? Banners, websites, or anything else?) I'm really organized I can put complaints into a note pad and then send you the complaints when you get on or give the complaint to somebody so that they can fix it; I'm good at customer support basically.

    What is you're greatest weakness in your field?: I'm not that professional at World Edit, but I'm okay at it I can't build some of the amazing things that you see on YouTube.

    Have you ever griefed: (Not a huge issue) Yes, but for reasons, like I said I stick up for other people when they are severely getting treated badly, but the next day we found the guy I griefed actually used nodus to get all of his items and was banned.
    Level of awesomeness 1-10: honestly I'd give myself a 7
    (btw you did have some minor spelling errors that I got rid of you might want to go back and change it :P)
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    posted a message on SpaceCraft[First 10 people join can get promote!][Survival][Donation]
    First to join :P
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    posted a message on PrisonTech [Tokens]
    1. IGN: DaRealPizzaBagel
    2. Age: 17
    3. How Long Have You Been Active In Our Community: I haven't even been on the server yet
    4. How Long Have You Been Playing On The Prison Server: None, but I have been on previous prison servers and gotten guard and moderator status, I've played on many minecraft prison servers and they are all relatively the same.
    5. How Often Do You Play: I play Minecraft everyday
    6. Why Should We Pick You: I'm devoted, and I just want to make the server better than it already is by helping other players feel safe and love the game like I do!
    7. Other Info About You: I do have a mic, and a Skype account so it'll be easier to connect to the other guards and of course keep better in contact with you.
    8. What timezone you live in: Eastern Standard time
    9.What rank are you currently: I would be in D currently
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    posted a message on Actually Awesome Minecraft 2.0 Features
    Quote from Starport592

    Before you guys start yelling that the Minecraft 2.0 update was an April Fool's joke, I KNOW

    But, there was a few features that caught my eye.

    One of the features was the coal block. From the looks of it, despite all the other wierd stuff thrown in that update, the coal block I actually really like.

    I was just kinda wondering if there's no hope for that? Because I know that Jeb stated in his twitter that all features wouldn't be supported. But I really liked the coal block. Maybe it's just me.

    Also what I liked was the fact that the torches went out. Yeah, so they went out WAAAAAY too fast. But if you were to play hardcore mode or something, that is DEFINITELY something that should happen, given that a reasonable amount of time has passed after first placing the torch.

    Finally, COLORED GLASS!!!! Now, there are quite a few visual bugs, but half of me kind of wishes that the April fool's update was more playable, because I really liked the colored glass. I don't care that like still comes out white through the glass, or whatever. It's badass.

    Do you guys think that there is a legitimate possibility that Mojag might add these features in the future?

    I really hope they do, because from what they have shown, they definitely have the capability to do it.
    These features probably aren't going to get added to Minecraft any time soon, but I'm sure that there are other people like you that enjoy the thought of this, you could of course try to make your own Minecraft mod, or submit the idea to some of the most famous mod developers that are on the forums, risugami etc.
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    posted a message on Piston Bug
    This glitch is very interesting.
    Quote from lakeyja900

    Please, don't get this glitch fixed, it's actually rather convenient on multiplayer :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS:
    Sorry but this glitch is destined to be fixed.
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    posted a message on [16x] SimplistiCraft 1.5.1
    Thank you for the advice, this is my first texture pack and I just really wanted to get some community feedback on what you guys wanted
    Quote from Protocol_Gaming

    Don't make a pack named "simple____" It's been done to death.

    Quote from Deonyi

    Oh goody, thanks a lot simplecraft and simpletastic and simplemania! More simple packs! Simple, simple simple. You need shading, definition and texture! Not a bucketfill and outline.
    Thank you for the advice!!!
    Quote from samohtj

    This exact texture pack has been made before. As in, the textures are completely identical. Try coming up with a more original idea for a pack, rather than doing the same thing that everyone else always does.
    no this texture pack is different sorry bud if you look at that pack that your talking about, and mine they are different.
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    posted a message on Brand New Vanilla Server (Community Style)
    IGN: DaRealPizzaBagel
    Age: 17
    How long have you been playing: For about a year now
    How often do you play: almost everyday
    Last rule:
    Replant Trees!
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    posted a message on How to make more than 1 zombie spawner? (IOS)
    You could get the Spawner GUI mod by Risugami, I'll give you a link http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v151-risugamis-mods-updated/ scroll down until you see it
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    posted a message on "Man at Arms" Creates a REAL Diamond Sword
    Wow the end result was amazing, I wouldn't mind having that hanging on my wall to replace my foam plastic one :P
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    posted a message on How to make a Super Flat world look more natural?
    If its your first time using WorldEdit you might want to start a new world just to get used to what it can do and how badly you can mess up, try to do simple things first when you think you got it down and can go into your other world it will help out a lot!!!
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    posted a message on Pig Cake? Pig Cake!
    Bacon should have been on the inside the details of the cake make my mouth water!!!
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    posted a message on New 100% Vanilla Server Looking For Players
    IGN: DaRealPizzaBagel
    Age: 17
    Country: America
    Favorite thing in Minecraft: Having a good time with other people!!!btw you spelled favorite wrong and didn't capitalize Minecraft, make sure to change that plz!!!
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] AscensionCraft New RP/Survival Server! [25 SLOTS] Join Now!
    Sent the request
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    posted a message on ABJ's PVP custom map 1.5
    This map is really amazing and the details and thought that went into blows my mind, great map, I hope to see more maps in the future from you!!!
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    posted a message on NoobzCraft Survival Map *Peaceful for now* Events will be held
    Name: Jeffrey
    GT: DaRealPizzaBagel
    Country or Coast : America
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